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Why Traditional Shaving?

There are two primary reasons people shave hair off their skin. The first is to look good. More often than not, this equals grooming and/or manscaping. With thick viking-like beards fast becoming a trend, it only makes sense as beards need to be trimmed and maintained properly in order to look good. It’s even a tad more complicated if you have no interest in growing a thick beard and would much rather have a humbler beard around your chin.

The second reason people shave is to remove unwanted hair from the body. It’s for this reason that people spend minutes in the bathroom taking hair off their legs, forearms, armpits, and pubic area.

Regardless of the reason you’re looking to shave, the equipment and method you choose is as important as the process itself. Some prefer to wax or use hair removal creams that simply make your hair fall out of their pores. However, these can be painful. There’s also the potential of getting exposed to chemicals that your skin can’t handle. 

This is why traditional shaving works excellently. When done right and with the best equipment, it poses almost no risk to your skin. In this article, we’ll discuss traditional shaving extensively in comparison to its modern counterparts. We’ll also cover its benefits as well as the accessories you’ll need to get it done, among a few other things. advantages compared to modern conventional shaving.

What’s Traditional Shaving?

This is a classic shaving style using a razor blade or a safety razor, a beard soap, and a badger brush. Our grandparents used this method in their days and never did regret it. This could’ve been because of its simplicity or safety. Either way, despite it being a classic method, hundreds of millions of people still use the method and reap its benefits daily.

Traditional shaving

Benefits of Using a Traditional Razor

Better Outcomes

Traditional shaving gives its users close and very precise cuts on their mustache and beard. In addition, you will also have a guaranteed way of ensuring that your skin will feel healthy and smooth after the shave. With a safety razor, a quality shaving soap, and a brush, one will always have that feeling of health and freshness.

Saves Time

Traditional shaving isn’t too difficult to master or complete, especially after a little practice. Once you become an expert at it, you’ll find that it is incredibly time-efficient. Unlike a hair removal cream, you don’t need to wait several minutes before you shave. With each stroke, you get the results in real time. Unlike waxing, you don’t need to book an appointment with a professional, commute, and then drive back home. You control all the processes yourself.

It’s Economical

Traditional shaving needs an upfront investment. However, after the initial investment in a good razor and the highest quality accessories, the cost plummets quickly. You only need to replace the razor blade ever so often and your shaving soap can last several months, depending on how often you need to shave.

Environmental Benefits

Safety razors help in reducing the use of plastic and other waste. This helps decrease your carbon footprint and the ecological impact of the shave. Moreover, traditional shaving soaps help reduce waste as they are available in refillable packs and recyclable packaging. 

ShavingGentle on Sensitive Skin

Most of the present shaving methods commonly cause skin irritation, particularly for those with fragile or sensitive skin. Razor burn is also a significant problem for many people. Traditional shaving is less aggressive but more precise on your skin. So, you don’t have to run the blade over your hair numerous times and worry about damaging your skin. One or two times is sufficient to get a clean shave since the edges of the traditional razor shave are very thin.

Furthermore, traditional razor blades are often used together with beard soap. When done this way, traditional shaving helps reduce unwanted effects caused by repeated shaving, including itching, micro-cuts, small pimples, redness, and irritation.

More Privacy and Convenience

With other types of shaving, you might be forced to exit your home and see a professional. This is the case when you wax or visit a barbershop to get a cut from an electric razor. While it isn’t a big deal for some, you might prefer doing your own grooming and in the comfort of your bathroom with no audience but your reflection in the mirror. Traditional shaving affords you that freedom. 

Traditional Shaving Tools

Safety Razor1. Safety Razor

Safety razors are used with a razor blade with two sharp edges on either side of the handle. This will prevent an individual from cutting their skin as they shave hairs from their body. In addition, safety razors also have a comb at their cutting head. It can be opened and closed to get an aggressive, smooth/soft, or semi-aggressive haircut. Although this kind of razor will cost more, it’s of high-quality material, making it last longer.

Moreover, this blade comes with more extended durability and is more affordable than disposable razors or multi-blade cartridges. With safety razors, you will have better precision as you shave. The blade has a slim design, giving these razors better access to places that are harder to shave, including around the nose and below the lower lips. Double-edged safety razors offer a close, comfortable, and smooth shave. With safety razors, you will be less prone to accidents and avoid any issues which may happen in the future.

2. Shaving Cream

This significant calming is essential for softening the beard and guarding your skin, enabling your blade to glide easily and securely on your facial contours to get the closest and smoothest shave. Pre-shave treatment is vital in preparing your skin before shaving. You need to apply a dense, rich, and creamy lather. This will add a protection layer to your skin and improve the glide of the razor through your face.

With the skin healing and cooling ingredients, aftershave cream is much-preferred post-shave over other alcohol-based aftershaves that cause your skin to dry. Aftershave balms, skin foods, and creams ensure that your skin is moisturized and protected at all times.

3. Shaving Brush

Shaving BrushA softer brush operates properly with cream and a firm brush assists in lifting soap and creating a lather minus the excessive effort. There are several varieties of brush. 

Some have boar hair, badger hair, and horse hair, and others have natural fibers. A shaving brush will offer you a gentle exfoliation and work the lather to your hair follicles which lifts them away from the skin to get a closer shave. Whether you utilize a shaving cream, shaving soap, or aerosol shaving brush will always help you have a shaving lather to apply to your face.

When needing a clean shave, a shaving brush from badger hair is recommended. Moreover, brushes from boar hair are popular with wet shavers that use shaving soaps. Shaving brushes with synthetic bristles offer excellent value for money. A brush will also help dust hair from the user’s neck or clothing when the shaving is complete.

4. Shaving Soap

Beard soap helps create a creamy lather that guards your skin as you shave. Moreover, the shaving soap is used together with the shaving brush and bowl. Traditional shaving soap is a more premium product of the 21st century. It’s of better lubrication and moisturizing effects and provides a luxurious feeling as you shave.

5. Beard Oil

This is a conditioner utilized in moisturizing and softening your beard hair. It is also efficient in moisturizing the skin below your beard. In addition, beard oil helps make beards look fuller, tamer, and softer. Other people use it to improve beard growth. The best time to utilize beard oil is after washing and shampooing the beard or cleaning your face. The beard oil is efficiently absorbed when the pores are open.

Remember, when using beard oil, you shouldn’t use excess amounts since your beard will be greasy instead of being groomed. You can also use beard balm. It is denser than beard oil with a creamy consistency. It will also add shine, softness, and your beards will look fuller. Beard oil also helps keep the skin below the beard healthy and supple. It also decreases the probability of having beard itch and dandruff.

6. Double Edge Razor Blades

Straight razor

This is among the most common kinds of razors related to traditional shaving. The reason is double edge razors have been in existence for several years, making them earn a good reputation for their best quality results. They cut very close to your hair’s base, creating a smooth shave. A double-edged blade safety razor has a guard that protects your skin against blade glides.

7. Storage

Cases and boxes also make up some of the shaving accessories you’ll need if you want to go the traditional way with shaving. They help you store all your shaving accessories safely and correctly. What’s more, when put on display, they can enhance your bathroom decor.

8. Straight Razors

People commonly used these razors in the past. Today, they’re still a thing. They offer decent shaving and are rather easy and fun to use. It’s best to be careful with them, though, as they can lead to minor cuts and injuries if not used right.

9. Shaving Mirrors

jan kopriva 57TZxNjl1ls unsplash scaledA shaving mirror is a mirror you will use in your shaving process while in the bathroom. The best shaving mirror must be clear and have a reduced proclivity for gathering steam. 

There are various kinds of shaving mirrors available. There are those to place on counters, on sinks and others are handheld. With the best shaving mirror, you’ll prevent the stress and mess associated with shaving. You will have a good view of what you are shaving in crystal clarity, improving your performance and precision.

Shaving mirrors can either be convex or concave. In rare cases, people use spherical mirrors. Unlike a plain mirror, convex and concave mirrors bow away or towards you causing a unique visual effect. Concave mirrors are the best type since their reflective surface bulges inwards, which causes an enlarged picture allowing for increased precision, especially when shaving.

10. Travel Wash Bags

You can keep your shaving equipment safe and hygienic during your travels with elegant wash bags. They will be free from prying eyes as well as moisture and dust, making them likely to last longer.

11. Combs

This is another essential tool that a traditional shaver shouldn’t lack. The comb helps in removing tangles or separating hair into smaller sections. When looking for a comb, you should consider using one that features teeth of graduated spacing and lengths. This helps in keeping the cuts uniform as they cut every section.

Traditional shavingHow to Do Traditional Shaving

For a perfect traditional shave, you must have the best accessories and products.

Step 1: Clean the Skin

It would help if you cleaned your mustache and beard before shaving. This is a must for a fruitful traditional shave. You should also exfoliate the skin with a gentle and organic product once or twice a week. Clean it using gel before you shave to remove impurities. After cleaning the beard itself, use lukewarm water to wash your face before shaving to soften your skin. As an alternative, you can use a hot towel or simply expose yourself to some steam for a decent amount of time.

Step 2: Use a Shaving Soap

There are several shaving soaps available on the market. To get the best shaving soap, choose that which is organic or manufactured using natural ingredients. This soap will be gentle to your skin since it’s free of harmful substances. Shaving soaps are also available in several scents, including woody, fragrant, fruity, etc.

Step 3: Use a Traditional Razor

Whether you use a safety razor or trimmer, you should first shave in the hair’s direction with shaving soap. Afterward, you need to gently shave in the opposite direction. Then, you must clean your face using cold water to close the skin pores.

The main benefit of traditional shaving equipment is they’re simple to maintain. You only need to clean the razor (trimmer or safety razor) using water. Moreover, it would be best if you change the blade regularly. If you are used to tapping the edge against the sink to get rid of stuck hairs from the razor, don’t repeat it. The reason is it speeds up the wear and tear of the blades. Thus, cleaning your razor by rinsing directly in the sink is the best way.

Step 4: Apply Shaving Cream, Balm, or Oil

After-shave care is essential since it helps revitalize, moisturize, and disinfect your skin. The treatments also assist in tightening pores after the shaving blade has passed through. There are several aftershave care products to choose from. They include oil, moisturizing gel, balm, powder, lotion, etc. Remember, the best product needs to be from natural ingredients. This will not irritate your skin and is safe for your health.


Traditional shaving refers to a way of shaving that avoids the use of disposable razors or electricity. Instead, it involves using traditional shaving tools, including double edge safety razors, shaving brushes, and soaps. Moreover, traditional shave also includes a post-shave routine, including applying aftershave. 

With traditional shaving, you will have a clean shave, and your blade will have better hygiene since you will be cleaning the razor after every shave. Moreover, with traditional shaving, you will save more time since there is no visiting barber shop.