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Which Is Better: Soap Or Face Wash For Men?

Which Is Better: Soap Or Face Wash For Men?

To keep your skin healthy, you need to keep it clean. Washing your face is the first crucial step in any skincare routine. Before you even consider doing anything with your skin, you need to clean out the gunk and excess oil from your pores so that the rest of your products can work much better.

When you wash your face, you have two options. There are bar soaps and face washes. The two will clean your face, but they do it differently. Ultimately, soaps can be harsher on your skin than face washes, so you may prefer the latter option.

In this article, we’ll explain the differences in how soap and face wash work and how you can choose the right option for you personally. You’ll be happy to find that we also have a curated selection of some of the best face washes for men. We want you to have the best face-washing experience, so read on!

Soap Vs. Face Wash

It may sound strange, but bar soaps and face washes aren’t the same, even though they aim to do the same thing: clean your face. It’s all in the way they’re made.

Soaps usually contain stronger detergents to help clean off dirt and grime. This makes them an excellent option for cleaning places on your body that tend to sweat a lot, like your underarms.

Face washes, on the other hand, are formulated to hydrate your skin while cleaning it. By keeping your skin hydrated, you don’t risk stripping your natural oils that contribute to the health of your skin.

The Problems With Bar Soap

Bar soap doesn’t match your skin’s pH: Your skin is naturally acidic, with a pH level of approximately 4 to 6.5. On the contrary, bar soaps are alkaline, and this difference can affect the balance of your skin, making it drier and more susceptible to the nasty germs that encourage acne. It’s not a train smash if you have no choice and only have a bar of soap to use for one day. However, consistently using a bar soap daily can lead to dry, flaking, itchy and unhealthy skin in the long run.

Strong detergents in bar soap: The concentration of the chemical components that clean the skin is much stronger in a soap bar. Your facial skin is thinner than the skin on your body, so it needs something gentler than bar soap. The natural oils that you have deep in your skin are essential to ensure your skin’s protective layer is strong and the environment of your skin stays healthy.

So, because bar soaps can be intensely deep cleansers, removing dirt and oil, your natural oils, which you need, will also be stripped away. If you’ve ever felt that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling on your face after washing with a bar of soap, it’s easy to think that it has done the job well. But it’s just that your skin has been stripped of moisture.

Bar soaps can increase your risk of razor burn: When you have a drier skin barrier, you’ll experience quite an uncomfortable shave. Natural oils in your skin are super helpful in keeping your skin comfortable, so shaving isn’t too aggravating for your skin. Even if you use a great shaving cream, you’ll still need those natural oils for extra protection.

Does Soap Make Skin Darker?

This may be a common misconception, but no soap doesn’t make skin darker. However, it makes your skin less hydrated, making it appear dull in the long run. Dullness means that your skin has lost its usual clarity, but no worries, you can quickly fix it with the proper routine that incorporates good hydration.

What is the Best Thing To Wash Your Face With?

Our bets are with the face wash. You can be sure to find a face wash that suits your needs. No matter your skin type. Face washes are all formulated differently so that your skin gets a good cleanse and any specific treatment it needs.

Oily Skin: You’ll know you have oily skin if your skin tends to look greasy and heavy throughout the day or if you’re also easily prone to acne at the same time. It’s easy to believe that just because you have oily skin, you need to use something like a bar soap that will get rid of every bit of oil in your skin. But no, your natural oils are still essential.

Your skin excretes excess oil because it feels like it’s not hydrated enough. So, the best cleansers for oily skin are oil-free gel or foam cleansers with hydrating properties. They remove excess oil while ensuring the proper hydration and moisture remain on your skin. 

Dry Skin: When you have a dry skin type, you probably feel as though your skin often feels tight, uncomfortable, and flaky. The best kind of face wash to go for is something that is both hydrating and moisturizing.

Cream cleansers that don’t contain any sulfates are your best bet. The texture of cream cleansers is almost like a moisturizer. But don’t worry; they are also fantastic at getting dirt off your face. Face washes do so in a much gentler way and are more nourishing for dry skin.

Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, you probably develop redness or itchiness when trying different products. You’ll need to focus on light face washes, without sulfites, that contain calming and soothing ingredients.

Some great calming ingredients in cleansers include; aloe vera, chamomile, panthenol, Centella Asiatica, colloidal oats, and allantoin.

When Should Men Use Face Wash?

Should men use face wash every day? Is it helpful? We think so, and recommend that men use face wash twice every day. Once in the morning to clean off sweat, oil, and product from the previous night and keep you fresh during the day. The second time is at night, before bed, to eliminate the day’s pollution, sweat, and sunscreen. So that your skin is fresh to repair itself while you sleep.

Even if you have the perfect face wash, doing anything in excess will not be good for you. If you wash your face too often, you’ll find that your skin becomes more susceptible to infection. You risk stripping your natural oils, which we know are crucial for the normal function of your skin barrier.

However, washing your face after you play a sport or go to the gym is quite essential. You don’t want to let sweat fester too long on your skin because that is a gateway to ugly bacteria. Also, the salts from sweat can be quite drying and irritating to your skin. So, you’ll need to get that off as soon as possible.

Whenever you wash your face, no matter your skin type, it’s always important to be gentle. Yes, you’re trying to get off the dirt, but there’s no need to be rough about it. Your face is still quite delicate and if you want to get the best out of your products, stay gentle. Without scrubbing, clean your face for about 60 seconds. Doing this ensures your face wash has enough time to do its job properly. And if you are wondering, what should you apply after men’s face wash? You’ll be glad to know that there are numerous products available.

To Wrap It Up

So, to answer the question, which is better, soap and face wash? It is a face wash because many great face wash products are available to nourish your skin while cleaning it. In contrast, bar soaps tend to be harsher and more drying toward your facial skin.

Washing your face twice a day is essential for men too. As long as you don’t overdo it, you’ll surely be on your way to a great skincare routine that your skin will love.

It’s better to keep the soap for your body and get a good quality face wash for your skin type. You’ll surely get that healthy skin that keeps you looking fresh.