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Where Do You Store Solid Cologne?

Solid Cologne

If you are a fan of solid colognes, then you have probably been wondering how best to store them. For some people, the best solid colognes are preferable over other types because they are portable and relatively long-lasting.

All solid colognes have a higher concentration of fragrance. They are formed in wax, reducing the risk of content spillage, and packaged in a rubber or plastic tin. However, a guide on storing solid cologne isn’t attached to the product when you buy it. Because solid colognes don’t get used as much as the spray type, many people need to learn how best to store them.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about, though. We’re here to help. In this article, you will find all the answers you seek about where to store your solid cologne safely.

Does Solid Cologne Expire?

Have you been using your solid cologne for a long time? Or did you decide to start using one you bought on a trip many years ago? Possibly, the scent is unpleasantly different from how you remember it, making you wonder if solid colognes expire. The short answer to that question is yes.

Although not all of them have a particular expiry period, the quality of solid colognes reduces after a certain period. Like every perfume, the time solid colognes expire depends on what ingredients they are composed of. While some expire after two years, others might last for over ten years.

Most solid colognes come with their manufactured and expiry date, making it easy for you to know what to expect. Some brands do not print the expiry date on the products. That makes it challenging to know when the scent of what could be your favorite cologne would change.

If you ever find yourself in that situation, here are some ways to tell if your cologne has expired:

  • Check the Package of Your Solid Cologne for the Expiring Date

    Checking the body of your cologne package is the easiest way to determine if it has expired. As stated earlier, most colognes have expiry dates attached to the pack. It is usually a PAO (Period After Opening) number, BB (Best Before) date, or a batch code.

    You can find the expiry dates on the bottom of the solid cologne or on the pack it came in. Depending on the brand, the location of the expiry date differs, but it is always easy to identify.

  • Compare the Former and Current Scent

    You can confirm if your cologne is expired or not by its scent. If it smells different from what it used to, it has probably expired. Although solid colognes have wax as one of their components, you can still tell if the scent has changed. Additionally, it might have expired if the scent becomes hardly perceivable or the content begins reducing by itself without use.

  • Check If There Is a Change In Color

    Unlike spray colognes, solid colognes can come in different colors. The colored form makes it easy to notice any changes instantly. For example, It has probably gone bad if your cologne was initially white but started turning grey or black.

Where Do You Apply Solid Cologne? 

The most common place to apply solid cologne is in the armpit. Your sweat often mixes up with colognes. That is normal. However, if you suddenly notice any odd color patch on the armpit side of your shirt, the reason is probably that your solid cologne has expired. It might be time to get a new one.

Should You Refrigerate Solid Cologne?

Yes, you can refrigerate your solid colognes. The constant cool temperature of a fridge is perfect for maintaining the strong build of your solid cologne.

Many cosmetic and fragrance experts have recommended refrigerating solid colognes because it helps avoid the degradation of their quality. It also safely keeps it out of reach of sunlight and heat. This is especially helpful during summer.

Many people wrongly put their colognes on their vanity close to a window for easy accessibility. That is harmful to colognes and fragrances in general. Solid colognes are in a strong-gelled form. Therefore, exposure to heat melts it in a matter of minutes. In effect, it loses its usefulness.

Refrigerating solid colognes has important advantages, such as maintaining a strong texture and scent. While storing your solid cologne in the fridge is a good idea, you must take these precautions:

  1. Separate any food substance from your cologne in the fridge. You do not want either of them to affect the other, altering the smell or taste of your food or cologne.
  2. Maintain a cool temperature. A constant temperature change is bad for your cologne. When using your refrigerator to store your solid cologne, ensure the temperature is not too high or low.

Where Do You Store Solid Cologne?

You just got a new solid cologne, and its packaging is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. The first place you think of displaying it is on your vanity table, with your other products. Is that the right thing to do, though? Unfortunately not.

While your dressing table might seem fitting, that is one of the worst places to store your solid cologne. The best way to store it is to hide it away.  You’re probably wondering why you should have to hide such a pretty object. It’s pretty simple. If you store your cologne incorrectly, it could go bad in only a couple of days.

We’ve compiled a list of the best places to store your solid cologne. Check them out:

Dark Corners

Your solid cologne can immediately turn into liquid when in direct contact with the sun or bright light. You don’t want that to happen. Storing it in a place where light doesn’t reach is advisable to avoid this.

In a Cupboard

You can keep your cologne in a cupboard, but it is important to note that bathroom cupboards are unsafe. The best position of the cupboard to store your solid cologne is outside the bathroom.

Many cosmetic and cologne owners store their collection on the bathroom window sill, counter, or cupboard. Although these should be the perfect spots for it, it is not. The humidity and temperature level of bathrooms are not always stable. It tends to be very hot or cold, which is terrible for solid colognes. A cupboard outside your bathroom is safer because the temperature would not be as unpredictable as inside a bathroom.

Inside Its Container, With the Lid Closed

Storing solid cologne in its container seems obvious, but people must remember to close their lid after use. That mistake exposes it to sunlight and oxygen. Those can damage the potency and solid form of your cologne. Therefore, whether in a hurry or not, be sure to close your cologne lid tightly.

In Its box

When you buy a new cologne, the next thing you feel like doing is throwing away the packaging. It would be best if you avoided the temptation to do that. That carton or box was created to accommodate the cologne components for a long time. You can never go wrong with keeping it in its carton and in a dark place.

In a Cool Environment

Storing your cologne in a cool environment increases its life span. Its form is protected, retains full potency, and gives your skin a fantastic feeling upon application. A refrigerator is a good place for cologne storage because it provides these benefits.


There you have it. With the multiple ways this article has provided for storing solid colognes, you can buy as many fragrances as you wish. You can always refer to this article with just a click if you need clarification. It will always be here to guide you.