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Where Do You Apply Solid Cologne?

Where Do You Apply Solid Cologne?

You may not be familiar with solid cologne. However, applying it is as easy as using spray cologne or perfume. Moreover, you can travel around wearing or carrying a solid cologne. Natural solid cologne is free from synthetic elements that trigger headaches.  Want to learn “where do you apply solid cologne?”

Solid cologne is applied to the pulse points of your skin to let it stay activated throughout the day. You can also apply it over your hair, mustache, and beard for added strength.

Let’s learn more about solid cologne, how you store it, and how you apply it to get the full benefit.

Most Effective Areas to Apply Solid Cologne

Is it suitable to apply solid cologne on your skin or your clothes? Well, putting solid cologne on your skin delivers the best results. Why? Because the natural cologne gets blended with your skin and releases a pleasant fragrance. However, one might need to undergo testing to get the perfect solid cologne for their skin type.

Let’s see where the best spots to put your solid cologne are.

On Your Wrists

The wrist is a great place to start if you are new to solid cologne and are trying to know, what is solid cologne used for? Although it’s not the best spot, wrists are excellent spots to use when getting familiar with a product. To start, whirl your fingers inside the cologne and rub over your inner wrists.

Neck Can Do the Trick

Similar to wrists, the neck can also serve as an excellent spot to wear cologne. A solid cologne on your neck will work more effectively than a liquid scent. A liquid scent is likely to evaporate as soon as it is applied. In contrast, a solid cologne will stay longer. To apply, repeat the same process on your neck.

Pulse Points Fit the Bill

According to resources, pulse points are the best spots on your body to put solid cologne due to the warmness of the blood. It takes around 30 seconds to spring the applied scent on the pulse point. Soon after 30 seconds, your body will release the scent, and everyone around you will feel it. The emerging scent will be more mesmerizing due to the chemistry of your cologne and body temperature. Your pulse points are the neck, wrists, behind your ears, inner elbows, and beyond your knees.

Give a Shot to Nail Cuticles

People who own car garages and woodshops or work at construction sites may develop dead skin around their nails. Now you longer need to carry cuticle cream with you. You will only require a good solid cologne to give your nails a treat. Apply a little solid cologne around your nails and see the magic.

It Can Be Used as a Hair Styling Clay

Having a bad hair day? Don’t worry; there is a ready solution. You can slick down with a solid cologne hair to look more flawless. Also, your hair won’t need a “pomade” to give them an enthralling scent.

Can You Put Solid Cologne on Your Beard?

A naturally derived solid cologne contains many essential oils and other organic ingredients. Therefore, a solid cologne can also be helpful in conditioning your mustache and beard. Solid colognes can tone down your harsh facial hair. So, getting a solid cologne is a way to have healthy facial hair.

Not only that, but you can also style your beard using a solid cologne.

When Is the Best Time to Wear a Solid Cologne?

You can wear the cologne anytime and anywhere. Since it is portable, you can take it anywhere in your pocket. However, the best time to apply a solid cologne is when you get out of a warm shower and your skin pores are cleaned. This is how a cologne will better mingle with your body’s scents.

Reasons Your Solid Cologne Does Not Last

Sometimes the fragrance of solid cologne doesn’t stay long on you. However, that can be remedied. The endurance of solid cologne mainly depends on your skin chemistry. Depending on your skin texture and temperature, the cologne will last. It also depends on how good your solid cologne is. If your cologne is of top quality, it will last long.

Make sure you warm your freshly taken solid cologne between your fingers before applying it to make it last longer.

How to Make Solid Cologne Last Longer?

So, where do you store solid cologne?

Ensure to Apply It Over Your Skin

Unlike alcoholic perfumes, solid colognes don’t extend but work better and stay longer on the skin. This is more legit for solid colognes with synthetic scents, as essential oils vaporize easily. However, a solid cologne with synthetic ingredients can cause skin irritation for some people. So it all depends on how good a solid cologne is. Finally, put cologne on your skin and not clothes.

Don’t Keep It in Sunlight or a Heated Place

This is the most common thing that happens to solids; they can’t bear an exceeding temperature of 30°C, so they melt. So if you want to make your cologne last longer, ensure you keep it in a cool place.

If you aren’t mindful of this, your cologne might drain out of the container.

Put it On Your Hair and Beard

Hair is a more porous part of the body. This way, the solid cologne’s oils, and scents will last longer in those pores, thus enhancing the fragrance’s endurance. However, it is wise to try it out on your hair first. This way, you will see how your hair reacts to it. In most instances, your hair isn’t affected by adverse side effects, but it is good to be cautious. If the test turns out well, apply your cologne at the end of your hair.

Reapply Frequently

Solid colognes are small and portable; therefore, you can take them anywhere you want in your pocket.

Concerning alcoholic perfumes, the alcohol evaporates, and the fragrance doesn’t stay the same. This means the scent notes may differ after a while (after the first spray).

So, when you reapply the perfume, the notes will merge and develop a smell that’s not as pleasant as the first. In contrast, solid cologne’s scent doesn’t work like this; the scent notes stay the same. Therefore the reapplication of the solid cologne won’t alter the original fragrance but will improve it.


A perfect solid cologne does not overwhelm and appears to be bewitching. Moreover, the pleasing smell from your wrists and hair can intrigue people around you.

Perfume balms or solid colognes are remarkable in many ways. You can carry them anywhere and apply them anytime, and Additionally, they work magic for dry skin and rough hair. Apply your cologne to the spots mentioned in this guide to get the best results.

Also remember to store them in the right place so they can last long and retain their fragrances.