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where are merkur razor blades made?

where are merkur razor blades made?

Merkur is the brand name of Mericology’s popular disposable razors. These disposable razors are big, heavy, and incredibly hard to access.

Furthermore, Merkur razor blades have gained recognition from users due to their exquisite design, sturdy build, and convenience of use. Compared to other razor manufacturers, Merkur provides a silky shave with less skin discomfort.

Merkur razor blades come from Germany, and they are the best. The manufacturers make these blades with the finest materials and fashion them to provide a close shave.

Most people just want to use them once in a while. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want some nice, super-kinky shave! That’s where these razor blades come into play. Why? Because Merkur blades are made from real metal and steel

So, you know they’re real when you feel them – not synthetic ones like so many other brands make their blades from. People also know these blades as Mericology Razor Blades or RZDs (Real Zink). Are you ready to find out about the best Merkur razor blades? Do keep reading for more information.

What Is the Merkur Razor Blade?

Merkur Razor Blades are top-quality blades with high-grade materials and strict quality control measures. With a reasonably sharp blade, Merkur double-edged razors offer an incredibly smooth shave. Merkur is a German brand with a long history and tradition in shaving. You are undoubtedly already aware of the company because they manufacture several of the finest safety razor blades.

But they also manufacture other things like stands and shaving brushes. When you purchase Merkur razors, you can be assured that they are of the best quality.

But are Merkur Razors aggressive? The only real way Merkur razors can be aggressive is if you’re planning to use them for a long time. Some models, like 39C, are a bit more aggressive than others, like 34C. Thus, you should choose the models according to your experience and skill level. Moreover, you may also end up with buzzed razors if you use them daily or do not clean them properly. This can lead to infection and other complications if you do not change the razors.

Who Makes Merkur Razors?

Over 120 years have passed since the Merkur brand first appeared in Solingen. When Merkur started production in Germany, they usually manufactured double-bladed safety razors of the highest caliber.

The Merkur safety razor blades are made in Germany. It has full corrosion protection with exceptional durability due to its casting process. With these options, you can select between light or heavy razors with various handle lengths. You can choose from a number of different finishes of safety razors, including gold, matt chrome, bright chrome, or black.

Highly skilled professional workers create steel masterpieces with remarkable artistry and attention. They aim to exceed the Solingen regulation standard using their inherited cutlery knowledge.

What Metal Are Merkur Razors Made Of?

Merkur Super blades are composed of strong stainless steel that has been precisely treated with Teflon to increase robustness, and sees that the blades glide easily when you use them for shaving.

They fit with all common safety razors. The brand stamps its Merkur razors with its brand trademark of quality, indicating the company directly manufactures them.

You will find phrases like manufactured in Germany and Merkur super on the blade front, while platinum-coated and stainless rostfrei are engraved on the opposite side. In essence, the German word “rostfrei” simply implies stainless steel.

As the Merkur razors are a notable improvement over ultra-smooth blades, they are working fervently to manufacture sharper top-level blades you will find on the market in the future.

Advantages of Using Merkur Safety Razor

Lessen acne: Everyone knows that acne can be a huge problem if it gets out of hand. The key is ensuring you clean your razors and avoid skin irritation. Bacteria thrive in many blade-shaving razor heads, and they are tough to clean correctly, and every time you shave your beard, you transmit that dirt into your follicles.

With Merkur razors, you do not have to worry about it, as the blade minimizes skin irritation and cuts. They are also easy to clean, thus allowing for little to no bacterial growth.

Environmentally friendly: Plastics are not environmentally friendly, and we know that. But it enables daily things like disposable razor blades and razors to be more convenient. However, there is only one waste in a safety razor, the steel blade, which is recyclable.

Buying Guide

While you may be new to shaving or trying to get a new safety razor for your shaving, choosing the right product from the right brand is crucial. Rather than purchase a random razor and jeopardize your face, you should only buy the ones that suit your needs and learn more about making shaving an enjoyable experience.

If you get a satisfying answer, it will help you find the best safety razor for your needs.

In addition, there are some important notes that will help you get the best product, and they include the following;

Handle length: When evaluating the handle of various safety razor blades, you should look for one that is easy to grip. It’s truly a subject of individual choice, but it is not always simple to determine what that is unless you check out a few razors.

Handle material: There are various materials to pick from if your focus is on the handles, but chrome or metal is the most popular choice. Other common materials include wood and horns from animals. While there are numerous attractive safety razors in various materials, we encourage you to concentrate on the handle’s functionality when shopping.

Price: You should know that an expensive razor blade doesn’t equal a good safety razor. It may surprise you to see a better razor at a lower price than a more expensive one. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to spend so much to get a good razor blade. You can begin with what you can afford and upgrade later.

With these few guides, you can get what suits you. You may also want to look at the product’s designs, razor edges, and weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Do Merkur razors work well?

From many customer reviews online, we agree that Merkur razors work well. The Merkur 34C is among the popular razors; many men consider it the best for shaving.

2.   How frequently should I change a safety razor blade?

The basic rule entails that if you wet shave every day, you should change your blades every week or after six shaves.

3.   Are Merkur Razors Made in Germany?

Yes, Merkur razors are manufactured in Germany.


The Merkur razor blade is a good shaving option; you can buy it and add it to your grooming box. When you buy a safety razor, you’re not just getting a razor; you’re also getting one of the best shaving tools on the market. For shaving effectiveness, nothing beats the Merkur safety razor.

We hope this article contains everything you need about the Merkur safety razors. You can also always return for more updates about Merkur safety razors and other safety razor blades.