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What You Should Apply After Men’s Face Wash

What You Should Apply After Men’s Face Wash

A skincare routine for men can often be confusing and overwhelming, especially because we’re introduced to new products almost weekly. However, having a great routine that works for you is an investment that is well worth it. Your skin is your body’s first point of contact, so it’s essential to take care of it with a routine you can stick to.

In this article, we hope to help you decide on a healthy skincare regimen by establishing the best order of steps. We’ll also explain the best ways to care for your skin after using your face wash and some key ingredients you should look out for. Don’t worry if that seems like a lot; we’re starting with the basics.

Basic Routine: Cleanse, Hydrate, Protect

Your basic routine only requires three steps; cleansing, hydrating, and protecting your skin with a moisturizer. For the best results, have your face wash routine twice a day.

Cleansing – How to Start 

The start of your routine is your face wash. Cleansing in the morning helps rejuvenate your skin from the night before and eliminates any sweat and bacteria. At night, cleansing will help clear your skin of pollution, excess oil, and dirt accumulated throughout the day. You can be sure to find some good products to cleanse your face to start your routine off right.

Regarding the skin on your face, which is better, soap or face wash for men? Men’s face washes are now formulated with beneficial ingredients that can help hydrate or soothe the skin and clean it. In comparison, soaps tend to dry out the thin skin on your face.

Hydrating – How to Use Toner After Face Wash

Hydration is the key to nourishing skin. Just like how we need to stay hydrated inside, so does our skin on the outside. Hydrated skin ensures your skin barrier stays strong and healthy. You can get your hydration from toners or serums, but it’s best to use a toner twice a day for a basic routine. Your toner would come directly after your face wash.

Toner has a runny water-like consistency. Although you can apply it on a cotton round, it’s better to pour it straight into your hands and onto your face to not waste any product. The best hydrating toners will have any of these ingredients high in the ingredients list; glycerin, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, or aloe vera gel.

Protecting – How to Apply Moisturizer

A moisturizer helps you seal in all the nourishment from your toner and preserves the skin’s natural moisture levels. Without a moisturizer, your skin will dry out quickly, leaving it uncomfortable and easily damaged.

Can You Use Sunscreen After Face Wash

During the day, the best moisturizer to use is one with a sun protection formula (SPF) 30 or above. Sun protection is essential to ensure your skin does not suffer skin damage.

Your nighttime moisturizer won’t need any SPF and will be a heavier formula to nourish your skin while you sleep. A good moisturizer will include some natural oils packed with vitamins, such as almond oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil.

Extra Products You Can Use After Your Face Wash

If you want to graduate from a basic skincare routine, you can include different types of products. We’ll explain them in the order you would use them. However, all these products will come before your moisturizer.


An exfoliator is a great addition to your skincare routine because it removes the dead skin cells that clog your pores and make your skin look dull. Exfoliating is best done only twice a week not to damage your skin barrier. Your skin cells regenerate approximately every 28 days, so your skin won’t be able to keep up with daily exfoliation. Exfoliants are usually either physical or chemical.

A physical exfoliant is a scrub, often made from fine coffee, sugar, or salt granules, to slough off dead skin cells. You rinse it off in the sink after massaging it for about 45 seconds.

A chemical exfoliant is a treatment that comes in toner form that you can put on a cotton pad to dissolve skin cells. You don’t need to wash it off. The best type of chemical exfoliant for men contains salicylic acid because it helps unclog pores and prevent acne, especially in the beard area.

It’s best to exfoliate your skin at night time after your face wash so that your skin can recover during the night. You must still be mindful of applying your SPF30+ moisturizer in the daytime to protect your skin from UV damage.


A serum is a treatment that helps target any specific skin issues you may have. You should apply a serum after your face wash and before your moisturizer. If you’re using a toner, use a serum after your toner because you should layer your products from thinnest to thickest.

There are many different types of serums out there, but the best to consider are those for hydrating, targeting dark spots, or acne control. Important ingredients in hydrating serums are hyaluronic acid or panthenol. For fading dark spots, great ingredients are alpha arbutin, vitamin c, or licorice root. And for acne control, some great ingredients are tea tree oil or azelaic acid.

If you’re starting with serums and want to test whether they’re beneficial to your routine, choose a hydrating serum because it’s very rare that your skin will have an adverse reaction to it.

Eye Cream

Eye creams are an interesting elevation to your skincare routine because they focus on improving the skin around your eyes if you don’t sleep enough. Apply eye cream after your face wash and before your moisturizer.

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your face, so it’s vital you take great care of that skin. Although eye creams aren’t essential to healthy skin, they can make you feel like you’re taking care of yourself.

Many eye creams contain caffeine as an ingredient because it helps to constrict the blood vessels around the eye, making the area appear darker. Good eye creams are also very hydrating to help plump the skin and help your eyes look more awake.

Face Mask

The face mask industry is saturated with many different types of face masks out there that you can use after your face wash. But you don’t need all of them.

A great wash-off mask option for men would be any clay mask. These clay masks can consist of bentonite clay, kaolin clay, rhassoul clay, and more. Clay masks work amazingly to cleanse your pores deeply. They draw out excess sebum and grime lodged deep into your pores. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, clay masks are a fantastic option to indulge in twice a week.

Another great mask option that you can consider is a non-wash-off sheet mask. A sheet mask is a thin piece of cotton or silicone soaked in a hydrating serum. This mask is a hydrating and nourishing option that you can use after your face wash and before your moisturizer. Leave it on for about 20 minutes, and pat the remaining serum on your face before applying your moisturizer.

Ultimately, face masks are a great indulgence that you can use when you need a bit of self-care.

To Wrap It Up

Our face is quite delicate compared to the rest of our body, and we should take care of it the best we can. A face wash will always be the starting step of any skincare routine. To make sure you get the best out of your face wash, you should use great products to go with it.

It’s important to maintain your basic skincare routine of cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing twice a day to keep your skin healthy. We hope that the suggestions of skincare you can include to elevate your routine will help you choose the best skincare routine.