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What Is the Point of a Slant Razor?

What Is the Point of a Slant Razor?

A slant razor has a uniquely designed head, different from your regular option, and a more efficient beard chopper. Instead of perpendicularly positioning the blade to the handle, the slant angle allows for a slicing motion when using the razor. This increases the chipping efficiency, which leads to faster shaving and fewer strokes. Therefore, you’re assured of a better shaving experience with the best slant razors. Let us look at what makes these razors unique, how they stack up against straight razors, and whether they are worth the hype.

What Is a Slant Razor?

A slant razor is similar in every other way to the traditional straight razor, except for the blade angle. Instead of a perpendicular layout to the handle, the blade sits at a slant angle. Thomas Wild patented this design on February 6th, 1915. The slant comes from the angled blade guards that differ from the straight ones in conventional razors. The blade guard and continuous slanted bar design allow for more room between the blade and blade guard. Thus more access to the beard leads to faster and more efficient chopping. Additionally, the overall feel of the razor is not too different from others. This way, you won’t struggle using a slant razor while getting a better shave.

Slant Razors vs. Straight Razors

The primary difference between these two razors is the shaving angle, which adds a new dimension to the shaving experience.

  • Slant razors are ideal for shaving tougher stubble. The more efficient chopping angle digs into the stubble well, thus resulting in a cleaner shave with minimal effort. Straight razors need more effort, meaning more strokes and constant angles changing to reach all the stubble.
  • Slant razors are also ideal for those with sensitive skin. Since the blade reaches more of the stubble with minimal effort, you won’t have to pass it over a spot several times. If used correctly, you may not even touch your skin while getting all the beard you wanted to shave. Avoiding irritating your sensitive skin any more than is necessary is a great way to take care of it. You wouldn’t say the same for straight razors.
  • Furthermore, slant razors work on all hair types with the same minimal effort. Therefore, slant razors are more universally applicable than their straight counterparts. You don’t have to worry about your thick, curly, coarse, or facial hair type.
  • Since the slant bar holds the blade in place with no movements, you’ll have better control as you shave. The same is true for straight razors, but the less hassle and more accuracy means you’re safer using a slant razor.
  • The only drawback to using a slant razor is the increased risk of cutting yourself if you are inexperienced. The slant angle can easily dig into your skin if you don’t know the proper technique for handling the razor. Therefore, you should practice with a straight razor until you get the hang of shaving with razors.

Do Slant Razors Work?

How do you shave with a slant razor? Yes, slant razors work better than virtually all other options on the market. You may be wondering, how do you shave with a slant razor? Please keep reading to learn how easy it is.

While it is recommended that experienced shavers use slant razors, it doesn’t mean learning is hard. Some experience using a straight razor should be sufficient preparation. The trick is to reduce the pressure on the blade when cutting through the facial hair. The slant angle gets more hair each pass, so pressing it against the beard quickly reaches your skin. Once you master the pressure changes, using a slant razor is a breeze.

Be especially keen on the shaving angle. Mastering your technique requires getting the right angle for increased shaving efficiency. Therefore, move the slant razor’s handle perpendicular to your face until you don’t feel the blade slicing hair. Then move it back until it cuts hair, but not too close to your skin. Tweak those angles until you get into a more efficient rhythm.

Another helpful tip is to switch the blades you use in the razor. Different blades with varying sharpness levels will help you better understand the angles and pressure levels. Get a feel of each to help you pick one that works well.

Remember, slant razors are ideal for those with sensitive skin and lead to fewer incidents of razor burn. You only need to understand how to use it to enjoy those benefits. Most mistakes start when you have to pass a blade across the same spot repeatedly. Slant razors only need one pass.

How Does a Slant Razor Compare to Other Shaving Solutions?

Several beard-trimming solutions exist, but few match the satisfaction and efficiency of using a slant razor:

  1. You can pick a cartridge razor from the pharmacy for a quick shave. However, the plain plastic and gimmicky look of a cartridge razor take away from the shaving experience. Additionally, you’ll need to make several passes over the same spot for a clean shave. Furthermore, you’ll need to replace the cartridges, which are more expensive than replacing one blade in a slant razor. Therefore, slant razors offer a more satisfying shave that is kinder to your skin.
  2. A straight-edge shaver may make you feel macho while shaving, but it is the most dangerous solution. Also, mastering the right shaving technique takes longer than learning to use a slant razor. Furthermore, you’ll need to invest in the costly blade, shaving brush, and sharpening kit. Remember, you’ll be nicking your skin as you learn since there is no safety guard.
  3. Electric shavers offer advantages like dry shaving, no learning curve, fast shaving, and no blades involved. However, they don’t offer a close shave, are likely to irritate your skin, and don’t reach tight spots. Additionally, you need to either charge the shaver or replace the batteries, which may not be possible in certain scenarios. Furthermore, electric razors cause skin irritations and ingrown hairs. You’ll also need several passes to get your desired height, thus irritating your skin even more. Whatever time and effort saving you make using an electric shaver is quickly lost in the uncomfortable feeling of razor burn, the ongoing costs, and a terrible shave.

This comparison reveals the desirability of a slant razor. It gives a closer shave, ensures a more satisfying experience, and is safer than a straight-edge razor. Slant razors are the epitome of personal grooming.

Tips on Using a Slant Razor

Once you know how to use a slant razor, you’ll never return to lesser beard-shaving solutions. To ensure the best experience, use these tips:

  • Be gentle as you learn how to use a slant razor. The slant angle will do the cutting for you once you get it right.
  • Experiment with different blades until you find one you’re comfortable with.
  • Invest in a good slant razor. Since you only need to swap the blades, you’ll need a good quality unit that will last you a long time. The initial investment will be worth it.
  • Get into a regular shaving routine. Personal grooming needs to be consistent. As you look good, so does your face get accustomed to the routine. Additionally, the more you shave, the better you get at it.


So, what is the point of using a slant razor? Slant razors are the ultimate refinement, offering the experience of a straight-edge razor in a safer package. They are way better than the quick-fix solutions of cartridges and electric shavers. Furthermore, you’ll find it less irritating than using straight safety razors. You only need to buy the right one and master the shaving technique.