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What Is a Safety Razor?

What Is a Safety Razor?

If you are fed up with expensive cartridges and don’t want to get nicks anymore, you should try a safety razor.

A safety razor is a safe method to shave and has been used for years.

Keep reading to learn more about safety razors, their benefits, and their types.

Safety Razor and Its Types

Safe razor kit

A safety razor is a preventative tool that protects skin from scratches. The purpose of a safety razor is to minimize the frequency of unnecessary abrasions during the shave. You can use them at home and won’t need to go to a barbershop for shaving.

There are some types of safety razors made for different purposes. Each type of safety razor is designed based on the frequency of usage and skin sensitivity. 

  • Closed Comb

A closed comb razor gives a layer of protection between your skin and blade. Therefore, if you are new to traditional shaving, you should buy this razor as it provides added protection to your unsteady hands.

  • Open Comb

Open comb razors have openings that let the blade work correctly on your skin. However, it isn’t as safe as the closed comb safety razor, even though it shaves quickly. You may also get a scratch using this razor.

The open comb is great for thick hair or if you shave less often. 

  • Adjustable Razors

This type of razor lets users alter the gap between the razor blade and the safety bar. If the gap is greater, the shaving will be more coarse. People prefer buying this razor because they can change the gap whenever they want, depending on how often they shave. 

  • Butterfly Razors

Butterfly razors have butterfly doors that can be opened to change blades easily. Additionally, these razors may be perfect for people who don’t want direct contact with the razor.

  • Slant Razors

Safety RazorThese razors have specialized blades that give you an angled shave. It works in the same way as a knife while cutting vegetables. At first, torque blades may seem hard to use, but they become mild once you get used to them. 

Furthermore, they work efficiently and provide maximum protection to your skin. Slant razors are an excellent replacement for an open comb if you don’t get your desired shave. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Safety Razors?

1. Ideal Shave

With a safety razor, you can get the smoothest yet quick shave without feeling any irritation. In addition, wet shaving tools are frequently transformed to improve each day to give you the best shave.

2. Lesser Skin Conditions

Multi-blade razors often cut your hair beneath the surface of your skin and give you razor burn. However, with a safety razor, you will not experience the same since it only shaves your hair within your skin level. Thus this can reduce skin bumps and post-shave redness. 

3. Easy On Pocket

Safety RazorUsing the safety razor will save you a few bucks. You can save around $150 in three years. Although, if you go with other razors, you are already throwing away your $250. 

4. Eco-friendly 

The environmental protection agency reports that billions of cartridge razors are discarded annually. Cartridge razors contain plastic which fills up the landfill. In comparison, safety razors are eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

How Can I Get a Perfect Shave With a Safety Razor?

  • Buy a Good Razor

Choose a razor that has more weight on the top. This way, you can get the perfect balance and force for the shave. Therefore, you must consider the razor handle before buying any safety razor.

  • Look for a Perfect Blade

All types of blades are compatible with every razor. However, some blades are too neat with specific razors. Moreover, you can use a sample blade to get your ideal blade.

  • Prep Your Skin

Preparing your skin for a safety razor shave is similar to preparing for a cartridge razor shave. Start by softening your skin and hair with lukewarm water. Next, use the pre-shave oil all over your hair for a smooth shave.

  • Keep Your Skin Tight

Safety RazorWhile shaving, you need to keep your skin as tight.

You wouldn’t want to pull the razor, lose the grip or put unnecessary pressure.

Therefore, to avoid all of this, keep your skin stretched out. 

  • Shave in the Direction of Your Hair Growth

Look at the direction of your hair growth. It would help if you shaved in the same direction and not against it. Furthermore, you can also give some time to learn your growth patterns before shaving or using translucent oil or gel. 

  • Wash With Cold Water

After shaving, clean your shaved area with cold water to close your open pores. Finally, apply the clean, refreshed, and protective layer of after-shave cream or balm. The process will cool off your skin while preventing it from irritation.


A safety razor is a solution to all of your cartridge razor problems. However, you must be careful while using it. The open blade design may give you cuts if you handle it poorly. Otherwise, you are good to go.