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What Happens When You Use Pomade Everyday?

What Happens When You Use Pomade Everyday?

Looking good is something everyone aims to achieve daily. The way your hair looks is capable of highly enhancing your appearance. One hair product that has gained popularity among men who love styling their hair is pomade. There are various pomade products. However, they are generally thick, in gel form, and used to style the hair into different shapes and angles. Pomades can be either water or oil-based. 

Using pomade to style your hair is easy. Depending on your desired look, apply it to your hair immediately after a quick wash or blow-drying. The styling effect of pomade is, however, more noticeable when the hair is damp. In minutes, your hair will look glossy and fabulous.

So, are you considering using pomade for the first time or curious about how best to use it? Then keep reading; this post will provide all the information you need.

Can You Use Pomade Everyday?

Before answering this, it’d help to answer the popular question, what type of hair is pomade for?” There are no straightforward answers. To maintain a neat look for some hair types, you must use pomade daily. So, before applying pomade, it is essential to know what kind of hair you have to see if you can use it every day.  

Aside from that, everyone can use pomade for all hair types, but some react badly to hair products. If your scalp itches whenever you use a product apart from your regular shampoo and conditioner, don’t use pomade daily. Doing so might cause you to have hair breakage or severe itching. If you have such effects, the best way to safely use pomade is in small quantities.

On the flip side, if your hair accepts every product without adverse effects, you can use pomade daily. Not being able to use pomade everyday isn’t an issue, though. If you use a great pomade product, you will get excellent results regardless of your hair type.

Now that you know what to consider before using pomade daily, it is also essential to take precautions. Ensure you wash off excess pomade from your hair before going to bed. Leaving it overnight for an extended period will clog up your scalp pores.

When Should You Use Pomade?

The trick to getting your hair perfectly styled with pomade is to apply it to the proper texture. Your hair should not be too wet or dry. Using pomade on wet hair might make your hair shinier, but it equally leads to a sticky look and feel. That might make you uncomfortable when touching your hair or wearing head accessories.

You can pick and style dry hair to perfection with pomades. However, doing so has its disadvantages. The pomade is not completely soft, so for an even application in the hair, water has to be added. When applying pomade to dry hair, some parts will not be adequately styled, making it look messy and uneven.

Therefore, using pomade after washing your hair and towel-drying it is best. Damp hair is the perfect texture you should have when you want to style your hair using pomade. It allows the hair to turn out great and last longer.

How Do You Use Pomade for Men?

So, how do you use Pomade for Men? The following are easy step-by-step guides on how to use pomade effectively. 

Wash Your Hair Properly

Ensure that you properly wash out every hair product previously used in your hair with enough shampoo. Any residue will lead to a mix-up with the pomade to be applied to your hair. This is not good because continuous application of pomade without washing would lead to hair breakage.

Scoop A Small Amount For A Start

To begin, use one or two of your middle fingers to scoop a small amount of pomade. Next, rub it between your palms to make it soft and spread out. If it looks too small, add a bit more to make it enough for the first section of your hair. As you begin applying on your hair, you may add as needed.

Apply From Your Hair Roots

Begin from your scalp to the tip of your hair when applying pomade. To cover every hair strand with pomade, section your hair into groups and gently apply it from the beginning of your roots to the tips. Add more pomade for sections with more hair to make it as strong as the others.

One advantage of starting from the roots of your hair when applying pomade is that the styling comes out very well.

Mix An Extra Product

If the hairstyle you plan to make is complex, additional products might be required. Apply your desired hair product in small proportions, and increase as needed. If you are a first-timer reading this guide, you will be a pro in due time.

Style Your Hair

Here’s the fun part. After evenly applying enough pomade to your hair, the next step is to shape it into the style you want. You can achieve the look with a shaping comb or your hands for a simple look.

Use A Hair Dryer

Using a hair dryer after styling your hair helps strengthen it, making it last longer.  Achieving a polished final look for complex men’s hairstyles is necessary. However, if the hairstyle is short and simple, it can do without heat.

What Happens When You Use Pomade Everyday?

Using pomade every day has many benefits, some of which include the following:

Great For Touch-ups

Pomades do a great job of keeping your hairstyle looking as good. All you have to do is apply a small amount to smoothen out rough edges or stray strands. That’s all it takes for your hair to look as good as new.

It Makes Hairstyles Last Long

Because pomades are more potent than most hair styling products, the daily application helps complex hairstyles last for a long time.

Damage Control

Pomades do more than enhance how long hairstyles stay. It also protects against the direct effect of environmental factors on your hair. They also protect your damaged hair roots from further exposure.

While these benefits of using pomade are great, it is also essential to take precautions as listed below:

  • Make sure that the pomade you use is suitable for your hair type. As mentioned earlier, one wrong pomade for you could cause hair damage.
  • Use pomades only when necessary. Too much of it causes hair damage and makes you look awkward.
  • Wash your hair once a week. Regardless of how long you intend to keep pomade on your hair, periodic washing helps you keep your scalp clean.
  • Store in a cool environment. This helps maintain the potency of your pomade. Hot climates will weaken it, making your hairstyle get rough quickly.


Pomades are an essential hair care product, especially for men. Using it is as important as knowing what type to use. If you are new to using pomades, you should start small. Go for products with water-based solutions.

Furthermore, ensure you monitor your scalp’s reaction to the pomade products. You would know whether to continue it or not. Paraben and gluten-free pomades are the best options when choosing which to buy. They contain amazing ingredients that would protect your hair from damage. With all the information in this article, you’re now ready to try multiple hairstyles without any worry!