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What Does Shaving Butter Do?

What Does Shaving Butter Do?

From shaving creams to shaving soaps to shaving butter, wet shaving has progressed in many ways. So, educating yourself on these products is very prudent.

If you wonder what shaving butter does, you are in for a treat. Just like shaving creams and soaps, shaving butter is a pre-shave product that helps to achieve a smooth shave.

Find out what makes shaving butter unique from other shaving products like creams and soaps in this article.

What Does Shaving Butter Do?

Wet shaving is an effective way to remove hair from your skin. But with an abundance of products, choosing one may take time and effort. There are many shaving products that you can use during your shaving process. All these products play vital roles during a shave, from shaving creams to shaving soaps to shaving butter.

What exactly does shaving butter do? Well, shaving butter does the same thing as shaving creams and soaps. However, the preparation, style, and general feeling vary greatly. Generally speaking, using the best shaving butter will give you the same results you get when using shaving creams.

Shaving butter contains natural butter, essential oils, and aloe vera juice. What shaving butter does to your skin is that it lubricates and moisturizes your skin. This lubrication prepares your skin for contact with the shaving razor. As the shaving razor comes in connection with your skin, it glides smoothly, shaving the hair without hurting you. Since butter and oil are the primary ingredients, it gives your skin a tender, soothing feeling instead of drying out on your skin.

Shaving butter has the same use as shaving creams and soaps because you apply shaving butter to your skin before shaving. The difference, however, is that you don’t need to create a lather as you do with shaving creams and soaps. You press the shaving butter from the tube to your fingers and gently rub it on your skin. After that, you start shaving, and you’ll see the hair come off quickly.

Can You Use Shaving Butter on Pubic Hair?

Yes, you can use shaving butter on pubic hair. The nature of shaving butter is quite different from shaving creams because it is transparent. So, when you apply it to your pubic hair, you can still see what’s going on as you are shaving. Shaving butter will do an excellent job lubricating, whether it’s your armpit or private parts.

In addition, shaving butter contains essential oils that can help your skin stay glowing and fresh aftershave. Also, it guides the shaving blade to take all the hair off nicely and smoothly.

A significant advantage of shaving butter to shave your pubic hair is its lack of lather. As opposed to shaving creams, shaving butter does not have as much lather and is often transparent. As a result, the shaving process will be less intrusive, and you shave your pubic hair without occasionally rinsing a handful of lather.

So, don’t hold back if you consider using shaving butter for your next pubic shave. Shaving butter contains all-natural ingredients, which are also safe for your health. If you carefully apply it and follow the instructions on each product, you’re good to go.

Remember that product applications are usually the same, but they may vary depending on the brand of shaving butter. For instance, with some brands, you apply shaving butter on your dry skin and then shave. For some other brands, you may have to use hot water on your face before applying the shaving butter. All of these instructions matter for the product to be effective. So, read the instructions on the product’s pack to see what applies to that specific product.

Do You Put on Shaving Butter Before or After Shaving?

Shaving or shaving butter works the same way shaving soaps and creams work. But is shaving butter worth it? Yes, it is! That said, put on shave butter before you shave, not after. The purpose of shaving butter is to lubricate the skin to allow for a smooth shaving process. So, apply shaving butter before introducing the shaving blade.

Also, the process of using shaving butter is very straightforward. With shaving creams and soaps, you create a lather using various tools such as bowls and shaving brushes. However, when using shaving butter, you don’t have to go through all that. All you have to do is apply the product to your face and shave after a few seconds.

So, if you are worried about the time you may have to spend before shaving, be calm. You can quickly put on shaving butter before shaving and get it done quickly. Putting on shaving butter after shaving is unnecessary because, with most products, you can still feel the butter’s soothing effects after shaving. So, frankly, there’s no point applying the butter anymore. You should save it for the next shave.

Can You Use Shaving Butter in the Shower?

Yes, you can use shaving butter in the shower. Some shaving butter brands are water-activated so that you can use them in the shower like your shaving creams. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may need to consider taking a few precautions.

First, increase the heat in the shower. What this does to you is that it opens up your skin pores. Opening up the pores is important because it helps the razor achieve a smooth shave when in contact with your skin.

Next, rinse your face with hot water that doesn’t burn for more than 15 seconds. The water should not be extremely hot. Then use your fingers to massage your face gently using circular motions. If you have an exfoliating scrub, you can use it, but it is okay to use just hot water. What this does is that it removes dead skin cells that may cause friction with the razor blade. Also, it removes dirt from your face to allow the razor to pass through without restrictions.

Do the face massage for about 30 seconds, then apply the shaving butter to your skin. You don’t have to dry your face before applying the shaving butter. The shaving butter is transparent so you can see the whole process, especially in the steam.

After applying the shaving butter, you can start shaving. We recommend using a mirror when doing this. We also recommend shaving in downward strokes when shaving your face and upward strokes when shaving your neck. However, feel free to do what works for you and what you are comfortable with.

Lastly, ensure to rinse the razor after every pass. That way, the blade passage remains unclogged. This step works to your advantage if you are in the shower.

How Long Does Shaving Butter Last?

Shaving butter comes in different sizes and shapes. The measurement for each product largely depends on the manufacturer. A 170g tube of shaving butter will typically last between 30 to 90 days. The good thing about shaving butter is that you don’t need to apply too much of the product to get a clean shave. You just need a little squeeze from the tube, which does the job. So, it is pretty durable and economical too. Some people subscribe to bulk packages from the manufacturers they prefer. That way, they buy in bulk while saving costs.

Our Final Thoughts

With wet shaving, the benefits of shaving butter are vast. We hope you now understand what shaving butter does and how to use it effectively. Shaving butter may be similar to shaving soaps and creams that most people have become fond of. However, it adds a unique feel to the shaving process, and this feeling is worth experiencing.