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What Does Open Comb Razor Mean?

What Does Open Comb Razor Mean?

As a beginner, you may come across many types of safety razors online. It can be overwhelming to find the best safety razor from the sea of a variety of razors. Generally, safety razors are divided into two groups, open-comb razors, and closed-comb razors.

The most general question among novices is, “what does open comb razor mean?”

Well, it’s all about the razor head. An open comb razor carries a line of teeth sitting below the razor blade. The teeth let the razor carry out a finer shave since the blade is less covered. The open design of the razor is helpful because it doesn’t get clogged, even with a thick and long beard.

Let’s learn more about the open-comb razor and whether it is safer and more effective. But first, we will go through the different types of safety razor heads.

Types of Safety Razors

A safety razor generally involves a head and a handle. Safety razors can be three-piece or two-piece. The difference between safety razors lies in the razor head and geometry.

1.   Open Comb

The open comb has an opened base plate, i.e., teeth underneath the blade. This razor works closer to the skin and hair. Thus it gives a perfect shave due to the less coverage of the blade.

2.   Closed Comb

A closed comb razor has a straight bar over the base plate. It offers a film within the blade and the skin. The closed comb is suitable for beginners as its blade is fully covered. Even if they fail to shave properly, they won’t get a nick.

3.   Slant

Slant razor is slant because of the head’s style. In this scenario, the razor head bends, so the blade is angled. It is developed from the concept that an angled blade works better than others.

4.   Adjustable

Adjustable razors let you modify the blade gap, increasing or lessening it. Generally, a razor with a large gap means a “more aggressive” shave. Significant blade gap enhances the chances of irritation and nicks.

5.   Single Edge

Unlike the double-edge razor, which has two cutting edges, the single-edge comes with a single-side cutting edge. Single-edge blades can be of two types, “injector blades” and “Artist Club style blades.” The injector blade has a sharp edge, which you can put in a razor (similar to DE). In comparison, Artist Club style blades are elongated ones differing from DE blades. In general, single-edge blades tend to be extra fierce because they are thickset and less bendable. Artist Club blades remove more hair in a single stroke and are therefore considered more productive.

How Does an Open Comb Razor Work?

How do you use an open razor? Open comb razors have teeth below the blade, making them an “exposed” type of razor. They give you a very close shave.

Many safety razor enthusiasts consider it the best double-edged razor. The row of teeth directs beard hair to the blade without being sharp, allowing lather to stay on the face.

These razors are specifically made for expert wet shavers and those with thicker beard growth. With the more revealed blade, the shave becomes finer, and the razor remains unclogged.

You can shop for the top quality open-comb razors to ensure a safe experience.

Are Open Comb Razors Safer?

Most wet shavers prefer open comb razors over anything because of their efficiency. This implies that they can remove their facial hair in just a few strokes. The teeth set lets the shaving cream sit on your face while taking out the hair. This razor directs the hair to the blade, making it ideal for people who don’t usually shave.

With all these benefits, open comb razors come with some challenges too. Open comb razors are not best if you are a novice. They are effective but are barbarous if used with the wrong shaving techniques. If you don’t know how to shave correctly using an open-comb razor, you are more likely to get a nick. Make sure to get familiar with these tips to ace your shaving experience with an open-comb razor:

  1. Get familiar with the exact shaving angle and keep upright during the shave.
  2. Ensure to put minimal or no pressure on the razor.
  3. Make sure you remember your facial hair map to shave with the grain the first time.

Do Open Comb Razors Work Better?

So, which is better, open comb or closed comb razor? To find out if open-comb razors are a better choice, we’ll need to compare to know which is a better open-comb or closed-comb razor.

Straight bar razors remove a layer of shaving cream from the face during the shave and leave a thin layer of cream. It requires a little skin stretching to let the razor move across the skin smoothly. The thin level of cream serves as a protective layer between the skin and the razor. However, the closed bar acts as a safety barrier to avert the blade from getting too close to the skin. Closed comb razors are smoother on the skin. However, if there is a thick layer of lather, the razor won’t be able to access the skin to shave correctly.

In contrast, open-comb razors are very effective since they don’t fully cover the blade. Furthermore, the teeth below the blade get through the lather and make it to the skin. This implies that the blade contacts the skin easily and closely. Therefore, even with thicker shaving cream, the razor can easily come in contact with your skin. This is how open-comb razors shave effectually and effortlessly. This effective close shave is mistaken for “aggressiveness.” However, aggressiveness is an entirely different thing.

From the above comparison, it is right to assume that open-comb razors are undoubtedly an excellent choice for effective shaving.

How to Use Open Comb Razors?

These razors provide a close, direct shave, making them ideal for experienced wet shavers. However, with constant practice, a beginner might also be able to use them effectively. If you are a beginner, you must do short strokes while getting familiar with the product.

Most importantly, you need to prepare your face before the shave. You can use some essentials: shaving oil, soap, or cream. Apply any of these over your face and produce a rich lather. Start your shave by putting the razor perpendicular to your face. Most people shave at an angle of 30°, but you can shave in the position you feel most comfortable in. However, it is important to keep that angle throughout. Tilt the head of the razor upward a little bit and drag it down in short strokes to remove your hair. In the case of the neck to the chin area, you will need to shave against the grain. Once you find your right angle, you will feel smooth removal of your hair and no irritation.


Choosing a wet shaving method can be confusing because many options are available. These options can help you find the best product that caters to your needs. Open-comb razors can be your ideal choice if you have thick beard growth. They can provide a close shave in just a few strokes.

If you are a beginner, you can master the skill of using an open-comb razor with practice. However, if you have been using a closed comb, you will be okay with shifting to an open comb razor considering its benefits.