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Should You Use Oil Before Shaving?

Should You Use Oil Before Shaving?

Whether you shave to look good or to keep your face in good condition, you want the best shave possible. Shaving should be quick and easy, but it frequently causes discomfort and creates a mess. Maybe you’ve heard of using pre-shave oil, a lubricant often applied to the skin before shaving.

Pre-shave oil softens the skin before shaving and goes well with your regular shaving product of choice. Theoretically, it prevents irritation while you glide the razor over your skin.

However, does it provide an actual benefit? Keep reading to learn whether you should use a pre-shaving oil.

Should You Use Pre-Shave Oil?

A high-quality pre-shave oil can reduce redness, razor burn, and irritation. Pre-shave oil is something that we’d call an absolute must if you have sensitive skin but still shave daily.

You’ll have an easier time with your razor since the natural oils in this lotion will soften and lift the hairs on your face. This may seem like the same advantage that a shave brush provides. However, it’s far quicker to massage on some pre-shave oil. Hence, pre-shave oils are popular among men who are pressed for time but want a close shave.

A side benefit of pre-shave oil is that it makes for an excellent lubricant before you shave. As a result of the barrier it provides between your face and the razor, the latter has a considerably easier time cutting through your hair. The skin will give way, allowing the blade to glide smoothly over it.

Therefore, using some pre-shave oil makes it far less likely you’ll experience cuts or razor burns.

However, the advantages of using a quality pre-shave oil do not stop after you’re done shaving. After shaving, your skin will appreciate the hydrating effects of several of the oils included in this lotion. Oils derived from sunflower, castor beans, and jojoba seeds are all excellent examples.

In What Ways Is Pre-shave Oil Useful?

What does pre-shave oil do? Pre-shaving oils provide skin protection for a close, pleasant shave, but their thick consistency sometimes causes problems. In addition, they are not always simple to remove altogether, leaving behind a greasy residue.

On the other hand, shaving soaps are sometimes diluted with water to make them more fluid and less likely to clog the razor. Still, while they may be fairly clean, they can leave the skin feeling drier after usage.

Incorporating both into your shaving routine will provide optimal results. You’ll get a close, comfortable shave that is kind on your skin while still providing the necessary protection.

It’s worth noting that in recent years, the quality of shaving soaps has skyrocketed. So much so that some of the top artisan soaps may not even need a pre-shave oil because they already produce a rich moisturizing lather.

However, consider including pre-shave oil in your shaving routine if you have very sensitive skin.

Optimal Pre-shave Oil Use

If you think you don’t know how to self-care as a man, here is a practical guide.

Use a high-quality face cleanser and/or scrub to remove any dirt or oil from the skin. The hair follicle is, therefore, more accessible to water. This also allows better softening of the skin and hair.

To prepare the skin for shaving, use a little oil and massage it into the skin. In this case, less is more since you’ll add lather later on. Avoid using too much oil; a light coating will suffice. This is the most susceptible to error since there is no one correct quantity to utilize.

Your mileage may vary, so try several approaches to see what clicks. Start with 3–4 drops and adjust the amount as needed for a smooth shave.

Wait for a whole minute. The oil will be absorbed by your skin and hair, keeping them soft and creating a protective barrier against further damage.

In this instant, what should you be doing? Prepare a shaving lather and get ready.

Finally, after prepping your skin with oil, apply shaving lather right on top of the oil and begin shaving.

Can You Use Olive Oil as Pre-Shave Oil?

To better prepare your skin for shaving, try using a pre-shave oil before you start. These oils often contain plant-based ingredients like olive oil and castor oil. And because of its moisturizing properties, pre-shave oil makes for a far more comfortable shave by relaxing your hair follicles before picking up the razor.

Antioxidants and vitamin E may be found in abundance in olive oil. This not only helps restore the smoothness of your skin but also combats premature aging of the skin.

It has a thorough cleaning action without blocking pores. You can use it day or night. The best option for most men is olive oil. It’s more affordable and does work to give you glowing skin if you use it correctly.

Is Coconut Oil a Good Pre-shave Oil?

Coconut oil may be used as a pre-shaving treatment, followed by a different shaving cream or soap. Regular rinsing will prevent the coconut oil from piling up on your blade. Rub half a teaspoon of oil between your hands for a few seconds after gently cleaning and drying the skin. If the oil has hardened at all, you will need to do this to spread it out into a thin layer.

If you put the effort to massage it into your skin, you’ll discover that a little is more than enough. Exfoliating the skin before washing it may boost its effectiveness even more. For about a minute, use the oil to massage and soften the skin in the intended shaving regions.

This will prevent it from being readily removed by repeatedly rinsing the razor (which would be necessary) or applying additional shaving cream on top.

The inherent oiliness means that it won’t necessarily penetrate without moderate pressure. As such, you can improve your application by rubbing it between your hands, massaging it gently into the skin, and waiting for it to soak in.

You may shave when it’s still damp or apply more lotion after it’s absorbed after feeling how much softer your skin is.

Is Baby Oil a Good Pre-shave Oil?

In a pinch, baby oil may serve as shaving lubrication. Shaving creams and gels prepare the skin for shaving, soften the hair, and prevent cuts.

However, baby oil may not be as efficient as shaving cream when it comes to hydrating and protecting the skin throughout the shaving process. Even so, your skin will be easier to shave if you moisten it beforehand.

Depending on the manufacturer, baby oils may include more substances than mineral oil and scent. In its refined form, mineral oil is a kind of crude oil. It’s been around for almost a century and is still widely used as a skin moisturizer.

Is Beard Oil the Same Thing as Pre-shave Oil?

Even though they have a similar composition, their uses are distinct. They share a lot of the same components. However, the oils utilized vary in strength. Review the following comparison table to learn the differences between pre-shave and beard oil.

Is Pre-shave Oil or Cream Preferable?

Shaving cream prepares the skin and beard more superficially for a better razor flow, while pre-shave oil feeds the pores and hair follicles at a micro-close reach. Before using shaving cream, you should always do a more thorough facial pretreatment.

Can You Use Pre-shave Oil to Avoid Getting Razor Bumps?

An additional line of defense, pre-shaving oils keep the skin hydrated and let the hair stand up straighter, allowing a closer shave. Straighter hair is less prone to curl, get embedded in the skin, and cause pimples. The use of shave cream is similarly beneficial.

Do You Wash the Pre-shave Oil After Application?

To use a pre-shave oil, massage it into your face, let it on for 60 seconds, and then wash it off with warm water before you shave. These measures will prevent moisture loss, soften the beard, and lubricate the face, decreasing the likelihood of nicks, cuts, and other facial discomforts during shaving.


We’ll forgive you if you’re unfamiliar with pre-shave oil since it hasn’t achieved the kind of fame it deserves.

However, you have no more excuses after reading this post. You should include pre-shave oil into your regimen regardless of whether you shave daily or only trim around the beard. We can all attest that shaving may be rough on our delicate skin.

This is one item where you don’t want to scrimp on quality. Choose high-quality pre-shave oils if available. In the long run, it will be beneficial to your skin.