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Should You Use a Shaving Bowl?

Should You Use a Shaving Bowl?

Should you use a shaving bowl? Well, it is okay if you are seeking the best shaving method that works for you. Staying neat and looking fly is not out of place; we are here to help.

Whether you are a newcomer to the shaving world or you’ve been around for a while, chances are that you’ve heard of wet shaving. Creams, razors, or brushes are different ways to wet shave. Still, some wonder if using a brush and a shaving bowl is superior to other methods.

The good news is that it is very economical if you decide to use a shaving bowl. Bowls exist in different shapes and sizes. You don’t have to rob a bank to get the best shaving bowls. In this article, we answer this question in detail and provide tips on using a shaving bowl as well.

Should You Use a Shaving Bowl When Shaving?

Yes, we recommend you use a shaving bowl to lather your soap when shaving. The reason is that it gives you consistency, ease, and control. When it comes to wet shaving, the two most prominent options are using a face lather and a bowl lather. If we were to choose, we’d go with bowl lather because its pros outweigh the face lather.

In a facial lathering process, you apply shaving cream or soap on your face. After that, you use your brush to create a lather on your face. On the other hand, the bowl lathering process will require you first to create the lather using a shaving bowl. Then, apply it to the area you need to shave.

The truth is that different lathering strokes apply to different folks. So, choose what works for you based on certain factors. There are many great reasons you should use a shaving bowl when lathering. All of which we will discuss later in this post. But can you use any bowl as a shaving bowl? Many blogs and content creators say using kitchen or plastic bowls is okay. While they are not entirely wrong, we strongly recommend using a shaving bowl.

Substitutes are a great option but are not always durable or sustainable. It is called a shaving bowl for a reason; it is designed for that specific purpose. You don’t necessarily need a fancy shaving bowl; you need a good shaving bowl. The good news is that these bowls are not expensive at all. You can find good shaving bowls for $10 or less on the market. One quality is that they have shallow ridges to help the shaving soap circulate well.

Still wondering why you need a bowl for shaving? Continue reading.

Do You Need a Bowl for Shaving?

Yes, you need a bowl for shaving to achieve consistent results. Besides, there’s this soft and warm feel that shaving with a bowl gives you. We recommend this because of the advantages of using the bowl lather method. Benefits include consistent lather, less mess, time-saving, and durability.

Unlike face-lathering, using a bowl allows the lather texture to be uniform. That way, you can apply the same lather texture to all parts of your face. It would help if you had a shaving bowl for this. Whether you are a beginner or a consistent shaver, this is an excellent option.

Furthermore, using a bowl to shave reduces messiness. If you are one to do multiple passes, using a bowl reduces the mess that each pass will likely create. That way, you can shave without having a huge mess to clean afterward.

In addition, this method helps you save time. Some argue that this method consumes more time, but we beg to differ. Using a bowl for shaving saves lathering and shaving time.

How so? Using a bowl, you create enough lather for multiple passes. That way, you don’t have to keep repeating the process whenever you want to shave a part of your face.

Also, using a bowl for shaving is very durable because it prevents waste and spillage. You can easily measure and control the amount of shaving soap you use. Additionally, if you finish and there is leftover lather, you can save it for next time. Or you could give it to someone else to use. Finally, you avoid the spillage that often occurs with the face-lather method.

How Do You Use Shaving Soap in a Bowl?

Throughout this post, we have sung the praises of using a shaving bowl to lather. But how do you lather in a shaving bowl? You must note a few key points when lathering shaving soap in a bowl. These points will help you make the perfect lather for your skin type and give you a good after-shave feeling.

To use shaving soap in a bowl, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Clean the Shaving Bowl

The first thing to do here is to clean the shaving bowl. We recommend using a shaving bowl. If you use another type of bowl, especially one used for something else, please clean it carefully.

You should use a clean piece of cloth to do this. Also, clean the bowl in a circular motion to remove all the dirt.

Step 2: Prepare the Brush

The next step is to clean the brush. We recommend using a synthetic brush for wet shaving because it is more durable and easy to use. Moreover, it does not trap the soap or water when lathering.

You prepare the brush by ensuring it is clean. You can rinse the brush with warm water, then shake it gently to remove the excess.

Step 3: Scoop the Shaving Soap

Now that you’ve got the tools ready, scoop the shaving soap. Do this using a small spoon or another tool of the same size. The quantity of the soap depends on the quality of the soap. However, one scoop with a baby spoon should do the job.

This step is essential because it creates less mess in your bathroom and the soap container. Also, it helps you measure the amount of soap needed per pass. This will come in handy, especially if you are a consistent shaver.

Step 4: Transfer the Shaving Soap

After scooping the soap with the spoon, transfer the soap to your index finger or any finger you are comfortable using. This is to allow you to spread the soap in the bowl properly.

Step 5: Spread the Soap in the Bowl

Next, use your finger to spread the soap in the shaving bowl. If your shaving bowl has ridges, then only spread it in the ridges using a circular motion. If your bowl doesn’t have ridges at the center, then spread the soap in the middle of the bowl only.

Shallow ridges often give the best results because the soap doesn’t get lost in the bowl. Thus, you have an easier time when the process begins.

Step 6: Start Lathering

Once you spread the shaving soap, get your brush inside the bowl and move it in a circular motion. Let the motions be consistent but not too fast so the lather does not pour out. If you are using a shallow bowl, you must apply extra caution.

As you continue swirling the brush, the lather gradually starts to form. Keep going until it creates the quantity and texture you want.

Step 7: Do Water Additions

If the lather is too dry and you want to loosen it, you can add water. Do this using a method we call “water additions.” What are water additions? It’s like how “salt bae” pinches salt and then sprinkles it, except you are using water, not salt.

Get a small water bowl, then form a loose grip with your thumb and other fingers. Scoop a little water from the bowl as though you are pinching it, then apply the tiny drops of water to the shaving bowl.

Avoid adding water directly from the sink, as you may be unable to control the amount. You can also use a tiny spoon if that works for you.

Step 8: Continue Lathering

After one or two water additions, continue stirring the lather. While doing this, check the texture to see if you are okay with the result. You can keep making water additions and stirring until you are satisfied.

Final Thoughts

Whether you should use a shaving bowl depends on your preferences. If you have sensitive skin, you should consider using a bowl. This is because the brush doesn’t contact your skin for too long.

In addition, using a shaving bowl saves time when shaving. It also prevents waste and mess that could be created when doing passes.

Using a shaving bowl is not as expensive as some paint it. You can get one at a low cost. The important thing is to look out for durability when buying one. However, we understand that not everyone is used to shaving bowls.

If other methods work for you, then feel free to use them. The goal is to get the best out of your shaving experience. Happy shaving to you!