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Should You Switch to Safety Razors

Should You Switch to Safety Razors

Should you switch to safety razors? If you are looking for something affordable that’ll give you a clean, smooth shave, then the answer is yes. Shaving is a tiring job for most people, especially men blessed with thick, fast-growing hair.

One of the biggest challenges men face when it comes to shaving is finding the perfect razor. And with people returning to offices around the globe, the daily upkeep of a beard can be demanding.

However, with the perfect blade, you can make shaving a less tiresome routine. If you’ve been asking yourself, “what is a safety razor and why should I switch to one?” This article will give you all the information you need and give you six reasons to make the switch today!

6 Reasons to Switch to a Safety Razor

They Are Beginner-Friendly

Safety razors are the perfect blade for beginners. Most men are wary of safety razors because they’re too sharp. The great thing about safety razors, however, is that they are quite easy to use.

All you need to do is get the best safety razors on the market, proceed with your usual facial prep, and shave with short and gentle strokes.

However, note that it’ll take a few attempts before you can get used to the blade. You’ll also want to store the blade properly if you want it to last longer.

They Are Budget-Friendly

Another benefit of using safety razors is that they are budget-friendly. If you’re tired of being gouged by large blade brands, consider switching to a safety razor. Using safety razor blades every day is more cost-effective than using a cartridge razor.

Have you checked the recent prices of cartridge razors? Even if you buy them in bulk, they usually cost around $2 to $4 per blade, compared to the price of a safety razor blade, which will cost you around $0.30 per blade. You can even get blades for as low as $0.10 if you decide to buy them in bulk.

Note that we are talking about popular brands here. So, try to contain your excitement and not get too carried away while buying your new blades and aftershaves.

They Are Eco-friendly

Let’s say you change your cartridge blades every day. If you’ve been shaving continuously for two months, you’ve probably disposed of over 60 cartridges. Factor in the millions of other men around the world and you’ll see how much of a toll these cartridges can take on the environment.

The good news, however, is that switching to safety razor blades can help you cut down the amount of waste you dispose of. Safety razor blades are also recyclable, meaning they can be repurposed several times without harming the environment.

They Provide a Closer Shave

Safety razors are perfect for shaving sensitive areas. A quality, sharp safety razor blade will give you a cleaner and closer shave than any other type of razor blade.

They Are Perfect for Those With Skin Conditions

Maintaining neat and clean facial hair when you have a problem with acne can be a real pain. When shaving, it’s important for men to avoid clogging up their pores, and to remember that using multiple blades – like the ones that come in cartridges – greatly increases your risk of contracting germs.

Also, because safety blades have sharper edges, they provide an even smoother shaving experience. Switching to quality safety blades means you don’t have to worry about skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

They Are Cleaner

Speaking of bacteria, because safety razors have only one blade, they don’t accumulate bacteria and germs like most other packed blades do. Imagine shaving with all that dead skin building up between the blades. That’s gross, right?

When you press a cartridge razor against your skin and then drag it across your open pores, you are practically inviting an infection. However, switching to safety razors reduces that risk.

Tips for Using a Safety Razor

Can you use a safety razor every day? Safety razors are, without a doubt, the best blades for a close, comfortable everyday shaving experience. If you’ve decided to switch to safety razors, here are three tips to guarantee a comfortable experience:

Prep Your Face Before Shaving

Grab a hot towel and press it against your face to soften your hair. Apply pre-shave oil to soften and condition your skin. Next, grab your shaving cream and apply it in an upward motion.

Preparing your skin before shaving helps to expand your pores and soften your skin for a smoother shave.

Use Short and Light Strokes

Ignore everything you see in the commercials. The best way to shave your beard is by using short strokes. Keep your movements short and tackle a few areas at a time.

Yes, handling a very thin sharp blade can feel scary. However, if you exercise caution, you can enjoy a close shave without getting nicked.

Additionally, you don’t have to press the blade hard; it may be tempting but it’s unnecessary.

Store the Blade Properly

If you want your safety razor to serve you for a long time, storing it properly after use is very important. Rinse the blade with hot water after use to kill off the germs. Next, pat the blade dry with a clean cloth and use a razor cover to protect the blade.

Your safety razors will serve you for longer if you protect them from moisture. So, ensure you keep the blades away from the shower shelf and other moisture-exposed areas. Plus, you can coat your safety razors with oil to protect them from rust.

How Close of a Shave Can You Get With a Safety Razor?

Safety razors give a closer shave than most standard razors. They are perfect for shaving sensitive skin without fostering ingrown hair. Note that this benefit applies to both men and women, regardless of your skin type and what area you’re shaving.

Is It Hard Shaving With a Safety Razor?

Although safety razors are sharp, they are very easy to use. When shaving, use short and light strokes and you’ll do just fine. Also, remember to apply gentle pressure when shaving and to keep the razor head against your skin.

Is It Worth Shifting to a Safety Razor?

If you want to save money and enjoy a smooth shaving experience, switch to safety razors immediately. Safety razors are cheap and sharp, and they provide a closer shave than most razors. Plus, they are perfect for shaving sensitive skin without the risks of ingrown hair.


Safety razors are well worth your time and money; switching to them would be a great investment for your wallet and your health. They are also eco-friendly and provide a closer shave than most standard razors.