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Should Men Use Face Wash Every Day?

Should Men Use Face Wash Every Day?

Facial skin is thin and sensitive. Unfortunately, it builds up bacteria, dirt, dead skin, pollutants, and viruses. The accumulation of grime blocks pores, which eventually leads to blemishes. In addition, the pores will become large, making your skin appear dull and textured hence the need for regular cleaning using a face wash.

To take better care of your facial skin, you must learn how often you should use face wash products and the right time to do it.

But should men use face wash every day? Yes, a man must clean his face daily, especially in his 20s when the skin is oilier. But it would be best if you had good quality face wash and followed the proper procedure to get the best result. Please read this article for more details about face wash, how to use it, and much more.

What Is Face Wash?

The face wash is a water-based face cleaning product containing astringent ingredients that rids your skin of grime. The products come as gel, powder, bar, or foam. There are specific face wash products for men and women. While they perform the same function, they have tailored ingredients for the best effects. Men’s face wash contains strong ingredients for deep cleaning.

It’d help to use the best men’s face wash and the proper cleaning procedure for the best result. Below are the steps for using these products.

5 Step-By-Step Process for Using Men’s Face Wash

This process requires attention because getting it wrong can leave your skin in the worst state. Before you start it, it’d be best to read about the product’s recommendation to determine the correct quantity to use and the duration to leave it on your face before rising.

Step 1: Clean Your Hands

You will start by washing your hand using hand wash, which kills bacteria and clears the dirt from them. This step is essential because you will transfer bacteria and dirt from your hands to your face if you fail to do so before applying the face wash. Note that despite the option of using washcloths to wash your face, you risk harming healthy skin cells if the cloth is abrasive. Therefore, using your hands is the best option.

Step 2: Prepare Your Face

This step entails preparing your face using warm water to remove the oil and other pollutants that your skin accumulates. It’d be best to use lukewarm water since hot water can damage your sensitive facial skin. This process is straightforward since all you need are splashed on the face.

Step 3: Apply the Face Wash

You will then dispense a nickel-sized amount of face wash on your hands. Note that too little won’t clean your face well, while too much will be wasted. After dispensing, gently spread the face wash in a circular motion using your fingers to avoid tearing it up. While at it, avoid using an aid like a sponge that can irritate your skin. Ensure that you cover your forehead, face, and chin with the face wash and then leave it for around 60 seconds.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry

Rinse your face after a minute using lukewarm water to remove grime and the face wash. After that, you will dry it using a clean face towel. Note that the ingredients can irritate your eyes hence the need for proper rinsing and subsequent drying.

Step 5: Aftercare Routine

Lastly, you will apply a moisturizer or any skin care product. This will depend on when you have washed your face, and it prevents your skin from drying up post-wash. The day moisturizers are essential and recommended in A Guide to Beauty & Skin Care. However, ensure that you get the right skin care product to avoid skin damage.

Is It Safe to Use Face Wash Daily?

Have you been asking which is better, soap or face wash for men? Are you concerned about how effective and safe face wash actually is? Simply put, face wash is safe to use daily and does not pose any risk to your skin. However, you shouldn’t do it too much because you will wash away fats and natural oil on the skin, pulling the cells apart. Once removed, bacteria and debris can find their way into your skin, leading to inflammation and infection. Most face wash products contain safe ingredients, but you should check to ensure that they won’t affect your skin before use.

You can do this by reading reviews on various online platforms. Alternatively, you should check the ingredients and consult your dermatologist to ascertain safety. You should also do so if you have an underlying condition that affects your skin.

Should Men Use Face Wash Before Bed?

According to Zia’s M.A.P. to Men’s Skin Care, you can use face wash before bed. Cleansing your face before bed is essential because you will get rid of dirt, dead skin, and oil your facial skin has accumulated during the day. In addition, using face wash before bed helps with moisture loss since the temperature rises overnight.

Washing your face before bed, applying a night, and applying night moisturizer ensures that your skin is moisturized the following morning. You can add corrective formulas to your regimen if you have deeper skin issues such as breakouts, scarring, or premature aging.

How Often Should Men Use Face Wash?

Men should use face wash twice daily, in the morning and at night. However, this will depend on your skin type. According to dermatologists, those with oilier skin should maintain the twice-a-day routine. Those with dry skin can use face wash at night only.

Suppose this routine leaves you dry; it’d be best to splash your face with water in the morning or use soap. However, the soap you use should be specifically antibacterial.

What Happens if You Skip Using Face Wash?

Skipping cleaning your face using face wash won’t affect you if you do it once in a while. However, doing it often can undo the gains you will have made on your facial skin. Some of the effects include dryness, dermatitis, or acne breakout.

Other Benefits of Using Face Wash

Besides cleaning grime, the right face wash can help acne breakout. There are face wash products that contain neem extracts and salicylic acid. Their antibacterial and hydrating properties heal existing acne and prevent further breakout.   

The face wash also helps to exfoliate when it removes a layer of dead skin to reveal a fresh layer, giving you a natural glow. In addition, face wash helps with blood circulation in your face. Applying face wash is therapeutic and relaxing when rinsing it with lukewarm water.

Furthermore, most face wash products have a hydrating effect when you use them properly and often. The ingredients help maintain your skin’s pH level making it supple. And to top it all off, regular use of the right face wash product slows down premature aging, especially if you combine it with moisturizer.


Facial skin is delicate and requires proper care. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to dust, bacteria, dead skin, and oil accumulation. This calls for washing using face wash lest it is infected or affected by inflammation. There are face wash products that you can use to clean your face. But should men use face wash every day?

This article extensively answers this question and expounds on the proper steps for using it. In addition, it covers the frequency and right time to use face wash. And at the tail end, you will get the benefits of using face wash, which should clear any doubt. To that end, it’d be best to use the information in this article as you clean grime from your face.