Safety Razors

Hey there, shaver. Are you looking for the perfect safety razor? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got everything you need to know about these bad boys: We will cover everything from the safety razor’s history to choosing the right blade for your skin type. We will also provide helpful tips on getting the perfect shave every time. So if you’re looking for an alternative to cartridge razors, this is the place.

Beginners Guide: How to Put Blade in Safety Razor

How often do you struggle when wet-shaving? As a beginner, using a safety razor can be pretty challenging. In most cases, the challenges may be due to too much pressure on the safety razor, taking long quick passes, or wet shaving against the grain. Other times, it’s down to your blade, which is dull and … Read more

Best Safety Razor

Whether you have a subtle stubble or a thick beard as a man or you have a few unwanted strands of hair across your body as a woman, the chances are that you’ve likely had to shave with a razor before. If so, you’ve probably already used a cartridge razor, too.  Now, these razors are … Read more

Why Traditional Shaving?

There are two primary reasons people shave hair off their skin. The first is to look good. More often than not, this equals grooming and/or manscaping. With thick viking-like beards fast becoming a trend, it only makes sense as beards need to be trimmed and maintained properly in order to look good. It’s even a … Read more