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open comb vs closed comb razor

open comb vs closed comb razor

Have you ever wondered what the main difference between an open-comb and a closed-comb razor is? Or are you unsure which Double-Edged(DE) blade to purchase for your skin type? The differences might seem irrelevant, but it is essential that you know what they are to get the best results.

When you shave with an open or closed comb razor, there is usually a noticeable difference because the blades remove hair from the skin slightly differently.

Identifying the open and closed-comb razor differences would guide you in getting the perfect product for your skin type. Ready to discover the differences and know how to identify them in stores at any time? Let’s get to it.

What’s Open and Closed on a Razor?

You might be one who simply believes that all razors are the same and can’t tell an open-comb razor from a closed-comb. You probably wonder if it even matters. The difference between both blades lies in the razor head design.

Safety shaving razors are structured to have a head plate, blade, and bottom plate. The amount of exposure a blade has determines whether it is open-combed or closed-combed. We have further explained each razor below.

What Is an Open-Comb Razor?

An open-comb razor is a shaving tool with blades on a bottom plate that looks like a comb. The plate has tiny blunt edges which perform the function of a comb while you shave. As the name implies, an open-comb razor is very exposed, giving the blade direct access to the skin.

The blunt teeth-like edge of the open-comb razor pulls your hair in place for a smooth shave. That process reduces the possibility of a face cut and helps you achieve a nice close shave in a short time. The open-comb razor has a wide opening, and the small holes prevent facial hair or shaving cream from clogging the shaving blade.

Also, shaving is stress-free with an open-comb razor, as the hole on the blade is wide enough for every strand. However, unless you are a pro at shaving, you must be careful when using an open-comb razor.

Open-comb razors work best for expert wet shavers who want a complete shave. Men who don’t shave all the time use the open-comb razor because it makes shaving easier for them. In addition, open-comb razors are mainly used for rigorous shaving and are perfect for those who do not shave regularly and might have thicker or longer hairs.

What Is a Closed-Comb Razor?

Concerning blades, one of the most popular questions asked is, “what is a closed-comb safety razor?

Unlike the open-comb razor, a closed-comb is a double-edged razor with a safety bar attached underneath the blade. It is without the little comb-like edges. People call it ‘closed’ because the safety edge does not have gaps or teeth.

The build of the closed comb focuses on protecting users. This is why it is more popular than its counterparts. Each closed-comb razor comes with bars that help tighten the skin while shaving. In effect, the blade would smoothly shave the hair on the skin, avoiding injury.

Closed-comb razors have a protective design. They provide a shield between the blade and skin, reducing the possibility of a reaction. This blade type is the best option for people about to start using blades and those who shave daily. A closed-comb razor’s ease is ideal for all skin types when used daily. People with skin prone to easy cuts, discoloration, and irritation would be safer using a closed-comb razor.

Open-Comb vs. Closed-Comb Razor

Now that you have understood the difference between a closed-comb razor and an open one, the next question may be which is better.

Honestly, none is far better than the other. It depends on your preference. It is possible to achieve the close-shave look you want with an open-comb razor, but it comes with some risks. You might suffer from some skin irritation due to your skin type or experience cuts or bumps. With a closed-comb razor, a lesser level of the close shave is achievable, but it has lower risks.

To decide which is better for you, you must first understand what kind of body you have. An open-comb razor works better for people who don’t constantly cut their hair. If this is not your category, then the open-comb razor is not for you. The razor doesn’t work well with short facial hair because of the close contact between your skin and the blade.

Do you like feeling that stub of hair growth underneath your chin for a long time? Then you might prefer the function of the open-comb blade. A closed-comb razor works best with only facial hair because it immediately clears after a few swipes. Also, as a person who keeps facial hair, the open mouth blade is your best bet to avoid clogging.

Is Closed-Comb Razor Better for Pubic Hair?

A closed-comb razor is the best for shaving off pubic hair. Pubic hairs are naturally in some of the most sensitive parts of the human body. And although they come naturally, you still have to deal with them. Closed-comb razors protect the blade from having a massive impact on the skin to avoid cuts or irritations.

Closed-comb razors work well for short hair growth. Pubic hairs do not usually grow quickly, so there is usually not a lot of hair there. For a complete shave, a closed-comb safety blade would do the trick.

Closed-comb razors are better for pubic hair because of the following reasons:

1.   Perfect for Sensitive Skin Types

The pubic area is very sensitive. The skin surrounding it is thin and prone to injury by the slightest mistake. Between the open-comb and closed-comb blades, the latter provides security while shaving. This is because the design of closed-comb blades helps minimize the blade’s contact with the skin.

It is possible to hurt yourself when shaving with open or closed-comb blades. However, the chances are significantly less when shaving with a closed-comb razor, given the shape of the head.

2.   Easy Hair Removal

Closed-comb razors are designed to tighten the area of the skin being shaved. A safety bar below the length of the razor blade secures the skin before the blade cuts through. It allows for easy, gentle removal of every strand of hair in that area.

It is also safe and easy for new users who don’t have experience shaving.

3.   Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Closed-comb safety razors use a single blade. The damage multi-blade razors cause to the skin, such as bumps, soreness, and ingrown hairs, will not be an issue with closed-comb razors. Closed-comb razors are made to reduce your pubic hair to your skin level, giving you a smooth feel after shaving.

4.   Less Aggressive Than the Open-comb

The open-comb razor is known for its aggressiveness owing to its exposed blades. On the other hand, the closed-comb razor is milder and unisex.

5.   Re-usable

Closed-comb blades and other similar makes are durable and long-lasting. Each side of the razor is usable, making it effective for a long time. They are also easy to rinse and de-clog(remove stuck hair or shaving cream). For proper maintenance, a wash with warm water would return it to a pristine condition.

6.   Easily Replaceable

Closed-comb razors are the most used type of shaving tool. When you feel like replacing your old razor, the chances that you will find them in the nearest convenience store are high.

7.   Best Option for Daily Use

Are you the type that loves to shave daily, but the fear of developing sores stops you? Closed-comb razors are user-friendly and best for newbies, sensitive skin types, and people who shave daily.


Whether Open-comb blades or Closed-comb blades, you should use what is best suitable for you. To figure this out, you can try some out with suitable shaving cream and then decide.