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Is Shaving Butter Worth It?

Is Shaving Butter Worth It?

Shaving butter is the trend in the men’s shaving world. But is shaving butter worth it? We think it is, and others do agree.

With unique qualities like a no-preparation phase and organic ingredients, shaving butter has captured the hearts—and hair—of many men.

We all want a well-primed and clean-shaven face. Shaving butter is a trend that has been around but has currently gained traction once again. Shaving butter is different from the usual creams, gels, and foams. It has a unique combination of components found in shaving creams and gels that offer better lubrication and protection.

Is Shaving Butter Worth It?

Yes, shaving butter is worth it. Using shaving butter has a lot of benefits, and the best shaving butter can become a game-changer in your daily shaving routine. But the only way to know if shaving butter is worth it is to get acquainted with all its benefits. That way, you can take an informed stand based on facts.

First, shaving butter is one of the pre-shave products you can use to lubricate your skin before wet shaving. Like shaving soaps and creams, shaving butter preps your skin for the razor’s contact.

Over the years, we have been using shaving soap and creams, and shaving butter is more like the new kid on the block. Still, it has the same function as traditional shaving creams and soap.

What does shaving butter do? It lubricates and moisturizes the skin. Shaving butter mainly contains natural ingredients that work into the skin to give you a smooth shave. Shaving butter is distinct from shaving foams and creams because the product is transparent. As opposed to shaving with creams, you can see the shaving process without obstruction from the lather. This is because shaving butter may be thick but doesn’t have the traditional lather. Simply put, it is latherless.

Also, preparation is not as tedious as shaving foam and creams. For instance, you need a bowl or mug to lather shaving foam when lathering. Depending on the type you use, this can take 2-4 minutes. However, with shaving butter, you apply it to your finger or brush and lather it across your face.

Given all these benefits, shaving butter is worth it. It may be more expensive than most creams, but it is cost-efficient.

What is Shaving Butter Made Of?

Shaving butter is made of natural ingredients such as organic butter, natural enzymes, and aloe juice. It also contains essential oils and other emollients like olive, lavender, jojoba, coconut oil, etc. In summary, it is a mixture of butter and essential oils.

This product has become a much sought-after pre-shave product for men. The organic ingredients in shaving butter are a step away from compounds like propane, propylene, butane, etc., all of which are present in traditional shaving creams. Although these compounds are safe when used properly, natural ingredients refresh the skin more.

Amazingly, you can make homemade shaving butter using the right ingredients. The ingredients we have mentioned are common to find, and you can see them in malls and shops around you.

Also, shaving butter may not give a thick, dramatic look, but the ingredients moisturize your skin. So, it may be a pre-shave product, but you would still feel its soothing effects on your skin after shaving. That said, is shaving butter better than shaving cream? We are not implying that because preferences ultimately differ from person to person.

Does Shave Butter Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

Yes, shaving butter helps prevent ingrown hairs, especially if you prep your skin with warm water before using it. Prevention of ingrown hairs is one of shaving butter’s topmost benefits.

To activate this particular effect, you must pattern your shaving routine accordingly. To begin, wash your face using warm water, which opens your pores to allow the shaving butter to get in quickly and soften the hair.

After you do this, you can go ahead to apply the shaving butter. You’ll notice that the shaving razor glides easily, giving you a smooth and neat shave. The shaving butter is a lubricant and moisturizes to make for less friction. You prevent ingrown hairs by reducing friction between the razor and your skin. 

Do I Use Water With Shaving Butter?

Yes, you can use water with shaving butter to prep your face and rinse the blade between passes. Shaving butter is mainly water-activated, so it is safe to use water.

When wet shaving, you may be used to shaving creams and soaps, but with shaving or shaving butter, you should learn how water affects the shaving process. Water is crucial in wet shaving, and it is no different when using shaving butter.

Shaving butter is a pre-shave product, and like most products in this category, you have to prep your skin before applying them. That said, you can use water with shaving butter, but you have to use it correctly for the process to be effective.

Warm water is the best kind of water to use when applying shaving butter. Gently rub the water on your skin using your hand. If you are in the shower with heat, then that’s a plus. What the heat does is that it opens your skin pores. That way, the shaving butter can quickly work on your skin, thus making the shave smooth and free from cuts.

Another way to use water with shaving butter is to rinse the shaving instrument under running water after every stroke. Unlike shaving creams and soap, you don’t have to lather or undergo any preparation process. So there is no need to mix the shaving butter with water.

Can You Use a Shave Brush With Shaving Butter?

Yes, you can use shave butter with a shave brush. There is no problem if you use your fingers to apply shaving butter on your face, but some people say they prefer using a brush. They say that the brush helps the butter lather properly on their face. Also, it raises the hair in preparation for shaving and gives it the soft feel it needs to lessen friction with the razor.

If you are not sure your fingers can distribute the shaving butter to all parts of your face, then you can use a shaving brush. After all, a brush is a long-existing shaving and lathering tool. So, using the brush will not be counter-productive; it won’t negatively affect the shaving process. Ultimately, your preferences will make the decision.

How Long Does Shaving Butter Last?

It depends on how often you shave. In general, a 6 oz tube is good for a month’s use. A small amount goes a long way. Moreover, you can store it for a year. Ensure you secure the cap after each use and place it at room temperature.

Final Thoughts

The various benefits shaving butter offers make the product worth it a million times and over. Shaving butter is worth a shot if you want a break from the traditional creams, foams, and soaps.

However, we cannot deny that shaving butter is a much-needed change in the shaving routine. Moreso, its organic ingredient list puts the product in a class of its own.

Whether you choose to be loyal to traditional shaving creams or you want to join men who use shaving butter, your choices are valid.