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Is it okay to wax your mustache?

Is it okay to wax your mustache?

Mustache waxing has risen in popularity with other forms of facial hair removal as a result of shifting norms in personal hygiene. Many celebrities from Hollywood are known to get their mustaches waxed, and the list includes big names like Colin Farrell, Nick Jonas, and Chris Pratt!

If silver screen stars can wax it all, why can’t you? If you are concerned about the safety factor, here’s something you need to know – a high-quality mustache wax deserves to be a part of your maintenance essentials. This article provides a complete guide on how to wax your mustache and whether or not it’s beneficial.

How Does a Mustache Wax Work?

Put simply; mustache wax is a styling tool that allows you to tone down those stubborn, fly-away mustache hairs and hold them in place, ensuring a neat appearance. While the concept re-emerged a few years back, it made its entry in the 1800s, when ‘stache twirling used to be a popular trend for blokes.

Usually, mustache wax packs resinous ingredients like beeswax, pinesap, and petroleum jelly. When you wear a longer mustache style, you may need mustache wax as it helps create a desirous shape. For instance, the popular handlebar style calls for a potent wax to keep the facial hair away from your mouth. Besides, it keeps the ends of your ‘stache twisted.

Will Waxing Mustache Make it Worse?

Waxing your mustache is safe as long as you use a quality wax. In fact, mustache wax helps moisturize your facial hair and skin and allows you to train your mustache precisely. Even if you use your mustache wax daily, you are less likely to experience adverse effects.

Benefits of Waxing Your Mustache

It may seem like no one would ever notice if you wax your mustache. However, we can assure you many people would notice a healthy, well-groomed mustache. Additionally, being well groomed is not just for aesthetic purposes; it helps to make you feel and walk with a certain pep in your step, knowing you took care of every little detail. If you have made a commitment to the ‘stache, the following are some must-mention benefits of mustache wax.

Promotes Moisturization

Besides helping you style your mustache, a good wax can moisten your facial hair making it softer and easier to manage. In addition, it may help hydrate your whiskers and the skin beneath. Consequently, you get to flaunt a healthy ‘stache with a softer and more sophisticated touch. Furthermore, a premium mustache wax can help combat dry skin-related itchiness and flaking.

Impressively Aromatic

Mustache waxes usually feature pleasing and rejuvenating aromas, helping you go fresh for longer.

Looks Tidy

Mustache waxes help train your mustache hair more precisely. This way, they guarantee a uniform look suitable for professional and personal gatherings.

Does Waxing Remove Hair Permanently?

No, it doesn’t! In fact, mustache wax is not an ideal tool to remove facial hair. If you want to remove your mustache, you can shave it, or you can get a facial wax done. Facial wax helps uproot your mustache, causing significant damage to the hair follicles. This, eventually, slows down hair growth, giving you extended relief. You can even use facial wax to uproot your beard.

How Many Times Do You Have to Wax Before Hair Stops Growing?

Contrary to popular belief, mustache wax has nothing to do with permanent hair removal. This stiff pomade aims to groom your mustache and hold the hairs in place. Precisely, mustache wax works as a tool to shape your mustache and prevent it from wiggling its way into the corners of your mouth.

Mustache wax may be a better alternative to trimming, and it effectively helps tame and train your hair. You may turn to electrolysis to uproot your mustache permanently as the process destroys the hair follicles from their core. Consequently, they can’t grow back hair anymore.

When Should You Start Applying Mustache Wax?

Ideally, you should start using mustache wax right from the beginning. Growing a full mustache is indeed a challenging task. You may find your growing mustache itchy, scurfy, and patchy. Along the growth journey, these irritating feelings may provoke you to shave your mustache entirely. This is where a top-notch mustache wax comes into play.

When your facial hair thickens and lengthens, and you put yourself on a mustache wax regime, your skin remains adequately hydrated. This, in turn, helps prevent itchiness. Concisely, a mustache wax can help rejuvenate your skin, creating the foundation of a healthy mustache.

How to Use Mustache Wax?

The following steps can help you apply mustache wax appropriately, allowing you to achieve the desired results.

Warm It Up

You should start by warming up your wax. Usually, the consistency of the wax is hard, and you may find it tricky to take it out. To avoid this hassle, simply take a bowl and pour hot water into it. Now, put your wax container into the hot water. Take it out after 2-3 minutes. Remember, it’s crucial to warm up your wax as it helps the oils and other ingredients blend correctly, making it ready to use.

*Note: Don’t put your wax in the microwave as it may over melt the substance. Besides, avoid placing the wax on top of a freshly boiled kettle, as this may make the wax melt into the kettle itself, leading to wastage.

Take Out the Appropriate Amount

The ideal amount of wax should be identical to the size of a peanut. Take out the said amount of wax in your forefinger or thumb. Once done, rub it vigorously between your palms as it helps smoothen the texture of the wax.

Apply It Properly

Before applying the wax, check if your mustache is adequately dry, as wax can’t hold on to damp hair. Once done, spread out the wax evenly on your mustache. Keep repeating until you achieve the desired curl. Start with the center of your mustache and gradually move to the outer parts. This way, you can accentuate the natural way of hair growth. Besides, you will be able to bring in a perfect style.

Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

There are certain mistakes that you need to avoid when picking up your mustache wax. They include the following.

Avoid Picking up the Wrong Wax

What is the difference between beard wax and mustache wax? A beard balm and a mustache wax may look identical; however, they have significant differences. A mustache wax typically features a stronger hold. Besides, you should avoid using hair gel to substitute mustache wax. Hair gels typically contain abrasive chemicals that can slip into your mouth and cause serious health issues. Besides, they may cause the hairs of your mustache to die. Moreover, hair gels can even unnecessarily harden your mustache.

Don’t Invest in the Wrong Formula

When choosing a mustache wax, ensure it packs natural and premium ingredients. They will help supply the necessary nutrients to the skin beneath the mustache. Besides, it may improve the health of your mustache hair.

Avoid Using Wax on a Dirty Mo’

Dirty mustache hair doesn’t allow the wax to settle down. Consequently, your effort turns out to be a meaningless endeavor. Therefore, consider cleaning your mustache thoroughly before applying wax.

Avoid Using Too Much or Too Little

You may find it tempting to apply loads of wax, but excessive wax may make your mustache look greasy and weighed down. On the other hand, using too little wax won’t bring you the desired results.


A mustache wax can be life-changing but only when you choose it correctly. A high-quality mustache wax can help supply essential nutrients to the mustache hair and the skin beneath. Try following the shared tips when applying mustache wax to obtain the best results. Tame your mustache, style it, and flaunt it proudly!