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Is Double Edge Better Than Single Edge: The Ultimate Comparison

Is Double Edge Better Than Single Edge: The Ultimate Comparison

An excellent double-edge provides a closer shave and can provide a more comfortable shaving experience for some people. However, a single-edge razor’s excellent shave and ease of use make it another perfect option for most people.

Are you wondering if the best product is the double edge or single edge? We’ve highlighted some essential features of both razors to help you decide. As you read through, you’ll find all you need to know about double-edge and single-edge razors.

What Is a Single-Edge Razor?

A single-edge razor that has only one shaving blade. Its blades are usually stiff and thick and require you to hold the razor at an angle while shaving.

We usually get questions like, are double-edge razors safe? and how do you shave with a double-edge safety razor? Good news! We have these answered here, but before we get into that, let’s talk about the following:

Are Single-Edge Razors Worth It?

Single-edge razors are worth it and have a heavy base that helps guide the ground from each stroke. The single-edge razor is adjustable to match your shaving needs. Due to its different shave settings, you can adjust it to meet your preferences. It includes the sensitive, comfortable, and ultra-close.

The sensitive setting is attached to a razor and gives a nice trim. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend this razor. On the other hand, the comfortable setting is the most used and most popular shave setting. It is designed for anyone, regardless of skin type. Furthermore, it gives an incredible shave with no irritation. Lastly, the ultra-shave setting gives a close cut and easily cuts through the thickest hairs.

The single edge is made with the blade angle built into the razor. Moreover, to find the pitch, you only need to place the razor against your skin and rotate it to about 10 to 15 degrees.

Because of the peculiar injector blade cartridge that comes with the razor, changing the blade in the single-edge razor is very easy. You only need to put in the key, bring the lever forward, replace the blade and remove the old blade.

This injector blade is as thick as a standard blade and can last nearly twice as long. The blade pack usually contains eight stainless steel injector blades.

Some advantages of this razor include not causing any irritation when switching from a cartridge razor. Also, it has a pivoting head that smooth shaves every time of use. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to cut yourself. Furthermore, the razor is designed for people with sensitive skin types as it moves to the contours of your skin. It uses a quick-load blade system, allowing you to change the blades easily. Also, it has an exclusive design. It has an extended warranty.

The disadvantages are that you can only use it with one type of blade, i.e., THE FEATHER FHS-10 BLADES. Every replaced blade only lasts after two to four shaves.

What Is a Double-Edge Razor?

The double edge razor allows you to use both sides of the blade for shaving. It consists of a head, handles, and a double-edged blade. Furthermore, it uses the bent side of the edge of the head to create a specific angle. This angle allows the blade itself to cut your hair.

The shaving process uses the top cap geometry, blade gap, and angle type to form a perfect shave.

What Is the Point of a Double-Edge Razor?

The double edge blades are sought after because they are sharp, sizable, thin, and can come from different brands. In addition, the double edge comes in various styles, which include the one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece.

The one-piece double-edge razor usually comes with a butterfly (also called twist-to-open) head. A knob at the bottom of its handle unlocks the “doors” on the head, creating room to swap out the razor blade.

The benefit is that it involves less handling of the edge. But the mechanics/moving pieces allow for more wear on the razor and more places for gunk to accumulate.

The next is the two-piece double-edge razor. This razor’s base plate (open or closed comb) is attached to the handle. The top cap slips into the handle to keep the blade static and tighten the bottom. However, water and soap can get into the handle and cause corrosion or build-up of dirt.

The common one is a three-piece double-edge razor which consists of a base plate, top cap, and handle. Its blade is layered in the middle of the post of the top cap and base plate (open or closed comb). The handle is tightened onto the post to secure the entire assembly. When changing out blades, this type requires the most attentive blade handling.

The advantages of this product are that they are compatible with different kinds of blades. You can get around seven to eight shaves from each blade. It exposes the blade’s sides for extra sharpness in a single shave. It gives you a proper shaving angle. Also, it offers a perfect close and healthy shave. It is easy to use, and the flexible head correctly navigates the contours of the face.

The disadvantage of this type of razor is it has a learning curve which can be disadvantageous for you if you’re switching from a cartridge razor.

Are Double-Edge Razors Safe?

Double-edge razors are safe and give a smooth buttery shave on your skin. Asides from that, it also helps to avoid razor bumps and skin irritations. The double edge razors give you complete control over your blades; after every shave, you may find little or no clogged-up landfills on the blade.

You can adjust the handles and heads. You can also change the angle and find the right combination that would work fine for your skin. So, in essence, the double edge razors are safe.

How Do You Shave With a Double-Edge Safety Razor?

Here are the steps on how to shave the right way:

  1. Take a hot damp towel, and place it on your face for about five minutes
  2. Apply a pre-shave oil or lotion on your skin
  3. You can use shaving cream on your face to get a great shave
  4. Hold the double-edge safety razor at about 25 degrees from your face
  5. Apply slight pressure and use the razor on your face to get a milder shave
  6. Hold the razor on the place you’re shaving and glide down with little pressure
  7. Repeat the process twice
  8. After shaving, wash your face with cold water and clean up with a warm towel.
  9. Apply an aftershave lotion or moisturizer on your face to keep your skin healthy
  10. Finally, clean the razor by rinsing it with cold water and cleaning it with a dry towel

Single-Edge vs. Double-Edge Razor

The most significant distinction between these two safety razors is the number of razor edges used. The double razor has two sides exposed to double the sharpness in a single shave. As a result, it frequently has a rounded head, which aids in determining the proper shaving angle.

It also determines the appropriate angle as you rest the blade on your skin. The single edge will frequently have a heavier base that aids in guiding its strokes. Furthermore, the weight is the actual force behind the shaving process.


The double-edge razors cost less. Moreover, you could spend ten times as much on a single-edge razor over a year as on a double-edge. With the double edge razors, you could get all the tools you’ll need and only pay a few pennies for each blade used. The single-edge razors cost more, and you’ll be required to pay more for each edge. In essence, a single-edge razor will cost you more over time.


As aforementioned, a double edge razor gives a smooth buttery shave with a sharper blade. It can help you pick the exact blade type for your skin with its compatibility with different blades. The single-edge razor uses one size that fits all kinds of blade that suits all skin. However, it only works on some types of skin since every person has a style of hair on their skin.

Skin Conditions

The double edge razor has a sharp blade that helps to avoid any skin condition. The single-edge razors require applying a lot of shaving cream and moisturizer on your face. It allows you to shave appropriately and prevent any skin condition or razor bump.

Waste and Dirt

Both razors produce more or less waste and dirt depending on your skin. The double-edge razor, however, doesn’t clog up the dirt on the blade, and the single-edge razors clog up landfills on the side of the edge after every use.


The double-edge and single-edge razors are easy to use, durable, and give a great shave. It’s essential to consider the factors and features of both razors before making your final purchase decision. We hope you make the right choice!