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Is a Single Edge Razor Better Than Double Edge?

Is a Single Edge Razor Better Than Double Edge?

Most people who shave with soap and water probably have a double-sided shaver on their vanity. But why not a safety razor with only one edge? The answer might be closely linked to the various uses of these blades.

There are a few key differentiators between a single edge razor and a double edge razor, including their weight, customization, work, and blade structure. Some of them are more obvious, while others are what give us that close shaving experience we all want. The primary question is whether a single edge or double edge razor is better.

What Does Single Edge Razor Mean?

When it comes to hygiene and shaving, single edge razors are often used. Hence, they are more popular and are widely used by both men and women. The blade of a single-edge razor has only one sharp side that it uses to cut off facial hair. Single-edge razors could technically be straight razors, shavettes, and some single-use razors.

Moreover, most single edge blades are thrown away after each use. Single edge razors are versatile in the sense that they can use a double edge blade. You can break the double edge blade in half and attach it to your razor’s cartridge.


  • Those who use a cartridge razor won’t have to learn anything new.
  • Single edge razors are helpful for shaving hard-to-reach or nick-prone regions.
  • These razors are best to use for incredibly intimate areas.
  • Single edge razors are comparable to manual razors, so most people can use them right away.
  • Single edge razors last longer and are cheaper to replace than cartridges.


  • It can be hard to find replacement blades depending on what kind of blades your razor can use.

What Is a Double-Edged Razor?

The double-edged razor is a type of safety razor. Most types have a handle, a head, and a blade with two edges. Whether it has one, two, or three parts, you can use a double edge razor to shave on both sides of the blade.

The head of a one-piece razor is shaped like a butterfly. Turning the lever at the lower side of the grip opens up the head. With the head open, you can easily change the blade in case it’s dull or overused.

The benefit of this mechanism is that you don’t have to touch the edge as much, but the moving parts mean that the razor will wear out faster and have more places for gunk to build up.

The handle and metal frame of a regular two-piece razor are joined together. A long-post top cap slips into the handle and tightens from the bottom to secure the blade. You don’t have to touch the edge as much with this type of razor because you don’t have to grab the head to tighten it. However, water and soap could get into the handle and cause corrosion or buildup.

The double-edged razor cuts facial hair by bending the blade in the head of a double-edged razor. How well you shave depends directly on the angle, type of blade, and frame of the top.


  • Double edge razors provide excellent long-term savings due to their sturdiness.
  • Economical razors with cheap replacement blades.
  • Less rinsing and easier to maintain the blades and remove clogged hair
  • They make little waste and are environmentally safe.


  • When replacing the blades, you do have to be careful not to cut yourself.
  • They are almost impossible to use on parts of the body that are hard to get to.

Using a Single Edge Razor

How do you use a single edge razor? You do not need to be an expert to use a single-edge razor. These razors are beginner-friendly and quite easy to use. Just make sure that you prep your skin properly before you use it.

First, use warm water to wet the skin and prepare it for trimming. With a shaving brush and cream, gently apply it to the beard. Wait for a minute for the lather to take effect and soften the skin and hair.

Use a little force and let the razor’s weight do the job. Also, ensure you’re using a razor that’s not overused. Trimming along the grain rather than against it gives you the best shave possible. This is especially true for the initial shave.

Use clean water to cleanse the skin. Then, you can use aftershave or moisturizer to cool and soothe your skin. After you shave, don’t forget to take care of and wash your shaving tools. You can instantly rinse your brush and razor grips to remove soap waste and dry them with a woven fabric.

Why Are Single Edge Razors Better?

When it comes to single-edged and double-edged razors, there is a lot of debate. With a single blade, it’s easy to get the right angle. Using a single-blade razor also doesn’t require much learning as it’s straightforward.

Also, using a single blade takes some practice but saves time. Single-blade razors are better because they cut facial hair more closely and don’t cause as much friction as double-blade razors. Hence, you are less likely to develop a rash after shaving.

People who like to shave also swear by how easy it is to use. Even though modern multi-blade razors have heads that can turn, they can be hard to use at certain angles. With a single blade, you won’t have that kind of trouble. You can also pick from a variety of options, so you can decide what actually works for you.

Is a Single Edge Razor Better For Pubic Hair

Most of the time, the skin in the pubic area is delicate and needs to be handled and cared for carefully. Since your skin in these areas is sensitive, a single-blade razor is better since it cuts hair close without causing more friction than is necessary.

Thus, there are lesser chances of getting ingrown hair or rashes after a shave. Using a single edge razor is the best way to shave pubic hair because it is easy on the skin.

With the proper skills, a single-blade razor can give you a closer shave that doesn’t hurt as much. The blade’s mechanism can cut close to the skin without tugging on the hair.

You do not have to worry about rashes or razor bumps when using straight razors. Straight razors offer better results and a closer shave without compromising the skin near the hair. So, if you want to shave your pubic hair, you should use a single-edged razor.

Final Words: Single Edge vs. Double Edge Razors

When deciding between single edge and double edge razors, single edge razors have their place in the market. Both razors can give you a great shave, but it’s best to switch them out often. If a multi-blade razor has been giving you skin irritation and bumps after shaving, it’s time to switch to a single blade.

With the correct technique, single-blade razors give a closer shave that is less irritating to the skin. A single-blade razor moves across the skin at a gentle angle, so it can cut the hair without pulling. Straight safety razors offer a close shave on whatever area you want to remove hair. Moreover, you will experience less rash and bumps after.

So, if you’re new to wet shaving, choose the best straight-edge razor. Choose a single-blade razor. You’ll get a closer shave with less pain if you choose a straight razor. Easy only means something if you like the results.

Changing single edge blades makes wet shaving easier for people with poor hand-eye coordination. Hence, giving single edge razors an advantage over double edge razors.