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how to shave with a closed comb razor

how to shave with a closed comb razor

The main question here is how do you use a closed-comb razor. You don’t want to cut yourself while shaving and you don’t want to have irritable aftermath bumps. Shaving the right way will leave you with less chance of razor bumps and irritation. It should go with saying that you, first and foremost, need a great razor.

But before you pick up your razor and dive into the shaving process, you need to ask, what is a closed comb safety razor? And the challenges to which you must first avert your attention.

Things to Remember When Shaving

First, shaving with a closed comb razor can be tricky, even if you do it daily. The frustration that comes with getting hair off your skin is not always enjoyable. But with the steps below, you can turn things around and make shaving fun.

Second, shaving is one of the most common daily beauty rituals. You should know how to cut to get a perfect shave.

Third, buy a good quality close comb razor; this goes a long way in determining the result you will get.

The fourth thing to note is there is no right way to shave with a closed-comb razor. What works for you may not have any effect on another person. Our bodies are not the same.

Fifth, prepare your shaving tools and materials; you need a good shaving cream, a safety razor, and a good brush to dust off stray hair.

How Do You Use a Comb Razor?

Now, to figure out how to shave with a closed comb razor. Shaving your hair doesn’t have to be stressful. The following steps will make shaving with a closed-comb razor less stressful.

Step 1 – Wipe Your Face Dry

Every smooth shave begins with a clean face. A clean face opens your pore and makes your hair soft. When your hair is soft, shaving is more effortless.

It would be best if you also exfoliate your face; this would remove the dead parts of the skin that could irritate after shaving. You can use a good shaving cream or moisturizing gel. Exfoliation can be very harsh on the skin. Two times in one week is enough.

Step 2 – Apply Some Shaving Cream or Gel

The next step is to apply shaving cream or gel to your face and shave with the closed-comb razor.

This cream protects your skin and softens your hair for a clean shave. There are also natural ingredients that will achieve the same, like aloe vera gel.

Apply it to your skin after washing; otherwise, you could cut yourself with a razor blade. Protect the areas you’re shaving; your chin, lip, cheeks, and neck.

Step 3 – Shave in the Direction of the Hair Growth

With light pressure, depending on where you are shaving, let the razor slide down on your face. We recommend using a mirror and looking at the hair growth erections on your skin before you start shaving.

We advise that you cut in the direction of your hair grain because this is much less stressful on your skin.

When you make a pass, ensure that your skin is tight or stretched. If there’s loose skin, you are more likely to cut yourself.

Use your other hand to stretch your skin where you’re going to shave before the razor blade goes over it.

Step 4 – Rinse off the Shaving Cream or Gel With Warm Water

You want to rinse your face to remove stray hairs from the shave. An excellent way to remove stray hair from your face and the razor is to use warm after.

Pat your face with a clean, soft dry towel to get your face ready for the last step. This will open your pores, leaving your skin healthy and shiny.

Step 5 – Apply a Moisturizer to Your Face

After shaving, it is vital to apply a moisturizer to your face. Apply moisturizer to your skin in a circular motion.

Moisturizers help keep your skin healthy and hydrated, soften your face, and provide an excellent layer to apply other facial creams. Also, moisturizers prevent skin irritation and prevent skin from becoming dry and damaged. Moisturizers are lightweight and oil-free. Make sure you find a suitable one for your skin type.

What Is a Closed Comb Safety Razor?

The closed-comb razor has been around for a while now and is quite popular. It is a razor that has a single, closed comb design with a safety guard that covers the blade. This guard is closed by a pivoting arm that opens and closes the guard. This type of razor provides a closer shave than a standard razor. This design makes it easier to get a close shave without going over the same area multiple times.

Is Shaving With a Closed Comb Razor Better?

You might also have this question: “Compared with other shaving products, is shaving with a closed comb better? Well, the answer is simple. Shaving with a closed comb razor has its advantages and disadvantages.

The main benefit is that it is easier to get a close shave because the single-closed comb design prevents hair from getting trapped in the teeth and requires multiple passes over the same area. With the Closed Comb Safety Razor, the blade is less likely to nick your skin because the closed comb design prevents the blade from slipping off the skin.

Closed-comb Safety razors are most popular among men who want a closer shave.

Shaving with a closed comb razor also saves you the cost of getting a barber to shave you after every three days (depending on how fast your hair grows). Learning to shave with this product can be very important, especially if you are the active type. For example, most military men know their way around razor-shaving.

However, the downside of this shaving method is that it requires a steady hand. You don’t want to end up brutalizing yourself with razor cuts because you don’t want to visit a barber. 

On the other hand, people with longer beards prefer the open-comb razor. It doesn’t get clogged up with hair and lather as much, but it irritates your skin. Both razors can do the job; your choice will depend on your preference. However, we recommend closed-comb safety razors because they are gentle on your skin.

Final Thoughts

Many people believe that shaving can be dangerous and very boring. That’s probably because they are not doing it right or are simply using the wrong razor. With the proper techniques and following the right steps, you can change the narrative for yourself. If you would like to achieve a clean and effective shave, this guide is the best way. Make sure you have the right razor for your skin and some shaving cream and moisturizer to ease the process.