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How to Put Blades in a Safety Razor

How to Put Blades in a Safety Razor

How often do you struggle when wet-shaving? As a beginner, using a safety razor can be pretty challenging. In most cases, the challenges may be due to too much pressure on the safety razor, taking long quick passes, or wet shaving against the grain. Other times, it’s down to your blade, which is dull and needs a change to a new blade.

But how do you correctly put it in the safety razor? This article guides you on placing a blade in a safety razor. The process applies whether for the first time or to change. We have simplified it into steps so that you easily understand the process. In addition, we have included the frequently asked question to help you understand the process further.

Step By Step Process Of Putting Blade In A Safety Razor

There are three types of safety razors, each with a distinctive feature. These types include 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece. These safety razors come in three major parts: the top, handle, and base. Here is the step-by-step process of putting a blade in each type of safety razor.

Butterfly Or 1-Piece Safety Razor

Step 1: You will first twist the bottom part of the razor handle anti-clockwise to loosen the top. The head will open like a butterfly in this type of safety razor hence the name. This straightforward process makes this razor the best if you don’t like handling such equipment.

Step 2: After opening the top, you will safely place the razor on it. Ensure that you put it in the middle, neatly aligning to the tabs. 

Step 3: Turn the base to close the head and secure the blade. This step requires turning the handle in the opposite direction.

2-Piece Safety Razor

Step 1: This type of safety razor is slightly different. Its handle is attached to the base of its head. Therefore, you will have to detach the head from the rest of it to begin the process of fixing the blade. This razor type derives its name from the two pieces you get after detaching it.  

Step 2: Take the blade and align its files with the safety razor head you detached. After that, add the razor blade over the head’s pins and ensure it settles.

Step 3: After aligning the razor and ascertaining that it’s safely fixed to the head, you will connect it back to the razor’s handle and tighten it. You will turn the handle clockwise to ensure it’s tightly in place. 

3-Piece Safety Razor

Step 1: This razor type is entirely different from the others and comes with an extra mounting plate between the handle and blade. Unscrew the handle to detach the head; this will give you three different parts. 

Step 2: Take the blade and carefully place it on the detached top. Ensure that the edges of the blade are aligned with the top cap. This will ensure that your blade doesn’t move when you use it. 

Step 3: Assemble the pieces back by adding the bottom to put the razor blade between the two top parts. Next, screw the head to the handle in a clockwise direction until it tightens. 


What Makes The Safety Razor Safe?

Safety razors are the safest type of razors to use due to how they function. These razors cut body hair at the skin level. Hence, it gives smoother shaving and less irritation. However, do not press the razor it to the skin as it can cause friction and bleeding.

Which Is The Best Safety Razor To Pick?

Different factors determine if a safety razor is the best for you. Although the general features of a good safety razor include weight for steady hands when wet shaving, handle texture for grip, handle length for comfort, cap shape for reaching difficult spots, and head type.

However, note that your hair type can affect the efficiency of a safety razor, and it will be best to research the suitable safety razor for your hair type before buying it.

Do All Safety Razors Use The Same Blade?

Yes, these razors use a universal type of blade. Luckily, the blades are readily available. However, it will be best to consider the quality of the blade as it determines your safety razor’s efficiency.

How Many Times Can You Use A Safety Razor Blade Before Replacing It?

Most blades last around five shaves. There are those made of carbon steel and Teflon coating, which can last two weeks but takes proper maintenance. 

How Many Times Can You Use A Safety Razor Blade Before Replacing It?

Most blades last around five shaves. There are those made of carbon steel and Teflon coating, which can last two weeks but takes proper maintenance. 


Putting or changing a blade in a safety razor is straightforward. Nevertheless, many wet shaving beginners find it challenging, and it doesn’t have to be so. Depending on the type of razor, you can use the steps we covered in this article to walk you through the process. Doing so will keep your razor safe and give you clean shaves without much hassle.