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How to Dispose of Safety Razor Blades

Modern razors don’t require a change of blade; instead, you can use them for several shaves and dispose of them. However, if you own a traditional razor and use it on more than one person, you’ll need to change its blade often. This means you must dispose of the used blades or recycle them properly. 

Some people use a half blade in their razors, while others use a double-sided razor. Regardless of how the razors are used, they should not be used on another person to avoid health issues.

Disposing of Different Blades

Only blades available in separate cartridges are easy to recycle. If you own a razor with a fixed blade, you’ll need to dispose of the entire razor head since you can’t change the individual blade. Here are the types of razors available and the blades you can recycle.

Double Edge Adjustable Safety Razors

These are the most common and cheapest razors available. You can get a double-sided blade and adjust the head. If you are the only one using this, there is no need to change the blade after every use. Keep checking the blade for rustiness, and change immediately. 

However, you can change the blade every week to be on the safe side. If your razor has a blade cover, ensure to cover it after every use.

Safety razor

Disposable Razors

Disposable razors are not expensive and are the best way to ensure safety. The blade is permanently attached to the razor head, and you cannot remove it. Once you are done with the shave, dispose of the razor and use another.

The only problem with these razors is that their plastic body takes a long time to break down. So, while they are convenient, they are not environment-friendly.

Cartridge Razors

In cartridge razors, you only dispose of the safety head instead of removing a blade or disposing of the entire razor. You can purchase a bundle of safety heads and change the head after 5-7 shaves depending upon how long you shave. 

These blades have a long life, so they won’t get rusty even if you leave them for weeks. However, changing the blade head after two weeks would be better.

Straight Razors

Straight razors are the oldest and still most used kind of razors. You only need to place a half blade inside the head and dispose of the blade once used. The only complication about this is that it requires experience. Since you need to keep the blade at a certain angle and apply appropriate pressure to make it work, a little mishap can cause a severe cut.

The best part of these straight razors is that they can survive for a long time, are cost-effective, and are environment-friendly due to zero plastic.

How to Dispose of Safety Razor Blades

safety razor blades

The disposing method depends on what razor you use. Some razors come with a box, and the company instructed to put the used blades inside the box for disposing of them. Don’t just throw them inside the dustbin as even used blades are sharp, and a person picking up the waste might cut his hand.

Moreover, most garbage bags are made from plastic, and a naked blade can cut them and let all the waste out. The best way to dispose of the blades is to recycle them. You can find any recycling company near you and provide them with all the used blades, and they can recycle them.

It would be better to pack them inside a paper or a small box before handing them out. You can dispose of the razor blades in the following ways.

Use the Case

Some blade cases have a separate section to save all the used blades. Even if you get a regular box, you can keep the used blade in the same wrapping and put it inside the case. Once you use all the blades, throw the box in the garbage.

It is convenient, and you can store up to ten blades inside one box. Moreover, since all the blades are covered, there are zero chances of them hurting someone or poking a hole inside the garbage bag.

Use a Jar or a Big Container

This method works for barbers as they use many blades in a single day. Since they rely on straight razors, they must change the blade after every shave. Keeping a big container or jar would be a good option for them as they can store many used blades in it and throw them in the garbage when the jar fills up.

Use a Blade Disposal Tin

Safety razor

Opt for a disposable blade tin if you do not have a blade jar. They are affordable and can save up to 100 blades. They have a small opening on the top to slip the blades inside, and the tin is easy to open.

The best part is that the tin is also recyclable. Instead of throwing away the blades, you can throw the entire container away. The blades won’t fall out since these tins have tight sealings.

How to Recycle These Blades

Simple blades are easy to recycle since they are made from metal. However, safety bodies are made from plastic and are hard to recycle. Opt for a straight razor or an adjustable safety if you want to be eco-friendly. 

You can contact any nearby recycling center in your city.  They will remove all the useless metal from your doorstep. Moreover, local authorities also allow the users to install bins with recycling labels outside their homes so people from the recycling center can take such stuff away.


Regardless of your razor blade, handle it with care to avoid cuts and wounds. Follow our guide above to learn how to dispose of safety razor blades. You can always come up with a new method that is most suitable for you; if not, our methods are the best and won’t cost you a fortune.