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How Do You Shave With A Double Edge Safety Razor

How Do You Shave With A Double Edge Safety Razor

With all the modern shaving methods available, like innovative electric shavers for quick shaving, people don’t usually go for safety razors. Using it requires expertise. Hence, to avoid cutting themselves, many people avoid them completely. So, this article covers how to shave with a double-edge safety razor properly with the best products. You’ll have a clean shave but without any cuts on your face.

Pre-Shave Routine

It’s easier to shave your hair when it is soft. The best pre-shave routine is to shower to soften your skin, but if taking a shower is not feasible, use a slightly damp towel on your face and let it rest for a few minutes. It is not just comfortable, but it also makes your hair and skin soft within minutes.

You can also splash your face with warm water a couple of times, but this towel trick is the best. If you are in a hurry, just rub your face multiple times to make your skin soft. Refrain from shaving before making your hair and skin soft, as the sharp blade will easily cut your hard and rough skin.

How to Shave With a Double Edge Safety Razor

After using the towel, you can wait for a minute for your face temperature to come back to normal, and follow the steps below:

1.   Apply Shaving Cream

The first step is to apply the shaving cream so you can have an easier time shaving. We recommend using the shaving cream from a tube as it contains enough fat, which is a natural lubricant. If that is not available, you can use shaving soap, but spreading it on the face takes some time. However, the shaving brush is the best as it applies the shaving lather around the hair. Once you get the shaving cream on your face, it is time to start shaving.

2.   Start Shaving

Shaving with a double edge razor is easy as you don’t have to rinse it frequently. You can shave with both sides and rinse the safety. However, shave with the grain to ensure that you won’t cut the skin. Your safety should move in the direction your hair grows, not against it.

Ensure that your skin is tight and stretched while shaving so the safety should easily slip. Also, there is no need to remove the hair in the first pass; gently let the first pass remove some hair, remove a bit more with the second pass, and the safety will clean your face in the third pass.

3.   Rinse the Blade After Each Pass

Shaving while using shaving cream will get the blade dirty in no time. Rinse it properly from each side before using it again. Make sure no hair is stuck in the safety before using it again; you can loosen the safety to rinse it properly. With the shaving cream on your face, you’ll easily see the area you have cleaned. If you feel any pressure on the skin while shaving, the skin is still dry, and you haven’t warmed it properly.

You can apply more shaving cream to soften the skin, but you must clean the safety multiple times with extra cream. Remember to wet the skin as soon as it gets dry after each pass, wet your fingers, and apply water to the skin.

4.   Do the Second Pass

After rinsing the blade, clearing out the shave foam and hair, again clean the face but this time go across the grain. Since facial hair gets too small after the first pass, shaving with the grain won’t do any good. This is why you need to soften your skin because as you go against the grain, the pressure on the skin can cause some damage.

Again, ensure that your skin is tight and rinse the blade again, even if there is no shaving cream left on the face. Tiny hairs will get stuck in safety, and they can cause problems while shaving. So, clean the blade before doing another pass.

5.   The Final Pass

This is an optional step. Rinse the blade, wet your hands, and apply water on your face. This gives you an idea of minor cuts since the water touching a wound will cause a burning sensation. Moreover, using water on the face will keep the skin moist, making the final pass easier.

Once again, go against the grain to clear the tiniest hair left on your face. This final step will make your skin baby smooth, and you will be ready to finish shaving.

6.   Use Cold Water

As warm water opens the pores and relaxes the skin, cold water does the opposite. Clean your face with cold water once you are done shaving to close the pores and stop any bleeding. You can even use tap water as long as it is not warm. Some people even use ice water, but that is not a recommendation, as cold water might cause burns on sensitive skin.

7.   Use a Post Shave Product

It is essential to use a post-shave product like after-shave lotion to reduce itching and skin swelling. It might cause a sharp sensation as you apply it, but it helps close the pores much faster than cold water and even helps heal the tiny cuts more quickly. However, avoid using alcohol-based after-shave as they dry the skin.

Are Double Edge Razors a Standard Size?

Yes, all double edge blades come in a universal size and can fit any double-edged razor or butterfly razor. However, for the butterfly, you might have to break the blade in half, but for double-edge safety, you can easily insert the entire blade.

This might make you think, is double edge better than the single edge? and the answer is yes. Moreover, always look for a quality blade that lasts for a long time and offers a smooth shave and eco-friendly safety to dispose of easily.

How Many Times Can You Shave With a Double Edge Razor?

If you are using it on regular bases, use a safety blade at most five times. If you use it occasionally, it can last up to ten shaves. To be safe, dispose of the blade after five uses before it tugs on the hair. However, you could choose otherwise depending on the brand and quality of your razor.

Some cheap razors won’t last more than two shaves, while some quality razors can work even after 15 shaves. On the other hand, ensure you are the only one using that blade; if you have someone else in the house, do not let them use the same safety as yours.

When to Replace Your Double Edge Razor Blade?

It doesn’t matter even if you haven’t used the blade more than five times; changing it after a week is a must. Unless the brand guarantees the blade’s quality and safety, there is no need to keep it in razor safety for more than one week.

Final Words

Using the double edge safety razor is not challenging if you shave slowly and follow the steps correctly. Our article covers how you shave with a double-edge safety razor with each step in proper detail for better understanding.