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Do People Still Use Straight Razor Kits?

Do People Still Use Straight Razor Kits?

Shaving for men usually entails standing in front of the bathroom mirror and hurriedly shaving their faces. A process often done with a random plastic razor may not even be good for them in the first place, typically resulting in multiple cuts and razor rashes.

Shaving like this can not be and should not be the experience in 2022. Shaving is meant to be a luxurious, and dare I say, spa-like experience that immediately elevates your overall look and sets you up for success.

Getting the best shave with the best tools should be easy. Additionally, shaving should never feel like torture; it should be an enjoyable experience that helps you relax, look and feel amazing. Alas, this is where the straight razor comes in.

If you are new to the shaving game or want to level up your shaving game, then you must have the best razor kit to complement your skill level. Straight razor kits are a must-have for anyone who loves quality shaving tools and wants to feel like the classic gentleman. If you want to know if people still use straight razor kits, then keep reading this article!

What is a Straight Razor?

A straight razor is a single blade with one edge of the blade sharpened. The single sharp edge allows the users to have maximum contact with the skin and allows them to have a fantastic smooth shave. A straight razor is an old-school tool making a comeback, and for a good reason.

To shave with a straight razor is to shave with sophistication. It takes patience and time to learn the technique of how to deal with a straight razor. It is used by men who want the closest and cleanest shave. However, if you are looking for something to give you a clean, shaved look quickly, you may not want to go with a straight razor since it requires time and patience. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile use of time for grooming.

Straight razors used to be extremely popular, but then different razors were introduced in the market, both plastic and electric. The introduction of different razors made it more convenient for people to have a quick shave in the morning, but it took away the luxury of straight razors. Over the last few years, the straight razors are making a resurgence, and it’s about time!

Do Straight Razors Get a Close Shave?

Yes, with Straight Razors, you do get a close shave. The straight razors give the closest possible shave that you could dream of.

Straight Razors, when sharp, get closer to the skin than any other razor due to their makeup, leading to a closer shave. In contrast, conventional razors have multiple blades and have a guard for safety that prevents the blades from getting too close to the Instead of this, if you have less time to give into shaving, you can shave after you get out of the shower. Keep a hair conditioner for a few minutes in your beard before you shave it to get a clean shave. Some people have asked, what are the benefits of using a straight razor kit? Well, a close shave is undoubtedly one of many benefits.

Invest in a Good Shaving Lubricant

Straight Razors work best with some sort of shaving lubricant, and this helps to create a barricade between the skin and the razor, which leads to a smooth and safe shave. Additionally, having a good shaving lubricant will help to prevent any irritation, razor bumps or rash.

Here are some excellent shaving lubricant options:

  • Shaving Soap
  • Shaving Cream
  • Shaving Gel

A Sharp Blade

Another way to ensure a close shave is by ensuring that your blade is sharp. Test it on a strand of hair to gurantee that your blade is honed enough. Hold the strand of hair tightly and tap the blade onto the strand. If your blade is sharp enough, you should be able to cut hair with a snap.

Most Razor Kits come with everything needed to use the razor. Check out our guide, “what does a strait razor kit include?” for more info. If you want to buy a Straight Razor Kit for your grooming needs, consider investing in one with a strop to sharpen your razor.

How Do You Hold a Straight Razor When Shaving?

It is highly recommended that you hold the razor at a 30-degree angle to keep it from tearing the stubble and cutting the skin. Both these issues can occur if you are not holding the razor at the right angle.

You will have to keep a firm grip on the handle of the straight razor. You must adjust the grip when you move to a new part of your face. If you are at the cheek, the grip will be different. But when you move to the upper lip or the chin, you will have to readjust the grip so you do not end up cutting yourself.

The fundamental trick that you will need to practice is pulling the skin. You should pull the skin enough so that it is not too loose that you cut it, nor is it too tight that you cannot give yourself an excellent shave.

When you start shaving, ensure you do not start from a sensitive part of your face. Start picking one side of the face and remove the sunburn, moving downwards. Move the blade with a firm grip and make short strokes. After each stroke, rinse the blade and keep working in any way.

Follow the grain of the hair when shaving, which means you shave in the direction your hair grows. If you shave opposite the hair growth, not only will you find holding the straight razor difficult, but you will also not be able to get a clean shave. Additionally, this will cause ingrown hair. Another thing you will want to keep in mind is never to shave dry. Always have your skin wet and use a shaving cream or good-quality soap. Also, rinse and dry your blade regularly while shaving.

For an Even Smoother Shave

If you want an even smoother shave, you can try and go against the grain of the hair. Do this only when you know how your face reacts to straight razor shaving. Also, attempt shaving against the grain only when you are an expert in handling the straight-blade razor; otherwise, you will be prone to cuts and rashes. We recommend that beginners go over the skin a couple of times.

If your face reacts to going against the grain, you can try to shave across the grain. When you shave across the grain, the pass of the razor is sideways in the direction where the hair grows. For example, if your hair grows downwards, you shave towards the left or the right.

If you want to run the blade across your skin multiple times, you may want to follow the sequence mentioned below:

  1. Shave with the grain how you usually would
  2. Wash your face and lather it again
  3. Shave across the grain, holding the blade and the skin tightly
  4. Rewash your face and re-lather it
  5. After ensuring no hair is left on the skin, shave against the grain for an even smoother, cleaner result.

Once you are done shaving, you should wash your face with cold water and apply aftershave. The aftershave will help reduce the chance of irritation, if any, and this will ensure your skin looks healthy and clean after this intense shave.

Summing it up

After having more convenient options like a two-blade or three-blade razor and electric shaving machines, it might be daunting to go back to a straight razor. You may feel like there is a lot to learn and practice, and who has the time for it all? But when you attempt shaving with a straight razor, you will realize that it is fantastic, and the feel it gives you will make you forget all other ways to shave.

The main thing here is to start with a great understanding of straight razors and where they come from. The rest of the things will be simply effortless. Once all of that is down, you will be able to have a smooth, handsome face in no time at all.