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Do beard growth products work?

Do beard growth products work?

Perhaps you fall in the category of men that don’t have a single strand of beard or the quantity of beard you desire. You must have thought of steps to take to accelerate your beard growth. At this point, you are considering getting good beard products to help boost things up.

But you might have read many negative reviews online about beard growth oils and balms, how they are shams and make only false promises, giving you second thoughts.

To clear your curiosity, you decided to carry out additional research. You asked around and found different opinions on what to use. Truth is, various people have different experiences with varying beard products. Besides, beard growth products have different ingredients and quality of production. While some products are of the desired quality, some, unfortunately, are not.

Let’s quickly look at what beard products are and how they work.

What Are Beard Products?

The first thing you should know about beard products is why you want to use them. By using them, what are you trying to achieve? Is it to grow your hair or keep it healthy? Or make sure it has a sheen?

There needs to be more clarity about beard products. To some people, they are some magic wand that can quickly help any man have a magnificent beard.

Many people have fallen victim to products whose promise of beard growth remains unfulfilled after consistent use. They expected that such products would magically grow their beards. In the end, they got disappointed in the results.

The reality is that beard products have been designed in a particular manner. Therefore, they will only work within the ambit of their manner of design.

Which Is Better: Beard Oil or Balm?

In simple terms, beard products are designed to keep your beard healthy and increase the incentive for hair growth. But you may ask which is better: beard oil or balm products?

Beard products contain oils and vitamins that keep hair follicles healthy and breathe new life into them. These vitamins are absorbed into the body for better beard growth. There are a lot of beard growth products. Some popular ones include beard oil, balm, and vitamins and supplements.

Beard oils help to moisturize the skin under the beard to keep it healthy. To grow your hair, consider oils with Vitamin E as an ingredient. It can help to increase scalp circulation, thus stimulating beard growth. Some oils only help to soften and condition the beard.

Beard balms will make your beard hair softer. They have a higher viscosity when compared to beard oils. They generally contain butter, waxes, and carrier oils typically found in beard oils. These could be anything from castor oil to jojoba oil, among others.

Beard vitamins and supplements are capsules that contain vitamins that help to stimulate beard growth. Manufacturers of these supplements often state the recommended dosage each day. This factor is independent of the kinds of foods you eat.

Do Beard Products Work?

Experts have different views regarding the efficacy of beard products—the founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology, Dr. Corey L. Hartman, believes that beard oils only improve the appearance of a beard. In other words, they only add natural shine and do not promote hair growth. According to him, castor oil and coconut oil, the essential ingredients of most beard products, do not contribute to hair growth.

The same sentiment is shared by Kari Knight, a dermatology-certified nurse practitioner and Dr. Anna Chacon, a certified dermatologist. To Dr. Chacon, an individual seeking to improve his beard must discover the cause of the dysfunctional growth. It is only when this is resolved that he can then use beard products to stimulate its growth.

But beard product manufacturers seem to hold entirely different views. For instance, Beardoholic, a beard product website, believes that oils can help to promote healthier skin and hair, thus promoting hair growth indirectly. According to the site spokesperson, beard growth oils contain unrefined oils that help to moisturize the skin.

The oils can also contain Vitamin B3 (also known as niacin), which helps to improve body circulation. Through this process, the facial hair follicles get more nutrient-carrying blood, encouraging beard growth. The two limitations that apply to all beard growth products, according to Beardoholic, relate to consistency and patience.

Consistency is the sense that you should regularly use whatever beard growth product you choose. Irrespective of the ingredients used for the product, it takes time for the results to be noticeable. In other words, no beard growth product guarantees immediate results.

How Effective Is Beard Growth Oil?

If all you want your beard growth oil to achieve is a healthier, fuller and shiny beard, then beard growth oil is very effective.

However, as already stated, scientists have not found any correlation between using beard growth oil and growing a full beard. The growth oil contains ingredients that are skin friendly and can take care of other surface facial issues like itchiness and patchy facial hair.

Are There Supplements for Beard Growth?

A quick search online will reveal several brands offering supplements for beard growth, like Beardilizer, Smooth Viking Beard Supplement and Wild Willies Beard Growth Supplement. Most of these have positive reviews online, but we can’t wholeheartedly recommend them since the science says otherwise.

However, you can do your due diligence and decide whether to give them a shot. They don’t have any fatal side effects, unless you are allergic to the ingredients, but you might experience nausea, skin rashes and digestive issues. You will have to decide how badly you want that beard.

Can You Take Hormones to Grow a Beard?

This question is being asked severally on the internet: “can you take hormones to grow a beard?” There are several opinions online about how biotin helps to strengthen hair. However, there isn’t enough evidence to support that it promotes new growth. To most experts, biotin or other beard growth supplements won’t make your hair grow. According to Dr. Hartman, biotin only supports hair growth in the case of a deficiency.

Dr. Jennifer Stagg explains that dietary factors can impact testosterone and DHT levels, potentially affecting facial hair growth. While testosterone affects beard density, DHT helps to improve beard growth. For instance, zinc, a mineral, helps to produce testosterone. Eating foods that are rich in zinc may also help increase testosterone.

Final Thoughts

There is no scientific or proven evidence to support the claims that beard products help to achieve growth. But the fact remains that they work. Beard growth products may not directly lead to faster beard growth. However, they may help to promote healthier skin. For instance, by helping to remove dead skin cells, beard products may enhance hair growth indirectly.

Our verdict is that beard products will not directly promote beard growth. Instead, they will promote overall beard health. This doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t use them. Of course, they offer huge benefits that make their inclusion in your routine important. Whichever products you seek to buy, be confident that they meet regulatory compliance and make sure you use them consistently.