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Can You Use Pre-Shave Oil With Shaving Cream?

Can You Use Pre-Shave Oil With Shaving Cream?

The shaving process follows a specific routine, so skipping one may be ‘abusive’ to your face. Many men fail to follow due process and only proceed to apply shaving cream. While this makes the process fast, it can leave your face messy by making your skin vulnerable to irritation and bumps.

That’s why it’s necessary to follow the routine, which is the application of the best pre-shave oil, aftershave, and shaving cream. People often ask questions like: Is shaving oil better than shaving cream? Or is shave oil a replacement for shaving cream?

This article will provide you with pre-and post-shaving routines that can help you have a clean-cut face.

What to Do Before Shaving to Prevent Bumps?

To prevent bumps, you should add preshave oil on your chin before shaving. Now, what does pre-shave oil do? Consider pre-shave oil as engine oil that aids the movement of machines. Without it, the parts of the machines tend to grind together, thus killing the engine. This is the same process shaving follows. When you want to shave and your face doesn’t have enough lubrication, the shaving friction tends to get too abrasive.

The ingredients used in shave oil contain hydrating properties that help to provide additional lubrication that allows the razor to glide and cut through facial hair. It moisturizes your skin and gives it an extra layer of protection. This prevents burns and irritation during and after shaving and reduces your chance of cuts. Ultimately, it helps you to achieve a comfortable and smoother shave.

Note that pre-shave oil isn’t a replacement for shaving cream. Both of them constitute essential parts of your shaving routine.

Is Pre-Shave Oil Better for Sensitive Skin

You might want an answer to the question: Is pre-shave oil better for sensitive skin? The answer is Yes, it is. We recommend that you use it before you begin shaving. It is also very crucial that you apply the correct pre-shave oil that suits your skin. Each manufacturer has different recipes for pre-shave oils. Of course, such oils will have different effects on your shave.

If your skin is so sensitive, like many men, the best pre-shave oil is made from plant-based oils. Such oils include argan and jojoba oils. The reason is that these oils have noted skin benefits. They are less likely to leave your skin too greasy such that they clog your pores with residue.

Why Apply Shaving Cream?

The widespread assumption is that one can either use a preshave oil or a shaving cream. This is incorrect; they both perform different functions. Consider pre-shave oil as the foundation and shaving cream as its topping.

Applying shaving cream might be an option for many skins that are not too sensitive. However, you should make shaving cream a part of your shaving routine if you have delicate or sensitive skin. It is applied right after pre-shave oil. Shaving cream helps hydrate your skin, makes your facial hair softer, and ultimately lubricates your face for a smooth touch of the blade on your skin.

To get the best results, we recommend applying thick or lotion-like shaving cream. Unlike foaming, lathering products, a lotion-like shaving cream provides a maximum layer of protection for your skin and gives you extra hydration benefits. You may also want to choose a shaving cream with natural ingredients such as jojoba, aloe vera, and glycerin. Unlike alcohol-based shaving cream, these ingredients nourish the skin, which tends to dry out your skin and increase your chance of experiencing irritation.

Is Shave Oil Better than Shaving Cream?

Neither is better than the other; both shaving materials complement one another. So, the question of “is shave oil better than shaving cream?” is only a matter of process. Remember, we highlighted the application of pre-shave oil and shaving cream as different steps. Pre-shave oil is just as essential to your shaving process as your shaving cream is. Though using both products complementarily is only a recent phenomenon, it’s rapidly becoming a regular practice.

Suppose you’ve experienced shave irritation for a long time and find it challenging to find a solution. In that case, we recommend that you use this one-two punch. Both pre-shave oil and shaving cream work differently, and each of them offers different benefits. However, they both unite to provide maximum protection to your skin.

How to Combine Pre-Shave Oil with Shaving Cream

Before using a razor on your skin, you need to cleanse your skin with a quality face wash. This process helps you eliminate any dirt or oil that may clog up your skin and expose the hair follicle. Then you can apply a few drops of pre-shave oil to prepare your skin for the shaving process.

Of course, our top pick is pre-shave oil with natural ingredients. Allow the oil to sit on your skin for about a minute. After, you can then use the shaving cream. By leaving your skin for about a minute after applying pre-shave oil, your skin gets hydrated and well-lubricated. Also, this makes your whiskers softer, creating a clear surface for your razor to scrape easily.

Over the pre-shave oil, add a layer of shaving cream and allow it to soak in for another minute. You can then start shaving using a clean, sharp razor. Make sure you shave with the grain. You shouldn’t cut against the grain if your skin is delicate or sensitive. This is because you tend to develop a higher chance of irritation and razor bump if the hairs face the direction of the motion of the blade.

Also, regularly rinse your blade in a cup of warm water. This process helps minimize the risk of skin irritation or to have an inefficient, uncomfortable shave.

Why you Should Avoid Over-application

Once you notice that pre-shave oil drips from your face, you should know that you’ve overapplied it. Apart from the fact that you’d be wasting your money, you can also experience clogging. To avoid this, you can start with 3-4 drops of oil and adjust later. However, this depends on how the shaving process goes.

Final Thoughts

Every man dreams of having smooth and fresh skin after each shave. But it appears to be an elusive dream to some. If this is you, then there is no more excuse for you to have any irritation during shaving, whether you shave regularly or only trim around your beard. Besides, during any shaving process, you strip away layers of skin which causes minor abrasions. This is followed by dryness and irritation.

However, shaving has been made easier by applying pre-shave oil and shaving cream. No more cuts. No more skin irritation. And no more bumps. Consider the application of the two as the most effective way to have a shave that is close to the one you’d get at the barber’s shop.

The most interesting part is that you no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to have a clean cut. Remember that people mostly identify you by your face. This makes it important to focus on it and treat it right.