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Can You Use Any Bowl as a Shaving bowl?

Can You Use Any Bowl as a Shaving bowl?

Are you wondering whether you can use any bowl as a shaving bowl? Worry no more. This article gives you detailed and satisfactory answers as far as this subject is concerned.

Beyond that, we also explain what is obtainable and provide plausible reasons for our recommendations. Also, if you decide to get a shaving bowl, we will show you the best type.

But let’s dig in to find the answer to the ultimate question,

Can You Use Any Bowl as a Shaving Bowl?

Yes and no. Here is why. Firstly, Using the best shaving bowl improves your lather’s outcome.

Understand that shaving bowls are of types. You can use a shaving bowl for soap storage or a lathering bowl. If you want to use the shaving bowl as storage, you can use any bowl. However, the bowl should be durable and made of material that doesn’t absorb stains. On the other hand, if you want to use the bowl to lather, the answer isn’t straightforward.

Yes, it is possible to use any bowl as a shaving bowl, from the kitchen to cereal and ice cream bowls. These options may be suitable when you start using the bowl lather method. This is okay for a start, but you will see that the lather quality could be better as you progress. Hence, our saying No to using any bowl as a shaving bowl.

Besides the water’s pH level and the soap quality, the bowl you use to lather largely affects the process and the outcome. While other bowls are designed for several purposes, shaving bowls are custom-made for the shaving process. So, all the bowl features are built to contribute to the lathering process.

We recommend using a shaving bowl when you want to lather. This is because it reduces the mess and helps the lather form easily. You can get good shaving bowls for as low as five to ten bucks.

What is the Best Type of Shaving Bowl?

Shaving bowls are great options when lathering soap or cream. Should you use a shaving bowl? Yes, because it is a better choice for the process compared to other bowls. While there is no universal choice for the best type of shaving bowl, you should look out for the following when buying one.

Size of the Bowl’s Base

You should get a shaving bowl that fits your palm, especially if you have big hands. This will help you control the bowl when lathering. Most shaving bowls have base sizes that comfortably fit into an adult’s palm, so they should be easy to find.

However, if you have small hands, you can opt for bowls with handles by the side. You can hold the bowl comfortably and control it when stirring. Feel free to pass on this feature if you don’t mind.

The Bowl’s Material

Shaving bowls come in different materials, and no one material is used in their making. We have copper, stainless, metal, wooden, and ceramic shaving bowls. When looking for the best bowls, go for one that has durable material. For instance, if the wooden bowl mistakenly falls to the ground when you lather, it may likely break. So, a wooden bowl may give your shaving rack an elegant touch, but it is not durable.

Another thing you should look out for here is the stainproof quality of the material. Some materials, like plastic, are quicker to absorb stains than others. In that case, you may want to avoid using plastic bowls. Go for shaving bowls with materials that you can remove stains from easily. This will help preserve the shaving bowl for use for a longer period.

The Bowl’s Height

The height of a shaving bowl is very important because it affects the lathering process. If the bowl is too long, you may be unable to get the soap inside. In addition, you will be unable to spread the soap, which is crucial if you want to get a good lather.

On the other hand, if the bowl is too short, the lather may pour out of the bowl. In that case, you must apply twice the amount of caution when stirring the lather. We believe one more cautionary step is more than we like to see.

Your best bet is going for a bowl with moderate height. Not tall enough to restrict your fingers and not short enough to make lather escape.

The Bowl’s Diameter

You probably do not know this, but your lather needs plenty of room. Moreso, your brush needs plenty of room too. Shaving mugs are great, but this is one of the areas in which they fall short. In the same vein, shaving bowls that are smaller in size or have a small diameter can restrict the lather.

The foam needs as much room to form easily. The wider the diameter, the greater the lathering process. Furthermore, your shaving brush and hands also need the space to swirl without restrictions. That way, you can efficiently build the lather and produce great texture and quality.

Shallow Internal Ridges

The ridges are those lines with hollow spaces inside the shaving bowls. They can be found at the bottom of the bowl, assuming they are in it. Not all shaving bowls have ridges. There are bowls whose bottoms are smooth.

We recommend using a shaving bowl with ridges because it helps to agitate the lather. That way, the brush’s friction with the ridges causes lather to form speedily. Whereas with smooth bowls, the lather takes longer to form. This is because there is no agitation, so you have to keep stirring longer than usual.

Furthermore, we recommend shallow ridges. The ridges don’t have to run too deep in the bowl. This allows a proper and thin spread of shaving soap at the bottom. In addition, shallow ridges make it easy for the brush to reach the soap. That way, the soap does not get lost in the bowl.

It is important to note that these qualities are to be considered collectively. A bowl with most of these qualities will likely create a good lather. However, if you can’t find one, look for features you consider non-negotiable. Choose the bowls based on the recommendations we listed.

Ultimately, the best type of shaving bowl allows you to lather freely to produce optimal results.

How Do You Clean a Shaving Bowl?

Cleaning your shaving tools is a must-do and what is worth doing is worth doing well, right? Cleaning a shaving bowl is simple; you’ll need mild dish soap. Just like you wash a regular dish, take the shaving bowl to the sink. After that, turn on the faucet and rinse out the remnants of the lather. Keep doing this until none is remaining.

Next, apply a reasonable amount of mild dish soap to the bowl. Use your hand to rub the bowl inside and out, then rinse it with water. After you finish rinsing with clean water, use a microfiber towel or any towel that absorbs water to dry the bowl. Finally, turn the bowl upside down if it doesn’t have a lid. Keep it until your next shave so it doesn’t collect impurities.

Our Final Thoughts

While it is possible to use any bowl as a shaving bowl, we recommend using an actual shaving bowl. We hope reading through gives you a better understanding of why shaving bowls are better. In the end, you can find an affordable shaving bowl that fits your preferences.