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Best Straight Razor Kit

Without the best straight razor kit, you cannot achieve the right shaving outcome. Stay till the end to discover which straight razor kit is the best to pick.

Straight razors are one of the best tools out there for people who are obsessed with wet shaving. In a nutshell, you cannot obtain a close and smooth shave without a fine-quality straight razor.

So, if you’re looking for some cool straight razor kit options for yourself or for gifting someone important, the countless options can leave you overwhelmed. Don’t worry, because we’ve got your back.

We’ve categorized some of the best straight razor kits that will provide you with a perfect classic shave experience. Besides, we’ve also included an informative buying guide that will help you in weighing your options.

5 Best Straight Razor Kit in 2022

Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit

Best for Beginners

If you've just started wet shaving and you want to obtain the best experience, this one will be an excellent choice. Besides, this shaving kit is widely popular for its attractive and classic design, making it a perfect gift option. So, if you're searching for an ideal Father's Day, Birthday, or Anniversary gift, this one will be a great pick.

Handle Material Algum Wood
Scale Color Brown
Weight 3.1 pounds
Number of items 6
Blade Length 15.7 cm

This Naked Armors Straight Razor Kit is like a slice of heaven for wet shaving amateurs. It comprises a straight edge razor, a shaving brush, razor strop, organic shave soap, and a sharpening paste. The best thing about shaving kits is that they come with all the essential tools and the razor, so that it’s easy and convenient.

This razor comes in a stylish pine wood gift box, which is bound to win the hearts of your loved ones. The razor blade is built with high-quality Japanese steel, known for its rust resistance and durability. Japanese steel is one of the best blade materials in the world, so you can be sure that your razor was built from the best.

Another cool fact about the straight razor is that it comprises a hybrid blade. The hybrid points are designed between a 1/2 hollow and full hollow, more precisely known as the Dutch and French points.

Besides, this razor has a ridged tail and heavy wood scales, which provide a strong and solid grip. The wood handle is made from algum wood, one of the best quality wood.

The kit also comes with a fine leather strop that aids in honing the blade edges in times of need. You will find strop paste with the kit that helps in maintaining the luster of the blade and a bar of shaving soap for producing a rich lather.

Product Pros

  • Comprises all the necessary items for wet shaving
  • High-quality blade and wood handle
  • Durable and long-lasting straight razor
  • Stylish and attractive design

Product Cons

  • Falls on the expensive side

Parker SR1 Shavette Straight Razor Set

Best Quality

Next on our list is another dazzling shaving set from Parker. Parker is a renowned brand known for producing high-quality straight razors and kits. This one is also no exception. If you want something different for your everyday shaving activities, this set can be a great choice.

Handle Material Chrome
Scale Color Silver
Weight 3.2 ounces
Number of items 3
Blade Length 5 3/4 inches

The best thing about this shaving set from Parker is that it aims to offer a superb shaving experience. It is an excellent choice for beginners, especially users who are comfortable with wet shaving.

The straight razor from this set comes with a Shavette-style clip mechanism which aids in the quick and easy replacement of blades. It is also crafted with the best quality stainless steel that ensures the longevity of the blade for many years to come.

The shaving set comprises a Parker badger brush which creates an amazing lather and is soft and gentle on the skin. You will also find a deluxe chrome straight razor and shaving brush stand with the set.

Moreover, the stand is a perfect fit for straight razors but also goes well with barber razors. It is a convenient addition to the set that helps in adequate drying and storage of the shaving brush.

Another interesting feature of the set is that it contains almost 100 blades. So, you don’t have to worry about running out of blades anytime soon. Since this is a Shavette razor set, changing blades is pretty easy with this one.

The razor is quite lightweight, weighing almost 48 grams. It has a comfortable handle and looks pretty stylish. The stainless-steel blade arm and handle of the razor are pretty excellent and deliver an outstanding job. However, this set does not contain shaving soap, so you need to get one separately.

So, if you’re looking for a unique shaving set to gift to your loved ones or even for yourself, this set from Parker will leave you with an interesting experience.

Product Pros

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Equipped with a convenient chrome stand
  • Excellent stainless-steel blade
  • Durable construction

Product Cons

  • Devoid of shaving soap or cream

DOVO Inox Straight Razor Kit

Best Straight Razor Kit Overall

If you're looking for the perfect shaving kit, DOVO has got your back. DOVO is by far the most popular brand for crafting brilliant straight razors. Their complete shaving sets are one of the bestselling sets out there. The reason behind this popularity is the combination of durable construction, high-quality material, and top-notch features.

Handle Material Chrome
Scale Color Olive Wood
Weight 2.35 pounds
Number of items 6
Blade Length 5/8-inch

This shaving set from DOVO is one of the best gift sets you’ll find. It comprises a straight razor, Van Der Hagen shaving brush, scented shaving soap, leather travel case, shaving bowl, and a leather strop. With such a long list of items, you won’t have to spend a single cent on buying anything else to start with shaving.

If you’ve just recently started out with wet shaving, DOVO Inox straight razor set is the best option. One of the main reasons why you should invest in a shaving set like this is because of the gorgeous craftsmanship and the solid build. With a beautiful stainless-steel finish, the straight razor is absolutely remarkable.

The razor blade is resistant to rust and requires minimal maintenance to hold the shine and luster. It has an average width of almost 5/8 inches, which is convenient for reaching tough corners. The edge of the blade is very sharp and flexible and does the job perfectly well.

One of the most interesting features of the blade is the addition of a round point. Most straight razors lack a round point, ultimately leading to cuts. The round point in this straight razor prevents cuts and ensures a safe and soft shave.

Another smart addition to the razor is the presence of olivewood scales which has a rich tone of color. Adding a scented shaving soap with ingredients like shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter leaves an everlasting shaving experience.

You also get a shaving bowl to create a rich and excellent lather to ensure the best kind of wet shave. The shaving brush included with the razor set is soft and gentle on the skin yet does a great job at mild exfoliation.

Additionally, you will also find a double-sided leather strop with the shaving set, which is a useful tool for sharpening the dull edges of the blade over time. With a good-quality strop like this, you can forget worrying about losing the sharpness and strength of your razor blades.

Product Pros

  • Complete set for best shaving experiences
  • High-quality and durable construction
  • Produces a soft and gentle shave
  • Round point in blade minimizes cuts

Product Cons

  • Lacks a gift box

GBS' Shave Ready' Wood Straight Razor + Complete Beard/Shaving Set

Best Gift Set

Next on our list is a straight razor and complete beard shaving set from GBS. It is also one of the most popular brands for good-quality shaving sets. If you're new to wet shaving, getting a smart quality shaving set is one of the best investments you can make. So, if you want something that is best for you, you can opt for this shaving set from GBS.

Handle Material Wood
Scale Color Black
Weight 1.94 pounds
Number of items 7
Blade Length 5/8-inch

This straight razor shaving set comprises a straight razor, a synthetic shaving brush, a strop, strop paste, a ceramic mug, an alum block, and a bar of shaving soap. A cool shaving set like this can be an excellent gift option for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

One of the best things about this shaving set is that it is extremely skin-friendly. Most beginners want to settle for straight razors that are gentle on the skin yet produce a quality shave. This one excels at this job.

Another great thing about this shaving set is that it is quite compact despite having so many items. This makes it the perfect kit for taking on your travel journeys, especially if you’re opting for a lightweight backpack.

This is a very affordable set compared to other leading brands in the market. So, if you want to get shaving sets with straight razors without wanting to splurge a lot, this can be an ideal pick.

The straight razor blade is built with fine stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion. It has an excellent construction that offers maximum durability and longevity.

And the strop included with the set is a perfect solution for improving the sharpness of your blades. The shaving soap is gentle and soft on the skin, ensuring a close shave.

This razor comes with an ergonomic wood handle that provides a comfortable and solid grip. The hairs of the synthetic shaving brush are fine and quite soft. They create an excellent lather without causing any kind of irritation on the skin. Overall, this straight razor shaving set is truly an excellent option for men.

Product Pros

  • Falls in the affordable category
  • Long-lasting stainless-steel construction
  • Complete set of tools for shaving
  • Skin-friendly and produces a close shave

Product Cons

  • Synthetic brushes may bear a slightly chemical odor

Anbbas 7-in-1 Shaving Set

Best Value for Money

If you want to invest in a budget-friendly shaving set, this 7-in1 set from Anbbas will be a great option. One of the main reasons why this set is quite popular right now is because it's user-friendly and has all the right accessories you will need for shaving.

Handle Material Ash Wood
Scale Color Black
Weight 1.17 pounds
Number of items 7
Blade Length 5/8-inch

This shaving set is equipped with disposable razors, which is one of the highlights of the set. If you frequently need razor blades, you will adore this set. It is also a handy set for users who do not like sharpening their blades so much.

The shaving set comprises spare blades, a shaving case, shaving brush, shaving soap, shaving cup, and a convenient shaver holder. With so many essential accessories in the set, this can be an ideal gift option for your loved one.

Despite having so many accessories, this set is very affordable. This is why amateurs who have just started out with shaving sets can easily get this. Although the price is low, the set’s quality is still top-notch.

The handle’s design comprises natural Manchurian Ash wood, which is extremely solid wood in terms of quality and price. This handle feels lightweight but still has a wonderful feel on the hand.

The shaving brush has a silky texture, yet it works well with soap to create a nice, rich lather. Besides, the brush is developed with a gluing process that offers longevity to it.

One of the most convenient accessories of the set is the shaving cup. You can soak your brush in lukewarm water before creating the lather in this cup. When you’re in need of a close shave, a cup like this comes in handy.

The double-edged blade equipped with the razor is quite versatile. With a blade like this, you don’t have to go through the hassle of sharpening the edges frequently. You can find around 10 spare ones with the set, which is very convenient for quick shavers.

The travel package case is a very good addition to the kit, which can be useful during trips and quick journeys.

Product Pros

  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with unique accessories
  • Solid and durable craftsmanship
  • Lightweight and compact design

Product Cons

  • Adjusting the spare blades can be quite challenging

Things To Consider When Buying a Straight Razor Kit

You should go through all the product specifications and features before finally settling for the one that meets all your needs.

The same goes for straight razor shaving kits. Although you will find lots of kits in the market, make sure you choose one after going through some of these important factors-

Quality of Razor

This is definitely the most important thing you should look for when you’re shopping for a shaving kit. Because let’s admit it, what use is the entire kit if your straight razor is not up to the mark?

When you’re choosing a shaving kit, make sure that the straight razor is built with good quality material and has a solid blade design. You should also pay attention to the handle material, the blade length, and width, as well as the finish.

The straight razor should have a precise edge that does not require frequent sharpening and should produce a clean and close shave. Only settle for straight-edge razors with very high-quality stainless-steel material.

And only the top-notch quality can provide you with the best kind of shave. This material will also protect your blade from rust and corrosion.

Moreover, make sure that the razor blade has an adequate length and width. It should be designed to reach the tough and curved corners, but it should also be lightweight enough to work smoothly. Keep in mind that the handle also plays an important role in determining the quality of your razor.

Hence, choose an ergonomic wooden handle that has an excellent grip but feels comfortable and lightweight on the hand. Remember, a straight razor is the most important part of a kit, so do not compromise on the quality of the razor.

Shaving Brush

Another important factor to consider in a shaving set is the shaving brush. Any shaving set is incomplete without a good quality and solid shaving brush. So, how can you figure out what shaving brush is best?

A good-quality shaving brush should have gentle and fine fibers that will do the job perfectly well. It should create a nice and rich lather with shaving soap and should be very gentle on the skin.

Some shaving brushes may have coarse fibers that do mild exfoliation, which is also a good feature. However, a shaving brush should not be highly abrasive that can cause skin injury or irritation.

So, when you’re buying a straight razor shaving kit, make sure that the shaving brush is of top-notch quality.

Shaving Soap

Shaving soap is also an important component of a shaving kit. Most of the shaving kits from renowned brands come with shaving soap or cream.

Good shaving soap or foam should have moisturizing ingredients like shea or cocoa butter. It should be gentle and delicate on the skin without having any irritating ingredients. Shaving cream or soap should lather well with warm water to create a good foam for the shave.

Nowadays, there are many shaving kits that lack shaving soap and hence need to be bought separately. Instead of spending money on shaving soap separately, it’s wise to pick a straight razor shaving kit that already consists of a soap.


A strop can come in handy when your razors have passed months of use and have started showing signs of dullness. In order to hone those blunt edges and make them crisp again, you need a good quality leather strop.

The job of a leather strop is to sharpen the edges of the straight razor blade and make them look sharper than before. Sharpening the razor blade also helps in increasing the durability and strength of a razor blade. It adds to the longevity of the razor.

With one session of stropping, your razor can look as good as new. It will also last you for years if used and maintained in the correct way.

So, when you’re buying a shaving razor kit, make sure that it comes with a good quality leather strop.

Shaving Box or Case

Another important thing in a shaving kit is the shaving box or case. You will find many shaving kits that come without a solid shaving box or case. This can be a big disadvantage for people who prefer something travel-friendly and organized.

Without a shaving case, your accessories will remain haphazardly, and you won’t be able to store them properly. Especially if you’re always traveling, you will need a good-quality shaving case to carry your accessories securely.

This is why you should pick a shaving kit that comes with a solid shaving case or box.

Tips for Buying a Straight Razor Kit

Here are some tips that you can consider for purchasing straight razor shaving kits-

  • Select a razor shaving kit from a renowned brand, preferably with lots of positive reviews
  • Choose a straight razor with durable construction like stainless steel or Japanese steel
  • Pick a straight razor kit that has all the necessary tools and accessories
  • Avoid going for cheap quality products
  • Choose a razor kit  strop with good quality leather material

Frequently Asked Questions About Straight Razors

What is the role of stropping paste?

A stropping paste is an excellent compound that acts as an abrasive for the process of sharpening. It ensures that the blade is polished and smooth enough to glide easily over the skin.

What should be the handle of a straight razor like?

A straight razor handle should be built with high-quality wood and an ergonomic design. Also, it should be lightweight yet produce a solid and firm grip for shaving. Besides, the handle needs to be comfortable enough for the user to shave easily.

What makes an ideal straight razor shaving kit?

An ideal straight razor shaving kit should have a well-crafted straight razor. It should also contain all the necessary accessories like shaving brushes, soap or cream, strop, stopping paste, and a travel-friendly shaving case.
Additionally, it should not be heavy and comfortable enough to carry. Besides, all the accessories must be a solid build to ensure that the resultant shave is soft and close.

Which one is the best shaving razor kit for beginners?

The best shaving razor kit for beginners has to be the Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit. The reason why it’s so convenient for beginners is the fact that it has a solid build and is very user-friendly.
It also has all the necessary components that you will need in a shaving kit, and it does an excellent job of producing a close shave. Besides, it will last for years, so a beginner can have an excellent experience with this kit.

Why do you need a strop?

A strop is one of the most important parts of a shaving kit. It is usually made of double-edge leather and has excellent properties for honing a knife’s or razor’s blunt edges.
Most sharp tools like knives or razors lose their sharpness over time and become dull on the edges. A strop can sharpen these edges and make the razor look crisp and precise.