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Best Slant Razors

Best Slant Razors

Slant razors are arguably one of the best types of razors that you can have in your shaving repertoire. They work magnificently on coarse & sensitive skin.

That being said, finding the best slant razor can be a difficult task as there are a lot of options out there with different pros and cons.

But don’t worry, because in this article we will review some of the best slant razors in the market and also provide you with a guide that will help you to pick the best trimming blade for yourself.

We are confident that at the end of this guide, you will learn everything you need to find the best cutter for shaving.
So, without further ado, let’s dive into it, shall we?

5 Best Slant Razors in 2023

Merkur Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor, MK-37001

Best Overall
Merkur Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor, MK-37001

If you are looking for the best slant razors, then this product will be on top of every search list. It has the quality and performance that makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Headcount2 Heads
Length & Weight3.28 inches; 2.79 oz

This chrome-based slant razor is arguably one of the best in the market. You get an excellent grip due to the simple yet elegant design of the razor. The blades aren’t way too aggressive but, at the same time, not mild.

So, you can be assured that you will get the best of both worlds and have an effective shave with this item.

You won’t face any skin irritation, cuts, or burn with this razor. It is closed combed, and the handle can be either short or long. This is extremely helpful when it comes to serving different types of uses.

Due to their compact size, they are also quite good for traveling. But as this isn’t a 3 head razor, you might face a few issues here and there.

So, overall, if you want to have a good slant razor with effective results, then Merkur MK37001 double-edge safety razor is the one you have been looking for.

Product Pros

  • Has a comfortable design that provides excellent grip
  • Adjustable handle height suitable for all hand sizes
  • Smooth shave provided with the double-edged blade
  • Great for any skin type regardless of sensitivity

Product Cons

  • Not good for big hands
  • Damage prone due to low durability

RazoRock German 37 Slant Razor

Best Value
RazoRock German 37 Slant Razor

There aren’t many slant razors that are capable of producing a value-for-money performance that is as close as this razor from RazoRock. They are budget-friendly, effective, and easy to deal with.

MaterialStainless steel
Headcount2 Heads
Length & Weight3.54 inches; 3.6 oz

If you are looking for a classic slant shaver that is able to produce elegant & smooth shaving while being at a reasonable price, then the German 37 from RazoRock is the one for you.

Due to its high aggressiveness, you can be assured that you will be able to cut through even the most coarse and thick hair with ease. The bulldog style paired with the high aggression scale is truly something to admire at.

Its build quality is also quite strong as stainless steel is the base material for this razor.

But that’s not all. You will also get a free 5-pack DE blades with this item. So, you will have extra blades that work perfectly with this razor without going out of your way to buy them.

Now, add the low price of this razor, and you get one of the best slant razors without any doubt.

Product Pros

  • Easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about rust
  • Good aggression scales ensure a smooth shave without irritation
  • Strong durable build that is built to last long
  • Great for sensitive skins and has a budget-friendly pricing

Product Cons

  • A little rough around the edges of the blade

Parker's Semi Slant Safety Razor

Best Travel
Parker's Semi Slant Safety Razor

If you are on the market for a semi-slant razor, then this surely does take the cake. This product from Parker safety razor not only offers good service but is also the perfect fit for a travel slant razor.

MaterialBrass, Electroplated
Headcount3 Heads
Length & Weight4 inches; 2.9 oz

This semi-slant razor is the perfect companion for your travels. It comes with a moderate aggressive scaling, and the contemporary style ensures that you can get a close & comfortable shaving session without any problems.

As the brass is electroplated, you get a fine grip that allows you to move smoothly through your skin without using too much pressure. So, you don’t have to be worried about getting a cut either.

As it is a 3-head slant razor, you change and clean each part of the razor individually. This is also the reason why; it is a good choice for traveling as well.

The razor fits the general public and those who have a larger hand. That’s why this is the perfect razor for people who want a traveling shaving blade that will fulfill its purpose effectively.

Product Pros

  • Good for sensitive skins due to the materials used
  • Very smooth cutting experience due to bulldog style
  • Good thick handles that fit comfortably in hands
  • Nice fit for a traveling slant razor
  • Comes with extra 5 blade sets that provide good value for money

Product Cons

  • Blades are uneven
  • Difficult to get all the hair at once

G.B.S Heavy Duty DE Slant Bar Safety Razor

Best Quality
G.B.S Heavy Duty DE Slant Bar Safety Razor

There aren’t many slant razors that offer the high quality and decent pricing that this product does. It is arguably one of the best in the market and has the results to prove its high demand.

MaterialStainless steel
StylePortable, Modern, Classic
Headcount3 Heads
Length & Weight3 inches; 5 oz

The heavy-duty DE is one of the best slant razors from G.B.S. It offers a strong and durable razor that can be found in three different styles; portable for traveling shavers, classic for people who want to try the old school methods, and modern for newcomers to the shaving community.

You also get a premium protective leather case with this razor. This allows you to keep your razor away from harm while also offering special packaging if you want to use this product as your traveling razor.

It also has a very good weight, meaning you just have to utilize minimum effort and get amazing results.

Product Pros

  • Low-priced slant razor that appeals to those on a budget
  • Effortless to shave due to heavyweight
  • Good for traveling because of its packaging
  • Comes with a protective case with a snap lock that minimizes accidents
  • 3 different styles to offer versatility

Product Cons

  • Not good in sensitive areas
  • Some users have faced problems with gripping

iKon ShaveCraft X3 Slant Safety Razor

Best Design
iKon ShaveCraft X3 Slant Safety Razor

If you are looking for an elegant and magnificent design, then nothing beats this slant razor, and it offers a performance that rivals its elegance.

MaterialStainless steel
Headcount2 Heads
Length & Weight3 inches; 4 oz

This stainless-steel blade offers great quality and a steady structure while marinating a beautiful outlook. The handle is easy to hold on to, and the bulldog design allows you to get a smooth cutting experience.

This razor is a great choice for people starting with slant razors as the aggressive scaling is mild thus, the risk of cutting the skin is minimal.

That being said, the blade is quite sharp and won’t disappoint its user when it comes to fast and perfect shaving.

You will also get five extra blades from iKon if you pick up the ShaveCraft X3 for yourself.

Product Pros

  • Well-built strong stainless body is incredibly durable
  • Easy to grip due to the bulldog handle
  • Good and adjustable in hand no matter the size
  • A great choice for beginners who lack professional skills

Product Cons

  • Difficult to clean
  • The aggressive level is very timid

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Slant Razors

When it comes to picking a good slant razor, there are a few factors that can’t be ignored. Otherwise, you will end up with a shaving blade that isn’t effective and will lead you to cuts & more unpleasantries.

The factors that you have to look into if you want to avoid that are:

Aggressive Scaling of the Blade

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a slant cutter is how aggressive the blade actually is.

This means how close the razor cut is and the amount of force you need to provide to ensure a good cut. There are three variations regarding the harshness level of the razor: mild, moderate & aggressive.


The mild ones are best suited for people who just switched from standard shaving blades. Sometimes, they are referred to as safety slander razors.
Cut from these blades aren’t extremely close to the skin but are better than the standard shaving razors. We recommend this to beginners who are transitioning to slant cutters or complete novices in the field of facial hair grooming.


Moderate slant shavers are suggested for people who have decent experience with slant razors and want something better than the mild version. The cuts will close to the skin, and you will need to apply less pressure to get a good cut.


Last but not the least, aggressive slant razors, as the name suggests, offer the best performance when it comes to the aggressiveness of the blade. The cuts will be extremely up close, and you will need to apply a very minimal amount of force.

The drawback of this blade is that you need to be extremely careful, or you will end up cutting your skin. We recommend going for this type of slant cutter if you are confident with your razor skill and have enough experience with shaving blades.


The next factor that you should check is what the razor is made off of. Slant shavers can be made from quite a few materials starting from electroplated brass bodies to complete stainless steel build, you can find these razors made with different types of materials.

Generally, brass and stainless-steel cutters are the best out there as they offer good balance and comfort. If you want to go for a light slant blade, then you can opt for an aluminum-based one.

There are also wooden slant razors out there, but personally, we don’t think they are that great. But it all comes down to which material you feel comfortable with the most.


You can find slant razors in different styles. What this basically means is that there are different designs of the blade. These slight variations, while won’t seem different at first, can be ground-breaking for your shaving ritual.

Once again, the style that is the best for you depends on your choice. If you want the old-school slant shave, then going with the classic style is the way.

On the other hand, if you prefer a bit more comfort & fashion, then you can go with elegant style. Contemporary style is also beloved in the shaving community.

So, find out which style suits you perfectly, then purchase your slant razor.

Head Pieces

Like any other razors, you can deconstruct them into 2-piece or 3-piece heads.

You can get slant razors with 2 piece at a low price point, but the quality can be questionable. This doesn’t mean that all 2 piece slant blades will lack decent quality, but most of them will feel cheap.

In 2 piece head, the handle and the breastplate are permanently attached to each other while only the head plate is removable. This makes slant razors with 2 piece head a bit difficult to clean and travel with.

On the other hand, 3 piece head has the additional option to remove the handle and the breastplate. This allows you to change certain parts of the blade, and also, cleaning is a lot simpler and easier.

That being said, the price for these razors is also a bit high, but the ability to change the parts and customize your blade is something that makes the high price worth the trouble.

Handle Length

Generally, the handle length will be somewhere between 3 inches to 5. For most people, the standard handle length is around 3.75 inches to 4 inches.

That being said, if you have a long or large hand, then you might have to go over 5 inches sometimes. But this is a very rare occasion. Normally, people with longer hands are comfortable with a handle length over 4 inches.

If you shave constantly, then you will have an idea of your preferred handle length anyway.

But if you still can’t decide, then try a few different handle lengths and then come to conclusion. Don’t go off buying a slant razor if you don’t know the perfect handle measurement for yourself.

Overall Weight

Weight is another important factor when it comes to finding the best slant razor. This is because, unlike most shaving razors, you are not looking for a completely balanced weight.

No, for slant blades, the weight should be more towards the upper body. This allows the razor to take less force to cut deeply on the skin.

But too much weight on the upper side can lead to potential danger. So, don’t go overboard just because you need a bit of weight.

Try out slant razors in different weight classes to find the best overall weight suited for you. It might take a while, especially if you are a beginner, but you will be able to find the right amount after a few tries.


And finally, the most important factor that you will have to look into is the pricing. You will find slant razors at different price points. There are cheap budget friendly ones and high-end products that can cost you over 100 bucks.

If you are starting out with slant shavers, then we recommend not to go over 50 USD for the blade.
But if you are confident and want to invest in razors, then you can get an expensive one. Just make sure that you are not going over your budget for shaving!

There you have it; these are the factors that you should definitely consider before you start selecting a slant razor for yourself.

Tips for Buying and Using Slant Razors

Now, apart from the factors that you have to keep in mind, there are a few tips that can come in handy when you are buying & using slant razors. These are:

Don’t Go Off Brand

Many beginners make this mistake, especially during online shopping. Off-brand products should always be looked upon with a grain of salt, and this is especially true for slant razors.

This is because there are a lot of cheap knock-offs of popular brands, and not only do they don’t offer the performance, you might end up facing skin-related issues due to the materials used on those blades.

So, it is better to be cautious and purchase branded slant razors, even if you have to pay a bit more. We support this option as not only you are guaranteed the performance, you can thoroughly review the product even before you make a purchase.

But if have to purchase from an unreliable source, then make sure to get as much information about the product as possible. Look for reviews and discussions related to that razor online, you are bound to stumble upon some.

Buy Extra Blades

You can change the blades of your slanted razor at any given time. So, buy a few extra blades for the rainy days because you don’t know when you might need to change the blades.

We recommend that you try to get a slanted razor plus extra razor blade sort of deals. There are a lot of them out there, and they can save you quite a good sum of money.

So, if you don’t have extra blades in your shaving arsenal, then why not pick some up when you are buying your slanted blade?

Change Your Razor’s Parts

If you are not feeling comfortable with your slanted razor for some reason, then you can always mix up the parts with other slanted shavers.

This option shines when you have a 3-headed slanted razor as you change every part of it without any problem. In this way, you can try different handles, blades, and breastplates and find out which works perfectly for you and which doesn’t.

Understand How Slant Razor Works

One of the biggest mistakes that first-time users make is that they think slanted razor follows the same shaving principle as other blades.

No, they don’t. The blade on the slant razor is placed at an angle this increase the cutting ability of the blade by tenfold and increases the difficulty when it comes to handling the tool.

As it offers a wide blade area, you will need to use low effort to cut your hair. So, if you are used the standard pressure used for normal razors and apply it on a slant razor, then you will end up cutting your skin.

This misunderstanding of required force or pressure is something you need to be aware of when you start using slant razors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why slant razors are better than standard razors?

Slant razors are better as they have the blade at an angle, which allows them to cut deeper and without too much force. The contact with the skin is much better and smooth. This is extremely helpful for people with sensitive skin.

Can you shave with a slant razor at any part of your body?

Yes, you can. But you need to be extremely careful as if you apply too much force, you will end up cutting and bleeding yourself.

So, if you are not properly accustomed to slant razors, then you should refrain from using them to shave any part of your body rather than the face. But if you are feeling confident, then there is nothing to worry about.

Is a slant razor good for sensitive skin?

Well, it is. Due to the design of the slant razor, they can easily cut through tough & coarse sensitive skin without producing any rash, burn, or cut. That’s why many health professionals suggest you use this tool for shaving instead of the standard ones.