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Best Single Edge Razor

How should you pick the best single edge razor? We believe the key focus should be on the blade format suitability. Click here to learn all about it!

If you have thick and curly stubbles, then razors with single-edge blades will be perfect for you. In comparison to double-edge razors, the single-edge ones offer a cleaner and smoother shave as they can cut ingrown hair. Also, they’ll leave you with fewer nicks, which is a plus point.

However, there isn’t any standardized physical format for single edge razors. So, when shopping for one, you may find yourself confused with terms you have no clue about.

In this article, we’ll try to clear the fog for you. You’ll find the reviews of the top single edge blade razors on the market, and we’ll also discuss how you can pick the right one for yourself. So, let’s get right into it.

5 Best Single Edge Razor in 2022

OneBlade Core Razor

Best for Mild Shave

With moderate weight and a mild shave, the OneBlade Core remains one of the best razors for wet shaving.

Type Autostrop
Aggressiveness Mild
Blade options Feather FHS-10
Comb Closed
Razor weight 2.3 oz

The OneBlade Core is a mild razor in terms of aggression. No matter what your skin type is, you’ll be able to shave without having to experience burns, bumps, irritation, or nicks.

To make it even safer, OneBlade enhanced it with a closed comb. The closed comb perfectly guides hair towards the blades to ensure a safe yet clean shaving experience.

This razor is made following the Autostrop design. This means that it doesn’t come with multiple parts, and you won’t need to take anything apart to use it. So, overall, it’s very convenient to use as well.

Despite being the entry-level choice from OneBlade, this razor comes with a pivoting head. This will help you shave without having to put any pressure on the razor. In fact, the razor is capable of cutting well with the pressure exerted by its weight only.

That being said, it’s not a super heavy razor as it caps at 2.3 oz only. It’s more like the middle ground where the razer is heavy enough to offer optimum control but isn’t too much for beginners.

This product not only offers one of the best shaving experiences but it’s also built to last. It’s a budget option but comes with a stainless steel handle. For losing some weight while retaining durability, the neck of this razor is made with Tritan.

Furthermore, the handle of this razor is wrapped in Polymer. This not only increases the durability but also provides a decent grip even with wet hands. There’s also a slight mark on the handle to help you understand where to hold the razor.

We’ve taken a look at the good things, but there are some drawbacks to this razor too. Firstly, it only supports Feather FHS-10 blades. These blades are quite expensive, but they don’t last as many shaves. So, you can expect the expenses to pile up over time.

Product Pros

  • Easy to load and eject the blade
  • The razor is of moderate weight that helps in getting a clean cut
  • Due to the closed comb design, the razor prevents cuts and nicks
  • The head swivels to offer a cleaner and more comfortable shave

Product Cons

  • Supports only expensive Feather FHS-10 blades
  • As it's very mild, it won't facilitate close shaving

RazoRock BLACK HAWK Single Edge Razor

Best Budget Pick

The Black Hawk offers great value for its price, and it's by far the best budget single edge razor we've come across. It's made of aluminum, provides a nice shave, and looks sleek.

Type Autostrop
Aggressiveness Mild
Blade options Feather FHS-10
Comb Closed
Razor weight 3.5 oz

Now, from the very beginning, we’d ask you to ground your expectations. The Black Hawk razors aren’t the best in the market, and neither can compete with the best. These are mid-tier razors at max. What put them in the 2nd slot in our list is the value they offer for what you’re paying.

These razors are made of aluminum. Aluminum isn’t as durable as stainless steel but is lighter. Still, it’s better than plastic razors, at least. Despite the lightweight, you won’t have to apply any pressure while shaving.

We’ve got no complaints with the head of the razor. It’s got a scalloped head which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. Installing and ejecting blades can be done with a single click. Moreover, the razor does a great job of holding the blade in place.

The handle of this razor is 90mm long. Most razors offer either 80mm, or 100mm handles, so this one’s nice for a change. At this length, the razor gives more space for holding while retaining control.

Although it’s a cheap razor, it’s ironic that it only supports Feather FHS-10 blades. These blades are quite expensive, as we’ve mentioned previously. This is one of the major drawbacks of this razor.

Also, some users reported that these razors get slightly slippery over time. While shaving, that could potentially nick or cut you.

Product Pros

  • Has a scalloped head that's suitable for sensitive skin
  • Looks sleek despite the affordable price
  • The blades can be replaced simply by unscrewing
  • You won't face any difficulty in cleaning this

Product Cons

  • As it's made of aluminum, it's not as durable as stainless steel razors
  • Users found the head too slippery
  • Compatible with Feather FHS-10 blades only

Parker Safety Razor

Best Adjustable Injector Razor

If you want an injector razor that's highly adjustable and is well built, then this safety razor from Parker might be for you.

Type Adjustable injector
Aggressiveness Adjustable
Blade options Schick, Personna, Parker, or Taconic Shave
Comb Closed
Razor weight 1.24 oz

Injector razors aren’t for beginners. Using these takes a decent level of skill and experience. If you’re new to single-edge razors but want to start with an injector razor, you should consider this one from Parker.

Despite being an injector razor, this razor stands as one of the most beginner-friendly razors on the market. Not only is this easy to use, but it also offers great features ranging from durable build to unparalleled adjustability.

Let’s talk about adjustability first. The razor lets you tune the aggressiveness of the cut on a level from 1 to 5. While 1 will give you a mild shave, cranking the dial to 5 will facilitate an aggressive shave.

Needless to say, you’ll have to spend some time using the razor to get used to it. Although, if you’re a beginner, you can turn the dial to 1 and get a carefree mild shave.

The razor comes with 20 pieces of single edge blades. Single edge blades are thicker and more durable than double edge ones. So, these last longer. Therefore, the recurring expense won’t be that high with this razor.

Furthermore, it’s made using a closed comb design. So, you’ll also get a clean shave out of these without experiencing razor burns, bumps, or irritation.

It offers a stainless steel handle that’s reinforced with resin. To offer a solid grip, the handle has a ridged grip on the sides. So, you’ll be able to use it confidently even if your hands are soapy.

Despite being a stainless steel razor, it’s not that heavy. It caps at only 1.24 ounces. The weight of the razor itself isn’t enough for a clean shave. So, you’ll have to apply light pressure for a proper shave.

Another drawback of this razor is the loading compartment. Injector blades are supposed to be easy to load, but that can’t be said for this. Users have found it hard to get the blades into the shaver.

Moreover, adjusting the straight bar can be troublesome, as it often fails to align properly.

Even with all the drawbacks, the Parker single edge razor is a solid product with tons of beneficial features.

Product Pros

  • Can be used with a ton of different blades
  • Will let you choose the type of shave you're looking for
  • Very good for beginners who want injector razors
  • Closed comb design for reducing razor burns, nicks, and bumps

Product Cons

  • Loading the blade into the shaver can be challenging
  • The adjustable bar fails to align properly in certain cases  

Schick Injector Single Edge Razor

Best for Sculpting Beard

Schick was the first company to come up with an injector-style razor, and their single edge adjustable injector razor is one of the best you can get.

Type Adjustable injector
Aggressiveness Aggressive
Blade options Schick, Personna
Comb Closed
Razor weight 0.32 oz

This razor from Schick will allow you to go old school while enjoying the perks of injector razors. While it’s a very old design and not a perfect one, it offers features that make it worth buying.

Firstly, it’s one of the most precise shaving razors on the market. It’ll provide clean shaves by cutting even the sturdiest ingrown hairs. Also, the precise positioning of the blade will allow you to sculpt your beard, which will definitely come in handy if you’re into grooming.

The handle, along with the head, measures around 4 inches. As it’s a short razor, it offers unparalleled control. Although the handle is textured, it doesn’t provide any solid grip as the modern razors do. So, you have to be extra careful not to use it with wet hands.

Schick followed a unique design with this razor, and because of that, you won’t get a clean shave if you stick to the 30-degree angle. Rather, you’ll need to hold the razor flat against your skin.

For having the perfect shave with this, experts recommend starting at the throat and going down to the neck. After that, go across the grain to get yourself a clean and smooth shave.

The Schick razor comes with a safety bar pre-installed onto it. This makes it almost impossible to nick or cut yourself while shaving.

Although the razor offers some great features, it has a few drawbacks. For starters, a close shave with this razor will leave your skin itching, especially if it’s a sensitive one.

Changing the blades is quite tough as well. Furthermore, plastic nodules at the end of the handle are sharp enough to cause discomfort.

Even after these flaws, we’d recommend the Schick single edge injector razor as a solid product.

Product Pros

  • Offers the right amount of blade exposure for a safe and clean shave
  • Will let you sculpt your beard with precision
  • The short handle offers unparalleled control
  • The safety bar will help you shave without a nick or bump

Product Cons

  • The safety bar will help you shave without a nick or bump
  • Changing the blades on this razor is challenging
  • The grip could be better

OneBlade Genesis Razor

Most Aggressive and Well-Built Razor

Aggressive, heavy, well-built, and expensive, the Genesis razor from OneBlade is one of the most expensive razors you can get yourself.

Type Autostrop
Aggressiveness Aggressive
Blade options Feather FHS-10
Comb Close
Razor weight 3.1 oz

The Genesis is an award-winning razor. With 100% German stainless steel construction, this razor is one of the most durable shaving razors you can get yourself.

However, there’s one design flaw to this razor. The manufacturers didn’t put any sort of grip on the handle. Holding the stainless steel even with dry hands doesn’t feel completely safe, and it only gets more slippery when you hold it with wet or soapy hands.

This razor is built following the Autostrop design format. It’s got a close comb build that pulls the facial hair upwards and cuts them. The comb will also keep your skin burn, nick, and bump-free by keeping the blade away.

Putting a blade in the razor is quite easy. You just have to hold the dull end of the blade and place it into the magazine. Once the blade is installed, you’ll hear an audible click.

Sadly, just like the OneBlade Core, the Genesis is only compatible with expensive Feather FHS-10 blades. Moreover, each blade will last only 2-3 shaves, which is very low.

The Genesis weighs 3.1 oz, making it one of the heaviest shaving razors. Due to this, you won’t have to apply any pressure while shaving with this. There’s also a very optimized pivot on the head of the razor, which makes the experience smoother.

Product Pros

  • The weight and handle length are well-balanced for maximum control
  • Comes with an amazing leather case
  • Facilitates close shaves without any burn, nick, or bump
  • 100% German stainless steel build
  • Optimized pivot head for the smoother shaving experience

Product Cons

  • Supports expensive Feather FHS-10 blades only
  • The blades don't last more than 2 shaves

Single Edge Razor Buyer’s Guide

Determining which single edge razor will be perfect for you can be tough, as these are completely different from regular double-edge razors. In this section, we’ll discuss factors that’ll help you make the right choice.

Razor Type

Unlike double edge razors, the single edge ones use blades made specifically for a certain model. This is why it’s important to consider the type of razor you’re going for first. Here you’ll find the four categories in which single edge razors come in.

Autostrop Razors

These razors are considered rather mild. So, you can get yourself a close shave with these with minimal effort.

Injector Razors

The injector razors offer a unique loading mechanism that earned them a ton of followers. To use these, you need to load the blade into a magazine and then install the magazine on the razor.

You can get some adjustable razors of this format that lets you choose whether you want an aggressive, mild, or average shave.

GEM Razors

GEM razors are one of the most famous single edge razors. These razors come with a sweet spot that’s rather narrow. Thankfully, the size of the GEM razors is very bulky, so they’re very easy to control.

Barber Razors

When creating barber razors, the initial idea was to take an injector razor with a modern blade installed. However, the idea changed over time and led to the creation of what we know as the barber razors.

While these razors offer great control and deep cleansing of ingrown hairs, they aren’t suitable for beginners due to their shape.


The gap between the razor’s comb and head defines its aggressiveness. If the distance is more, more of the blade will be visible, and vice versa. The greater the distance, the sharper the blade.

So, if you’re a beginner, you’d do better with a mild razor, as the chances of nicking yourself will be lesser. On the other hand, experienced hands will benefit more from aggressive razors as these can clean ingrown hairs.

Handle Length

The handle length won’t change the quality of the shave. However, it will affect the level of comfort. We recommend a shorter razor as these are easier to control.

Head Type

There are five head types to choose from. Here’s a detailed description of them:

Straight Bar

These are razors with flat heads, and they’re one of the mildest.


Scalloped head razors are most commonly found. The upper surface of these razors is beveled, and they’re best for sensitive skin.

Closed Comb

If you have coarse hair, you should get these. The comb of these razors is capable of guiding the hair to the blade, making the cut cleaner.

Open Comb

Open comb razors are extremely aggressive as they don’t have any safety bar. While they offer one of the best shaves, we recommend maintaining caution using them.

Slant Head

Razors with slant heads work on the principle that the cut is cleaner when the blade cuts at an angle. However, these are rarely found.

Tips for Using Single Edge Razors

  • Using single edge razors isn’t complicated, but it takes some patience and experience. Here are some tips and tricks that’ll surely make your experience with single edge razors smoother.
  • Each razor format has different blade loading systems. Make sure you mount the blade properly.
  • Cut at an angle of 10-15 degrees. In the case of certain razors, you may have to rest the blade flat against your skin for a clean shave.
  • Don’t apply any pressure on the razor; let the weight of the razor do the cutting.
  • Shave along the grain for a smooth finish. If you want to clean ingrown hairs, shave against the grain again.
  • If your razor offers customizability, don’t shy from using it.

Should you get single blade razors?

If you want to avoid having ingrown hairs and facial bumps, then you should prefer single blade razors over double blade ones.

How long do single edge blades last?

The longevity of single edge blades depends greatly on the manufacturer and the quality. Most blades last up to six shaves. On the other hand, some blades, such as the Feather FHS-10, last only 2 shaves.

Which one’s the best and most complete single edge razor?

If you don’t want to settle for anything other than the very best, you should definitely get the OneBlade Genesis. This razor offers high performance, great durability, and a sleek look.

Should you shave against the grain?

Shaving against the grain can help you clean the ingrown hairs well. However, this must only be done after you’ve shaved along the grains. Otherwise, you may end up nicking yourself.