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Best Single Blade Razors

Single blade razors can offer a much cleaner and smoother shave. Click here to learn about the top single blade razors.

Since the commercialization of double blade razors, people have been opting for them over single blade ones. Double blade razors are indeed much more convenient and safer to use in comparison to single blade razors.

However, there are some complications of double blade razors such as skin irritation and ingrown hair, that can be avoided easily by using single blade ones. So, you shouldn’t rule single blade razors out yet!

In this article, we’ll share a comprehensive buying guide that’ll help you pick the best single blade razor for yourself. We’ll take a detailed look at the top products and get to how you should make the choice.

5 Best Single Blade Razors in 2022

OneBlade Core Razor

Best for Daily Shavers with Fine Hair

With a single edged blade and closed comb, the OneBlade Core razor stands as one of the best entry-level single blade razors on the market.

Edge Single
Comb Closed
Material Steel, Tritan
Blade Mechanism Screw-off
Handle Length 4.5 inches

If you’re a person who prefers tried and tested products, then you won’t be disappointed with the OneBlade Core. Although this is the most affordable pick from OneBlade, the razor comes with some advanced and convenient features.

What makes this razor unique is the single edge blade. Most razors use double edge blades as they’re convenient. However, only single edge blades can offer the accuracy you need for sculpting your beard.

Moreover, these blades are better at cutting the hair at surface level. Double edge blades often pull the hair out of the skin and cut it deep. This leads to ingrown hairs, and finally to razor bumps. With the OneBlade Core, you’ll be able to avoid that.

The Core isn’t only built to function, but it’s built to last also. It comes with a stainless steel handle. The razor weighs 66 grams, which is enough for ensuring a proper close shave without any external pressure.

It comes with a head composed of the polymer filled with glass. This will ensure the razor won’t break if you accidentally drop it.

In terms of aggressiveness, this is one of the mildest razors you can buy. Thanks to the closed comb, you’ll be safe from nicks and bumps even if you aren’t super careful while shaving.

The only downside of this razor is blade compatibility. The OneBlade razors were made to work only with Feather FHS-10 blades. These blades are rather expensive, so the experience with this razor will lead to high recurring expenses.

That being said, we believe paying that amount for this razor is worth it, especially if you shave daily and have fine hair.

Product Pros

  • Well-balanced handle for smooth shaving
  • Offers perfect close shaves while preventing ingrown hairs
  • A closed comb keeps skin safe from the blade
  • Quite accurate, can be used for beard sculpting

Product Cons

  • Works only with FHS-10 blades

Merkur MK34c Razor

Best Single Blade Razor for Sensitive Skin

is a heavy-duty razor equipped with double-edge blades for offering the most convenient shaving experience.

Edge Double
Comb Open and Close available
Material Stainless Steel, Tritan
Blade Mechanism Screw-off
Handle Length 2.95 inches

Several experts in the industry opine that the Merkur MK34c is the ideal razor for wet shaving. It’s a rather old razor and it was designed way back in 1931. However, it still holds up against the competition.

One of the best things about this razor from Merkur is its build quality. It comes with a thick, cylindrical handle made of stainless steel. To provide enough grip on the handle, a large portion of the handle is etched with a mesh-like texture. This will let you hold the razor wherever you want, making it more convenient.

However, different users did say that despite the textured mesh, the blade is a bit tough to keep steady. While it works perfectly as long as your hands are dry, things may get out of control if your hand is wet or soapy.

On the other hand, the head and hinge of the razor are made of Tritan. The head is flexible and can twist a bit to adjust the angle. This will help you shave more easily with it.

The handle length of this razor is only 2.95 inches. While some people think that short razors are bad, the reality is the opposite. The shorter the razor, the easier it is to control. These also let you cut at various angles, which is a major plus.

Another unique thing about this razor is that you can get either open or closed shave heads for it. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or have a ton of experience, the MK34c can provide exactly what you need.

The MK34c model comes in only one color, and that’s silver. You can use a variety of blades such as Personna Lab Blue, Voshkod, Astra Green, Gillette Nacet, and of course, Feather, which is the sharpest double edge blade in the world.

Product Pros

  • As it offers a short handle, it’s easier to control
  • You can choose either open or closed comb version
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Lets you cut at multiple blade angles

Product Cons

  • Changing blades can be tough on this one
  • Despite the textured mesh, the handle can be a bit slippery  

Merkur MK-38011

Best for a Comfortable Shave

Sleek, safe, and convenient, the Merkur MK-38011 is a great razor for those who’re looking for a classy razor with a smooth handle.

Edge Double
Comb Closed
Material Steel, Tritan
Blade Mechanism Screw-off
Handle Length 3.81 inches

While textured handles are considered more convenient and reliable by most users, many prefer razors with smooth handles. If you’re one of the latter types, then you should consider this razor from Merkur.

The MK-38011 comes with a sleek, black handle that’s super smooth. Most razors with smooth blades fail to provide adequate grip, and this one isn’t any different. The razor trades grip for getting smoothness.

So, if you’re someone who often shaves with wet hands, we wouldn’t recommend this to you. The razer performs great when your hands are dry though.

It’s super weighty. The weight of these razor caps at 77gm. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to shave even the coarsest hair without having to apply external pressure. That being said, this is one of the heaviest razors on the market. So, some people might find this way too heavy for their liking.

The handle of this razor is 3.81 inches. While this doesn’t provide as much control as shorter razors, it is more comfortable for long strides. Another benefit these long handles will offer is the girth. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to hold these no matter how thick your fingers are.

One unique feature of this single blade razor is the design of its head. The design of this razor’s head makes it easy to install or eject any blade. What’s more, unlike most other razors, it’s easy to clean the hair out of these. Moreover, the scalloped head also lets you shave with precision.

Just like the previous Merkur razor, this one too is made of stainless steel with a head of Tritan. So, you can expect longevity out of this as well.

Product Pros

  • Super smooth handle
  • The scalloped head offers precise and safe shaves
  • Very easy to install or eject a blade into this due to the design
  • Can be cleaned easily

Product Cons

  • The handle is too long, so you’ll need to put extra effort into control
  • Might be too heavy for some
  • Doesn’t offer enough grip for shaving with sweaty or wet hands

King C. Gillette

Best Razor for Accuracy

is an amazing safety razor that offers longevity and accuracy

Edge Double
Comb Closed
Material Stainless Steel
Blade Mechanism Screw-off
Handle Length 4 inches

While the King C. Gillette safety razor isn’t the shortest in the world, it’s by far the most precise safety razor you can get your hands on. The package offers the razor itself and five blades. That should be enough to get you started, so there won’t be any additional expenses while you start.

This three-piece razor is very well-balanced. It comes with a 4-inch long handle, and its weight caps out at 104 grams. Although it’s heavier than most other razors on the market, it feels lighter due to its design.

Furthermore, most of the weight tends to gather at the head while shaving at an angle of 30 degrees. This makes it easier to have a close and comfortable shave.

Let’s talk about the blades that come with this razor. These blades are Russian-made, and they feel a lot like Gillette Nacet blades. However, these blades feel smoother. Even if you have coarse hair, there will be minimum tugging. Those with normal or fine hair won’t feel any tug at all.

One other thing we love about this razor is its look. It’s chrome plated, and it reflects ambient light beautifully.

It’s a mild razor in terms of aggressiveness. With this, you’ll get a sublime shave. Furthermore, it also offers a closed comb design. So, the blades won’t touch your skin during the shave. This will help you avoid nicks, bumps, and razor burns. So, it can be used easily, even by beginners.

Finally, this is one of the most precise razors that you can get your hands on. If you’re looking forward to strong beard lines, then you should get this one.

Despite the benefits, it must be mentioned that it is a three-piece razor. Taking these apart and installing blades into them can be a bit challenging.

Product Pros

  • Made of stainless steel and reinforced with chrome for durability
  • Lets you shave without applying any external pressure
  • Very precise, so you can sculpt your beard with it
  • It’s rather mild, so even beginners can use it easily

Product Cons

  • It’s a three-piece razor, so installing or ejecting razor blades can be tough
  • The handle design is sub-par and doesn’t offer much grip


Best Razor for an Aggressive Shave

The Chieftain is one of the most notable razors ever made. Introduced in 2015, this blade remains one of the best aggressive razors on the market.

Edge Double
Comb Open
Material Alloy steel
Blade Mechanism Butterfly
Handle Length 4 inches

The Chieftain razor isn’t the perfect razor, but it’s a must-have for shave enthusiasts. Ideally, this would serve perfectly as someone’s second razor. This is mainly because of the aggressive shave this razor provides.

It is very aggressive and indeed not suitable for daily shaving purposes. However, you’ll benefit if you shave with it once in a while.

The razer is of moderate length. It’s about 4-inches long, and the handle is quite hefty. The overall razor weighs about 82 grams. This will help you get a smooth and close finish without much effort.

We must also mention the versions the Chieftain comes in. You can either get the standard chrome plated razor, or you can get the sleek obsidian finish that also comes with a rose gold cover.

Most razors come with a razor along with a spare blade. In comparison, the Chieftain offers a ton. It provides five extra blades, a travel case that’s very compact and ergonomic, and a small mirror. So, you know you’re getting a lot of value out of this.

The handle of this razor comes with rectangular knurling for better grip. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to use this easily even with wet hands.

This razor has a wide between the top and the cap for exposing the blade, which makes it super aggressive. However, there’s a closed comb on the head that’ll keep your face protected from the blade. The comb will also help you glide the razor smoothly on your skin.

If you want, you can make the razor even more aggressive. You can install feather blades on this. If you do so, the razor will be able to clean more than 90% of the three-days beard in the first pass only!

However, if you have sensitive skin, we’d recommend sticking to the basic blades offered by Vikings. These blades aren’t as sharp and will keep your face free of irritation and burn.

Product Pros

  • Can clean coarse and thick hair with ease
  • Very hefty, so it can be controlled with more precision and ease
  • Has a short handle, so it can be maneuvered easily
  • Comes with 5 spare blades, a compact case, and a small mirror

Product Cons

  • The butterfly design is susceptible to damage

Single Blade Razor Buyers Guide

You know which are the finest single blade razors on the market. Now, we’ll take a look at the factors that’ll help you pick the right one for yourself.


Razors can use either single or double edged blades. While double edged blades are safer and more popular, these usually don’t provide a close shave. If you want a clean shave and want to prevent ingrown hairs, you should get a single edge blade. These also last longer, so that’s another plus.


Razers can be of open and closed combs. With an open comb razor, you’ll have to shave with a naked blade without any additional protection. While these may offer more control and let you sculpt your beard, they’re also unsafe for casual shaves.

Closed combed razors come with a comb that keeps the blade from coming in contact with your skin. Instead, the comb pulls the hair towards the blade and gets it cut. While these are safer, it’s tougher to maintain accuracy with them.


Razors are usually made with plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. We recommend the stainless steel build as they are the heaviest and most durable. However, you can also opt for aluminum razors if you’re going for budget razors. Try to avoid plastic razors as these can be brittle and uncomfortable to shave with. 

Blade Mechanism

When picking a razor, it’s important to consider how the blades are to be installed and ejected. There are different kinds of blade mechanisms that razors come with. However, you can easily generalize them into two mechanisms, butterfly and screw-off.

The screw-off is more of an antique design. With this, you have to unscrew the head to remove a blade and screw a new one in.

On the other hand, the butterfly head is where you simply twist the head to remove the blade. Also, you can just snap a new blade in place. So, it’s overall a faster and more efficient mechanism.

Handle Length

Handle length plays a huge role in determining how comfortable the shave will be. Razor handles are usually between 80 to 100mm. The golden rule here is that the shorter the handle, the better the control.

However, you may face difficulties holding the razor if the handle is too short. So, you must balance between the control and grip.


Applying pressure with your hand while shaving is the wrong practice, although a lot of us do it. The right way is to lay the razor at a 30-degree angle from above, and let its weight do the rest.

So, the heavier the razor, the closer shave you’re likely to get. This is why we recommend stainless steel razors as these are the heaviest.

Tips for Shaving with a Single Blade Razor

You’d be surprised to know how many people shave the wrong way. Here are some steps that you need to follow for having a proper shave.

  1. In the first pass, you need to go with long and mid-paced strokes that go along the grain. Make sure not to put any extra pressure. Let the weight of the razor take care of the shaving for you.
  2. In the 2nd pass, apply the shaving cream or foam once more. This time, instead of long passes, shave with short strokes. Don’t rush this process, as it’ll help you get rid of any remaining facial hair.
  3. In the 3rd and final pass, you need to shave with short and slow strokes. In this pass, you’ll shave against the grains. This will help you achieve a cleaner shave. It’ll also provide a deep clean of facial hairs.

Once you’re done shaving, don’t forget to take proper care of your facial skin. Start by rinsing your face with cold water. Pat your face until it becomes dry, and apply an aftershave. You can use any format of aftershave, be it foam, cream, or gel. Just ensure it comes with essential oils.

Should you get single blade razors?

If you want to avoid having ingrown hairs and facial bumps, then you should prefer single blade razors over double blade ones.

Are mild razors better?

While a lot of people prefer mild razors, it’s hard to declare them the better alternative. Whether a mild razor will be good for you or not depends completely on your beard type. While mild razors are safer, they don’t work well on coarse hair.

Do I need a shaving brush?

Yes, although it isn’t mandatory, a shaving brush can enhance your shaving experience. These can help you produce a creamy lather with the shaving foam or gel, thus making the shave smoother and safer.

Are butterfly razors flimsy?

No, butterfly razors aren’t necessarily flimsy. However, they tend to break due to certain design flaws. Still, that shouldn’t hold you back from getting one of these.