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Best Shaving Bowl

Best Shaving Bowl

A productive morning routine is kick-started by nice and cut-free grooming that will leave you elated for the rest of the day.

Investing in a good-quality shaving bowl can be the first step toward that.

It can be difficult and confusing to pick the right shaving bowl out of thousands of choices online and on supermarket shelves; that’s why we will be giving you a thorough idea about the best products on our watch.

The following list was made after thorough market research and by analyzing consumer reviews.

5 Best Shaving Bowl in 2023

Captain's Choice Copper Lather Bowl

Best in Sturdiness
Captain's Choice Copper Lather Bowl

This item is made from the best quality copper by skilled craftsmen. Coming from a brand that's been around for decades, this bowl will offer you the shave of a lifetime.

Weight6 ounces
Inner diameter4.5 inches
Height1.5 inches

The shaving bowl has a rolled edge that is made from a double-lipped copper rim, and this feature sets it apart from usual bowls. Its thumb grip offers you ease of handling, as it can get slippery in the restroom while shaving, and you don’t want a copper bowl landing on your toes.

Being made from the best material, pure copper, this will last for many years to come. The finishing is exquisite, and the external appearance is glossy and smooth.

Gone are the days when you’d hide your shaving bowl because it’s not aesthetic enough. The Captain’s Choice Lather Bowl is going to make for a great addition to your restroom cupboard.

Besides, the most mentionable feature of this bowl is that the circumference is curved to room your shaving brush in a way that keeps it from tipping over. The fanned-out rim on top of the bowl makes sure that water doesn’t splash on you as the bowl gets moved from your hands to the sink.

Product Pros

  • Bowl's high-quality finish ensures no chance of bacterial collection inside
  • The optimal size and shape are convenient to use while traveling
  • The use of copper prevents rust from the bowl and makes it last longer
  • It can be used by both genders

Product Cons

  • Not suitable for dishwasher

Akstore Men's Durable Shave Soap Cup

Best Technology
Akstore Men's Durable Shave Soap Cup

This is more of a cup than a bowl, with its slimmer and narrower built. However, this is a must-have for those interested in traditional shaving but wants it tweaked with a modern touch.

MaterialStainless steel
Weight1.92 ounces
Inner diameter3.25 inches
Height2.2 inches

Similar to our previous product, this shave soap cup also offers excellent durability, making it a great choice for people who believe in sustainability.

The design is minimalist, all the while being extremely elegant. You’d look twice at it to appreciate the cut-edge technology used in manufacturing the trimmed sides.

It is made from stainless steel, another metal that prevents rust, even if you leave it in water all day.

The walls are made from double-layered steel, making them act as insulation. This unique (and smart) feature will maintain the temperature of your shaving cream. Now you can use cold or warm water in the bowl without racing against time.

Another amazing feat of this bowl is the anti-skid technology. This is placed at the bottom to ensure maximum grip and prevent it from accidentally slipping as you place it on wet surfaces.

Product Pros

  • Furnished with a sleek design that aids in transportability
  • Serves multipurpose use
  • Inner smooth surface that doesn't let debris buildup
  • Made from rust-withstanding material and is easy to clean

Product Cons

  • The bowl's single rim leaves less place for draining brush

Henry Cavendish Gentlemen's Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl

Best for Soap Pucks
Henry Cavendish Gentlemen's Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl

Quite similar to the last product in terms of looks, this bowl has its own charm that sets it apart. This shaving bowl is worth every penny due to its rapid lathering performance.

Weight12 ounces
Inner diameter5 inches
Height4 inches

The half-hourglass shape of this bowl is great for storing soap pucks for repeated use without having to replace shaving material every day. Their smooth inside allows the creation of a bulk of whipped cream that you can just pick up with your brush.

Not only does it save you time, but it also uses a small amount of puck to give out a significant amount of foam.

You can store your foam from the previous day; this bowl will not contaminate the soap or puck. In case you are not using a puck, you can microwave soaps from any brand to fit into the bottom, as ceramic is heatproof and won’t break.

The brush can also be stored alongside, thus saving space on your bathroom counter. Its hand grip allows you to hold it firmly and prevents accidental falls.

The ceramic makes it easy to wash out the entirety of the contents, and it also dries in no time. Its bottom is designed with heavyweight anti-slippage technology, which prevents its faltering on a wet surface.

Product Pros

  • Provides great stability at the bottom that helps to maintain balance
  • Ceramic is perfect for whipping foam and provides long-lasting performance
  • Suitable for prolonged soap storage
  • By creating foam faster, this bowl allows quicker shaves

Product Cons

  • It is a bit heavy

Edwin jagger porcelain shaving bowl

Best for Handling
Edwin jagger porcelain shaving bowl

This porcelain bowl is made with quality material and paves a pathway for easy shaving with minimum effort.

RimFanned out
Weight2.08 ounces
Inner diameter4.75 inches
Height3 inches

The outlet has a circumference of 100 mm with a bottom of 65 mm. This wider opening allows easier mixing without spilling the contents of the bowl. Its outside is engraved with the Edwin Jagger logo over an elegant and smooth surface, beautifying this classy accessory.

The long body of the bowl leaves space after adding soap, which means you have a greater scope of making bubbles with additional water. Its handgrip sets it apart from all other bowls on this list and provides a stronger grip.

This product promises long life alongside a maintained appearance, even after years. Porcelain is a robust material and is of great value, given that it is scratch resistant.

The bottom is designed with two rows of grooves that create more foam, and the air circulation technology on the inside allows enough bubbles to form over the froth.

Product Pros

  • Elegant looking with an aesthetic logo on the side
  • Suitable for creating more foam with less spillage
  • The sturdy hand grip design is meant for better handling
  • Unique inner design allows oxygenation of stored lather
  • The strong construction with thick plates of porcelain is built to last longer

Product Cons

  • The shaving bowl doesn't have a lid

Shash Marble Shaving Bowl

Best for Lathering
Shash Marble Shaving Bowl

This shaving bowl is something straight out of a Greek dream, an amazing choice for artisan enthusiasts. The sophisticated bowl comes with heightened durability and scratch resistance.

Weight1.9 lbs
Inner diameter4.5 inches
Height2.5 inches

If you switched to traditional shaving, why not use products that enhance the experience and make you feel like royalty? Since it is made from marble, it looks solid,

That also means that this bowl is scratch resistant and is unlikely to develop cracks. Unless you throw it off from a ten-story building, it is not going to shatter easily.

The walls are significantly thicker than other bowls, making them heatproof. You don’t have to shave with cold water in December mornings anymore.

The most interesting feature is the bowl’s grooved interior. The grooves create friction and create foam. This increases the lathering activity of your shaving cream, making it a more financially feasible practice.

Product Pros

  • Offers great lathering capability due to the grooves creating friction
  • Has a scratch-resistant surface
  • Marble structure makes for a durable and robust build that is rust and algae-resistant
  • The insulating design keeps the foam hot for longer periods

Product Cons

  • Bowl is not suitable for traveling

Kingslay Dark Wood Shave Soap Bowl

Best for Storing
Kingslay Dark Wood Shave Soap Bowl

This bowl is a blessing for the organized ones who want all their things in one place. It comes with a lid, making it great for storing your lather from the previous day instead of having to throw it out, thus reducing waste.

MaterialDark wood
RimEverted lip
Weight3.36 ounces
Inner diameter3.5 inches
Height2.01 inches

The Kingslay shaving bowl looks like a miniature wash basin but is supremely durable. Their edges are contoured, making it easy to drain brushes. And the bowl itself is small and narrow; this way, you can grasp it easily with the palm of your hands.

The lid allows you to store shaving soap in it. Now you can just throw your entire shaving routine in your bag as a one-piece package. Its lid protects the bowl from debris buildup as well as prevents mold and rust.

The original wood gives your product a rather woody fragrance that will accentuate the overall vibes of shaving as in the wild west. And it will never give off the weird plastic smell that might be perceived from cheap bowls.

Product Pros

  • Made from organic material that enhances the shaving experience
  • Lightweight bowl is great for transportation
  • The lid acts as a protective barrier
  • Leftover foam can be stored in it without ruining the quality

Product Cons

  • The bowl doesn't fit all soaps
  • Soaps need to be microwaved to be stored neatly

CHARMMAN Shaving Soap & Cream Bowl

Best for Traditional Shaving
CHARMMAN Shaving Soap & Cream Bowl

The bowl is special as it is carefully handcrafted with granite and similar natural materials, hence reducing industrial waste.

Weight2.05 lbs
Inner diameter4.13 inches
Height2.48 inches

The CHARMANN shaving bowl is perfect for mixing cream and creating froth but is not to be used with soaps or pucks. Its wider body makes it a great choice for storing cream, which can be reactivated the next day by adding water (only applicable for certain brands of shaving cream).

The hand-molded granite bowl has grooves on both surfaces. Its internal groves add friction that increases the amount of lather, while the outer offers better grip and anti-skid properties.

On top of its old-school appearance, it is designed with greater stability. This means it can be used in salons and barbershops as well. The material is heatproof and insulated; thus, you can use it with warm water and get a comfortable shave in the middle of winter.

This bowl comes with a cloth inside the packaging for the purpose of cleaning. Despite of rough, grooved surface, the bowl is relatively easier to clean. Just spray the inside with running water and then give it a quick wipe with the cloth, and you are done.

Product Pros

  • Has an excellent appearance
  • Insulated for using warm water so you can take your time while shaving
  • Rapid foaming capabilities ensure you do not have to whip too hard
  • Long-lasting and high-quality construction

Product Cons

  • It is not meant for traveling due to its weight

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Shaving Bowl

After the huge discussion we just had about modern-day grooming, you might be wondering, "But how do I know which one should be for me?" here is a small guide to walk you through it.


This focuses greatly on the kind of lifestyle you lead. As we have mentioned, the portability of each shaving bowl was to imply the importance of a lightweight tool in case you travel often.

For homesick people, heavyweight bowls are an amazing choice since you won't be moving around a lot.

The bowls also differ in terms of the quickness of lathering. Many of us never knew that a bowl has an equal contribution to making foam as much as a good shaving cream.

For morning people who will be commuting for work and need a rapid shave, it is wiser to use bowls that spontaneously generate whip as you step into the shower.


A shaving bowl gains a lot of attention in the restroom due to its large storage. As personal taste differ greatly from person to person, it is only necessary to ensure that your shaving bowl matches your style and choice.

As we have talked about several types of bowls in terms of looks and materials, you probably will find one that speaks to you.


A bowl is not just a bowl. Each of them comes with its own features and will serve very differently tuned purposes while shaving. Always look out for the types of shaving material that will be compatible with a bowl. Whether you use cream, soap, or chuck, the bowl will be different in design and material.

For a cold climate, you might want to look out for insulation properties. Don't buy a bowl that dissipates heat from warmed cream; you want your shaving to be as comfortable as possible and not a freezing competition.


Oftentimes a brand will sell its bowls designed specifically to be used with other materials from their brand only. Although done for commercial integrity, this can be frustrating to find out that your bowl doesn't fit your favorite brush or won't lather your soap.

It is wise to buy an entire package from the same brand as it will not only ensure compatibility but also be a great value for money (since packages often offer discounts).

Raw materials

Bowls should be cross-checked for materials. Whether it's marble, granite, or steel, you should always ensure that no harmful or carcinogenic agents are used. You should also carefully look out for allergic materials (yes, it is possible to be allergic to metal or its alloy).

Stay away from plastic-made bowls. Not only will they fall apart within a few months, but they also create hazardous fumes if you choose to microwave your soap. Lastly, make sure that the material is waterproof. Because what's the point if the bowl leaks?


This is the era of sustainability. As we enter a dangerous period of wasteful industry, you want to look for brands that are declared as eco-friendly. It is also recommended that you only buy products that do not create significant debris and enter the water stream.

Lastly, supporting brands that obtain the material of their bowls from nature instead of artificial synthesis will substantially reduce the environmental pollution involved with manufacturing. Buy from your local small business instead of multimillion-dollar brands to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tips for Buying And Using shaving bowl

You spend a great deal of your hard-earned money to care for your precious body. That means you have to know the right ways to use whatever you have purchased to yield the maximal benefits. Knowing to use only your shaving bowl is not enough, as it is a small part of a larger process. Here are some ways to ensure the best results:

Prepare your skin before every shave. That can be done by exfoliation or a general cleaning to prevent viruses or bacteria from entering your bloodstream if there is a cut.

Use any kind of lubrication for shaving. It can be anything: soap, cream, conditioner, etc. You would rather look like a caveman than shave over dry skin.

Choose safe products. We have already discussed the safest items for shaving or trimming your sensitive skin. Don’t rely on cheap drugstore razors or lotions that will make you look like a rotten tomato.

Keep your shaving bowl clean at all times. Don’t store it with moist products that are not suitable for your skin. Prevent contamination by keeping it in an immaculate zone.

All’s well that ends well. Finish it up with a nice aftershave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I store my leftover cream in my bowl?

Yes, you can. As long as your bowl comes with a lid or a narrowed mouth, it's safe to assume that it is suitable for storage.

Is it true that microwaving bowls is hazardous?

Unless your bowl is metal or plastic, it is absolutely safe. Never microwave metallic bowls; rather, use hot water if you want to melt your shaving soap.

How can I travel with my shaving bowl?

You have to find a regular-sized bowl that is not unusually heavy. The wisest idea is to get a bowl that is designed to fit your soap along your brush and will be protected by a tight lid.

What material is the best for traditional shaving?

The practicalities of traditional wet shaving require a robust material that can withstand moisture and temperature for prolonged periods. That includes granite, marble, and porcelain.