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Best Shavette Razor

The protagonist of traditional wet towel shaving is the blade, and shavettes are a bit of modern touch to the old-fashioned razor blades. All the shavettes that you see on the market are very different in a number of ways, and they are meant to serve various purposes. Since there are plenty of items to choose from, dive in to find out the best one for you.

Old days barbers used straight razors that had the blade fixed to them for repeated use. As that practice posed a risk of spreading communicable diseases and other health-related violations, contemporary barbers are using shavettes.

Shavette is different from a regular razor in design and utility. The blade that fits inside a shavette is disposable and is meant to be discarded after every use. Not to be confused into thinking that this instrument is only for salons, but it is also a great tool for anyone interested in the habit of wet shaving.

To save you from you the dilemma of finding the perfect shavette, we have prepared a buyer’s guide to narrow down the options. And the products were handpicked after careful analysis.

5 Best Shavette Razor in 2022

Parker SRX Stainless Steel Shavette Straight Razor

Best For a Neat Shave

What makes a shavette great is the way it cuts. This stainless steel shavette has considerable weight to it, making it a safer choice for an injury-free shave. On top of being beginner-friendly due to its safety features, it is also sturdy and will last several years.

Material Stainless steel
Razor Type Straight
Edge Double edge
Handle Grip Snap lock blade handle
Handle Length 5.6 inches

Parker SRX shavette’s stainless steel body adds elegance to its appearance. Moreover, it prevents rust and corrosion, which will ensure high longevity. Stainless steel also resists the buildup of bacteria, making it a wise choice in terms of health concerns.

Its decent amount of weight that comes from the tool is heavy enough to glide smoothly over your skin without cutting but light enough for convenient handling. Razors that are too light require extra effort that hinders your movement and reduces safety and rapidity.

The shavette can be folded for ease of storage or transportation. So if you are always on the run, don’t compromise your grooming routine in fear of lessened baggage space. The folded handle overlaps like a glove over the blades, further preventing contamination from the external environment.

Remember, the blade is the part of a shavette that will make the most contact with your skin and potential cuts. So, you need to make sure that relevant structures from your shaving tool don’t cause any harm to it. The bars that hold the blade in place are manufactured from high-quality copper, making it skin-friendly.

Product Pros

  • Lightweight allows for smooth shaving with neat results
  • The stainless steel used is rust and corrosion free
  • Health hazard free due to the prevention of bacteria buildup
  • Robust construction that is easy to maneuver
  • Shaving can be de made due its easy gliding and uninterrupted movement.

Product Cons

  • Even though generally lightweight, its relatively heavier than other options for travelling purposes

DOVO Shavette

Best for portability

Salons need to replace their blades after every use, but domestic users can easily use the same one a few times before throwing them away. DOVO shavette comes with four blades in the package.

Material Aluminium/ Stainless steel
Razor Type Straight razor
Edge Single edge
Handle Grip Grooved
Handle Length 5 to 8 inches

The DOVO shavette is most popular in aluminum or stainless steel blade holders. It has a transparent case that gives it a rather versatile look. The lightweight makes it possible to transport and use on the run, but that also means you no longer have gravity by your side which aided easy shaving.

Although this is a good tool as a starting point for shaving, the performance is not exactly cut-throat neat. You might end up cutting yourself if not done with the utmost care, especially if you have stubborn beards.

The black-handled DOVO has a grooved inside that provides friction for a better grip, so you don’t accidentally slip your blade and cut yourself. This certain shavette is sort of a convergent tool where various methods of shaving meet, and you can experiment with different methods with just one tool.

Product Pros

  • Lightweight and transportable, so you can use it on the go
  • Suitable for repeated use without having to worry about rusting
  • Better stability provided by grooved handle
  • Easy to learn its use, since there is not much technicalities involved
  • Modern looking, which looks classy in your toiletry bags

Product Cons

  • Higher chances of injuring yourself
  • Not a strongly constructed tool

Feather Artist Club Straight Razor

Best Premium Shave

The razor is just as sophisticated as the name suggests. Each of the razors from this line promises to meet personal demands on a customized level. It also ensures a high degree of versatility in appearance and functionality.

Material Wood/ Stainless steel
Razor Type Straight razor
Edge Single edge
Handle Grip Soft
Handle Length 4.88 inches

This shavette offers three different types of designs: wood folding razor, pearl folding razor, and Japanese straight razor. The wood folding razor is determined to support the sustainability movement by using biodegradable materials for the handle.

The shavette’s handle is also coated with a thin layer of resin that smoothens the surface for a more comfortable grip while maintaining firmness.

This pearl folding razor comes with an elegant pearl-white handle that is made from stainless steel, thus preventing rust, corrosion, and chances of bacterial infection.

The Feather Artist Club Straight DX Razor is designed to fit the vintage picture of a traditional Japanese barbershop. It has a soft grip handle fitted underneath a straight, knife-style blade.

All these razors are meant to be sterilized in an autoclave machine and survive the disinfection process. This feature makes them the favorite choice for people focused on health and safety.

The blade can be detached very easily from the handle with a “one-touch technology” that just unclamps the blade from the post. You can easily clean them using your favorite choice of cleaners as they can withstand almost all sorts of cleaning agents.

Product Pros

  • Highly versatile and has customizable use based on personal demands
  • Neat and sharp shaving provided by the rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Good for people who are focused on cleanliness as it resists pathogens due to its convenient cleaning technology
  • The wood handle razer supports sustainability and is eco-friendly

Product Cons

  • The Japanese style straight razor might be risky for beginners

Classical Samurai Shavette CS-102

Best for beginners

This sophisticated upgrade from your mainstream barbershop razor will give you the safest shave. Being made from supreme-grade materials, this shavette comes with a pack of 100 blades. The elegant ebonite color handle sets it apart from others of its kind.

Material Surgical grade stainless steel
Razor Type Barber razor/ Straight razor
Edge Straight
Handle Grip Flip open
Handle Length 7.7 inches

The classical samurai shavette is determined to make shaving a better experience for you. The stainless steel prevents rust formation and corrosion. Moreover, it keeps contaminants from entering your bloodstream through tiny unnoticeable cuts.

The quality of the product promises you a shaving environment as aseptic as an OR, so you never have to worry about pathogenic infections while using this shavette.

The pack comes with its own set of blades, and they are a rather rounded edge on the end. This proves to be a great feature for beginners, as it is impossible to cut yourself with blades like this.

However, this also means that the blades aren’t sharp enough, and your shaving will be of regular quality, not a high-end one. You shouldn’t be expecting a cut-edge level of sharpness from the included blades. But there are sharper options that will easily fit with this razor.

Flip-open technology allows you to change blades easily at the touch of a few fingers. This feature also enables a more comfortable cleaning and maintenance of the blades for increased longevity.

Product Pros

  • Beginner-friendly so you can shave without slipping
  • Provides an antiseptic environment for shaving
  • Impossible to sustain injury from this tool
  • Convenient cleaning methods as the blade is detachable and the handle flippable
  • An excellent color palette that gives it an elegant look

Product Cons

  • The blades included aren’t sharp enough

Dreadnaught Cut-Throat Shavette Razor

Best in versatility

Their motto is, “Cut throat shave.” The artistically pleasing razor is quite similar to a straight razor, except for the fact that the blade is replaceable like that of a safety razor. Instead of actually cutting your throat, this tool is firm in its intention to provide you with the cleanest shave you have ever had.

Material Stainless steel
Razor Type Straight razor
Edge Double edge
Handle Grip Soft grip
Handle Length 22 to 24 cm (Fully open)

The Dreadnaught shavette is available in its distinctive royal blue color, with its logo of warriors fighting with a sword laser etched on the handle. This is undeniably an amazing touch to otherwise dull razors.

As you flip open the blade, the length and weight are going to be of perfect proportion for a shaving favoured by gravity that glides smoothly over your skin.

The package includes free blades of 6 types. Thus, you can experiment with a variety of shaving styles without worrying about cutting yourself. And these blades are high quality and will last for many uses. The utility is not limited to these only. With this product, you can fit any single-edge blade of your favorite kind and brand.

A snaplock mechanism makes it easier to detach your blunt blades instead of sharing them frequently in the middle of working. The total weight is 38 grams, which is considerably heavy given that the case material is made from plastic. But we all know that a heavy razor means smoother and sharper shaves.

Product Pros

  • Highly versatile use because of the 6 different types of blades included
  • Stylish design with fanning out blades
  • Sharp cut-throat shaves after use and will last for a long time
  • Strong construction despite a thin frame, so it won’t snap

Product Cons

  • Heavyweight makes it incompatible with portability
  • Often sold out

Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor

Best for professionals

This razor is especially meant for barbershops due to its excellent use of disposable blades and being a budget-friendly replacement. However, this can be easily used for personal use thanks to its incredible performance efficiency.

Material Stainless steel alloy
Razor Type Straight razor
Edge Single edge
Handle Grip Resin finished
Handle Length 5 inches

The Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor has been one of the topmost choices of pro barbers for a long time, providing the neatest shave with absolutely zero injuries. This shavette is also rapid in its performance, making it a time saver in this rushed life.

The additional benefit of using this razor is the free blades, which are sturdy in built and will let you get a shave, just like a salon, from the comfort of your home. Each blade will last for a long time, which means that the entire pack will last for several years before you have to buy new blades again.

The safety is heightened by using a round-end feature that provides additional security in preventing cuts and burns. Not only will the shavette give you a perfect shave, but it will also ensure the greatest safeguarding of sensitive skin as it comes with a safety cap.

Since any tool that is meant for barbershops will have disposability of blades, this Equinox straight razor will also make blade removal look like a child’s play. The blade posts are decently sturdy and robust; nonetheless, it is incredibly easy to flip and detach an old blade from the razor.

Product Pros

  • Highly performative and provides impeccable skin after every shave
  • It is designed to prevent cuts and burns
  • Helps shave quickly without causing injury
  • Outstanding level of manufacturing quality

Product Cons

  • Prone to user error
  • Not beginner-friendly

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Shavette Razor

If you are exasperated from processing the information about the best shavette razor, we recommend you take a scroll through this section to help yourself. We will demonstrate the factors that influence your purchase to yield the maximum benefits from any tool.


The material should be one of our biggest concerns. Firstly, a shavette will be used over thin skin, and the structures that touch your skin should have the best quality. Let’s talk about the handle first. Whether wooden or steel, you must have the best grip for a safe shave.

Wooden handles are a great choice for anyone with shaky hands since steel tends to get slippery when wet. Wood is better in terms of being eco-friendly, while steel is better in longevity.

However, plastic handles should be avoided. Neither are they bio-hazard safe nor do they provide a clean shave.


This is the most sensitive part of choosing a shavette. The last thing we want is injury or infection. Injury can be sustained by using a heavy-weight razor as a beginner since it is tougher to articulate such a tool without prior practice.

Once you get the hang of it, it is best to switch to heavier options since using lightweight razors on the previously shaved beard can cause harm.

Some of the beginner-friendly blades come with safety features, although they hinder their general performance. We believe that it is better to look like Gandalf than to look like a bloodshot character out of JAWS. Build up practice over time as you upgrade to rather sophisticated options.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to follow health regulations in using blades. If you are using them in a barbershop, definitely use a shavette that allows quick replacement of blades to limit the spread of blood-borne diseases.

Even if you are shaving personally at home, domestic use blades must also be rust-free. It is possible to get sepsis (infection of the blood) or tetanus from a rusty blade.


By design, we don’t necessarily mean the aesthetics of a razor, but rather the technology that accentuates and alters the shaving method. Among the shavettes, the major designs are straight or foldable razors. We have discussed these two options under the Feather Artists Straight Razor section.

Even within the foldable razors, there is a variation in the types of blades used. They can be double-edge or single-edge. It is important to remember that these two types are differently compatible with razors.

The grip is also an important part of the design. Grooves or curves are features that enable firmness and prevent accidental slippage, which reduces potential cuts.

It should be figured out before purchasing how a certain tool behaves in your hands. For online shopping where you can’t hold the original product in your hands, you can check out the customer reviews.


Heavyweight razors might be inconvenient to use while traveling, but they put up a show when it comes to shaving. The weight aids in better gliding of the shaving tool across your skin, which makes for a cut-throat shave in the least amount of time. But again, this is not always the best option for beginners.

Lightweight razors are most commonly sold in drugstores and are cheap, but they take repeated drag over the same area. Not only does it waste time, but it also creates bumps and burns. Although, this might serve as a practice tool for newbies.


A good quality shavette could last up to a decade, given that proper care is taken. Stainless steel and materials of similar strength will go a long way, while wooden or plastic-made tools only work for so long.

We should remember that shaving tools are items that are constantly placed in the humid climate of your restroom, and any material that cannot withstand moisture (such as wood) will not last a considerable amount of time.

Tips for Buying And Using

You have made your purchase; now what? You should be aware of the basics of whatever shavette you have bought before you get down to business.

Learn to Protect Your Skin

As you get a new razor, you’d want to know about all its features. Firstly, you don’t want to misunderstand the process and end up harming yourself. Moreover, if there are additional tweaks for your comfort, you don’t want to miss out on those.

Remember to Practice

You should practice using the razor on your skin to learn more about the correct ways of operation. Barbers vouch for this one pro tip: if you can’t shave over an inflated balloon without popping it, you’ll end up cutting yourself. Don’t worry, though; practice makes a man perfect.


Even after all these precautions, you may end up cutting yourself, don’t panic. Disinfect the injury and surrounding places, and apply ice while you wait for the bleeding to stop. If you realize that the bleeding continues after a considerable time or that the wound looks fresh after a few hours have passed, visit the ER.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a shavette different from a razor?

The biggest difference between a shavette and a razor is the disposability of blades. As we have mentioned before, it is important to follow health protocol. A shavette is a razor where you can easily replace the blade.

What is the difference between a straight razor and a safety razor?

The functionalities are pretty similar for those two. But the main difference is the variation in design and method of operation. Straight razors are knife-like tools that come with a long blade attached to the top of a handle. Safety razors look fancier; their blade is usually disposable, and the tool is foldable.

How do I care for my shavette?

It is an easy thing to do. Instead of letting debris build up over time, cleaning your shavette after every use is wiser. Run it under fresh water and then let it dry in the air. If your tool permits, you can use antiseptic agents for better obedience to safety protocol.

How do I detect a health hazard to a certain product?

The most typical situation that arises from using a new shavette is an allergic reaction. Sometimes the raw materials or alloys used in manufacturing the shavette might trigger an anaphylactic reaction. Look out for any strange feelings or symptoms that initiate immediately or soon after shaving.