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OneBlade Razors


Supply SE

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Naked Armor Safety Razors

Whether you have a subtle stubble or a thick beard as a man or you have a few unwanted strands of hair across your body as a woman, the chances are that you’ve likely had to shave with a razor before. If so, you’ve probably already used a cartridge razor, too. 

Now, these razors are quite popular but these days, they’re becoming less and less preferable over safety razors. Even professional barbers and self-groomers tend to choose the latter because cartridge razors often leave users with painful, unprofessional bumps. However, we all do not love spots now, do we? Hence, most people prefer safety razors since they do not cause such bumps. Furthermore, safety razors help users avoid the irritation typically caused by cartridge razors.

One other advantage of using safety razors is in the name – safety. These razors have maintained their design over the years. Since their debut in 1903, safety razors have helped people obtain clean shaves without hitches.

Beyond these, while cartridge razors only use brand-specific blades, safety razors have a single double-sided blade. Hence, you can easily use any company’s blades as a replacement. If you love considering cost, safety razors are as effective as they are affordable. In addition, these razors are the long-term solution for you if you are a regular shaver.

Unlike the tri-razor design by cartridge razors, safety razors utilize a single blade to ensure safe and efficient shaves. The single edge ensures you do not experience irritation, unlike the three-bladed cartridge razors. Due to the efficiency with which safety razors operate, it is easy to find brands with counterfeit products. Hence, we scoured the safety razor market to bring you the best safety razors on the market.

#1 Pick

Naked Armor Safety Razors
OneBlade Razors
Score 8.6 OUT OF 10

Supply SE
Supply SE
Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
Best Budget

Naked Armor Safety Razors
Naked Armor Safety Razors
Score 9.5 OUT OF 10
Rockwell Razors
Rockwell Razors
Score 10 OUT OF 10
Grooming Lounge
Grooming Lounge
Score 10 OUT OF 10

1. OneBlade Razors

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Naked Armor Safety Razors

This brand offers the best, finest, and most efficient single-edge safety razors. OneBlade designed this precision instrument to rival other safety razors on the market. In addition, the brand offers a warranty for its products and ensures users have a pleasant shaving experience.

Designed by Porter Stansberry in 2017, the company aims to create a razor that offers the “world’s best shave” with a single blade. Furthermore, the safety razor provides quality, convenience, and safety like a cartridge razor.

The first thing you will notice about this brand’s safety razors is the elegance and classy outlook. One good thing to note about this safety razor is that you can use it without hassles when rushing in the morning. Unlike other shaving devices, you will not experience bumps or rough shaves when using this razor. The brand designed its razors to “change the way you feel about shaving.”

This brand stands out with the vast choices available to you. Specifically, OneBlade has three outstanding products.

The first product in the brand’s catalog is the OneBlade Core. The brand first launched this product in 2017. OneBlade describes this product as the “perfect intro to wet shaving.” This precision blade will work best for you if you are just beginning your shaving experience.

OneBlade Core has a fast-load blade system. Furthermore, you will find a lightweight Tritan handle and a stainless-steel core to match. The brand believes the product is the most comfortable and efficient single-blade safety razor on the market. Another thing you will notice with the OneBlade Core razor is the clean box packaging which carries the solid black razor.

Unlike the regular, disposable razors you have in pairs of threes in your neighborhood, you can buy this razor alone. Interestingly, the razor has a refill plan, or as you would have it, ten replacement feather blades. Note, however, that you can only use the Feather FHS 10 blades with this safety razor.

The OneBlade Core offers a more comfortable and closer shave than other razors of the same type. Customers loved that they could shave without getting cut or nicked. Furthermore, they loved that the blades did not irritate the skin or cause a razor burn.

OneBlade also has another type of razor called the Hybrid razor. Unlike the Core blades, Hybrid uses a lighter and cheaper Tritan handle with military-grade stainless steel. One thing you should note about the Hybrid is that the razor is an intermediary between the Core and Genesis blades. So far, the Hybrid blades are OneBlade’s bestsellers. In addition to the features spotted by Core, Hybrid uses a patented Teflon stainless steel pivoting head, unlike the Core blade’s plastic. Hence, Hybrid blades offer a cleaner and closer shave than the Core.

One thing that sets the Hybrid apart is the package included in this model. You will find a leather razor holster, a waxed travel bag (canvas), an aftershave balm, and shave cream. If you love clean shaves, you should consider using this safety razor.

The third OneBlade product you can use is Genesis. This safety razor has a solid, ultra-high-grade stainless-steel design that strikes a perfect balance. Hence, the razor moves with precision and smoothness when shaving. With its perfected design, the Genesis allows you to access smaller areas of the face, unlike the Core blades.

The Genesis is more comfortable and easier to use than the Hybrid and Core blades. However, this razor does not suit everyone. Genesis is for individuals who enjoy shaving and take their time in the process. In addition, the Genesis blades come with a lifetime guarantee. Due to its quality, you can pass this razor on from one generation to another.


These razors ensure you get the precision you desire without having issues. In addition, OneBlade has several enticing offers that help its users to remain comfortable while shopping with the brand. When you buy the Genesis razor, you get a lifetime guarantee. In addition, you can either opt for the blade refill plan or buy a new set of ten blades.

Another impression you get when you open the box is the weight. Most users loved the weight of the thoughtfully-designed safety razor. We also found that users loved the brand’s products because they felt more straightforward to use than other safety razors.

The producers of this brand spent a whole year developing the razors. Hence, you will not find any razor that does a cleaner job than OneBlade’s safety-first blades. Each customer appreciated the razor’s sharpness. Unlike other safety razors, the edges from this brand cut effortlessly.

The brand prefers its users to follow a particular shaving routine. OneBlade advises its customers to use its pre-shave and aftershave. Hence, the company includes these materials in the buying kit when you purchase from them.

As stated earlier, the brand has razors for everyone. You will find the Genesis and Hybrid blades more expensive, while the Core is for everyone who needs a shave. Hence, depending on your budget, you can always get a clean shave from OneBlade’s safety razors.


  • Different safety razors for all classes of people
  • Easy to use
  • Highly efficient
  • Customer-centric policies
  • Efficient designs
  • Guaranteed clean shaves

  • The Hybrid and Genesis blades may be too expensive for regular users

2. Supply SE

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
Supply SE

Although most people felt reluctant to use single-blade razors, Supply did an excellent job of convincing people about the quality of their blades. Nowadays, people willingly use single-blade technologies for the cleanest, burn-free shaves.

This brand came into existence in 2015 due to the entrepreneurial endeavors of a couple who designed this razor. One good quality of this razor is that it has a traditional yet classic design. You will find the razor less intimidating while using it to obtain clean shaves.

Supply Razors made their debut on Shark Tank, where they pitched their idea. Since then, the brand has maintained its position among the ranks with other important brands like Harry’s and Gillette. Although this brand produces single-blade razors, you would hardly notice the difference due to its efficiency. Most users may confuse a Supply Razor for a cartridge razor because it feels much smoother than some cartridge razors. Furthermore, the razor does not leave any skin bumps or scratches after use.

This brand is an easy and affordable solution for anyone who usually experiences razor bumps. In addition, the razor suits everyone regardless of preference or age. You will also find that the razor has a unique design that protects sensitive skin. Hence, beginners can use this razor without worrying about cuts and bumps.

This razor also suits people who love single-blade razors. Also, people who love the environment will enjoy the eco-friendly nature of Supply Razors’ blades. You don’t have to dispose of several plastic cartridges or razors because of the unique design spotted by this brand. Although you will find many brands on the market, Supply Razors distinguish themselves with superior materials and construction engineering. At first glance, you would expect this razor to cost more than the amount it goes for. However, the brand uses high-quality alloys that make the price more affordable than its competitors.


Supply Razors has a world-class design that makes shaving easier. You will find that the brand uses injector-style blades combined with the razor’s weight to give you a perfect shave. Since injector-style blades have more thickness than regular double-edged safety razors, Supply Razors have the upper hand. Hence, these razors stand out and are different from disposable blades. You will find this razor interesting as a modern shaver, not only because of its efficiency but also for its design.

Another feature that distinguishes Supply Razors from other brands is the tri-mode setting. You can navigate between Classic, Mild, and Aggressive. The Classic setting works well for a shave, while the Mild is for sensitive skin and shorter hair. The Aggressive setting works well for longer hair and skin that isn’t so sensitive. These settings have proved effective so far, and users keep loving the brand’s innovative thinking.

Supply Razors brought back something most people have missed over time – the Schick-like blade design. Schick was Gillette’s competitor back in the day. The brand uses an injector razor blade placed inside an enclosed razor head. Hence, you will enjoy a less unnerving shaving experience.

The brand also helps you to save money. Instead of making you pay for safety blades that you don’t need right away, Supply Razors uses a thicker injector-style blade which ensures longevity. Hence, you will not necessarily need to change these blades as frequently as the other safety blades on the market.

Although the brand has a uniquely longer-lasting design, Supply Razors offers a 20-pack blade refill. If you run out of blades, you can always use the refill, which costs less than other safety razor brands on the market.

Supply Razors offer free US shipping when you buy products worth $35. In addition, you get fast shipping within the United States. The brand also offers a 100-day risk-free trial for its razors. Hence, you can try out this product at no cost. With its lifetime warranty, you can always ensure your product, knowing the brand has your back.

With Supply Razors, you don’t need to find the perfect angles when shaving. The brand implores its users to incline their safety razors at 15 degrees to access the ideal angle. The brand hopes to make you feel like a pro from the very first pass with their discovery.

The ergonomic design includes a NickStop technology that reduces cuts and nicks by 75%. Furthermore, the fins help the blade cut hair for a smoother shaving experience. Beginners can use this razor because it does not require any hassles while operating. With its clog-free design, you will never experience interruptions due to clogging. The brand also offers a 100-day money-back guarantee for its customers. You can thus return your products if you don’t like the outcome.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Good for all skin types
  • Stylish design
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easily replaceable blades
  • Different color choices

  • More expensive than disposable razors

3. Naked Armor Safety Razors

Score 9.5 OUT OF 10
Naked Armor Safety Razors

It is pretty interesting to see that the founder turned out to create something other than rifles. At a young age, D’rock grew up using rifles. His father tutored him on rifles and how to put together rifles. Perhaps, his idea of precision, steel, and quality all came from his assemblage of guns.

The founder used the principles he understood growing up to find the best materials to handmake Naked Armor razors. The brand uses Japanese steel, which is believed to be the best in the world. From the onset, D’rock chose to use samurai steel for his safety razors. 

The founder did not include badger brushes in his brand’s lineup out of his respect for animals. Today, the brand has become one of the best with a range of high-quality products on the market.

You will find the Parker Deluxe variant adjustable safety razor and the Spartacus safety razor kit as part of the best products from the brand. In addition, the brand sells a safety stand kit and a Parker 26C open comb safety razor to its users.

Other products in the brand’s catalog include the Merkur 34C and Merkur Futur 700 safety razors. In addition to its safety razors, the brand also sells Parker premium platinum double-edge blades and Shark super chrome double-edge blades. The brand’s listing will also find the Gillette Nacet stainless double-edge blades and Derby razor blades. Hence, you will typically enjoy several choices when you patronize this brand.


Naked Armor’s safety razor boasts an excellent Brazilian Sandalwood handle that offers a nice weight. The product typically has a 3oz weight which helps the safety razor Chrome tip and Chrome end caps to maintain an incredible balance. One good thing with this design is that you do not need to push on the razor for a good shave. In addition, the brand uses a reasonably standard head for its product. Users enjoyed the way the Sandalwood felt in their hands. The brand designed the handle with a curve to ensure a tightened grip.

Naked Armor offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hence, you can enjoy the brand’s warranty at any point. If you don’t like the feeling after using the product, you can always get a full refund for unused products. Note, however, that all exchanges or returns must pass the customer service pre-authorization process. The customer service allocates a return authorization number to you and begins the refund process. You have 30 days to return your products. Additionally, you must return your package in its original packaging, unopened, unused, and ready for a refund.

The brand does not take responsibility for shipping fees. Hence, you will only get refunds for products returned and not for shipping or handling fees. In addition, you cannot cancel your order after the brand has fulfilled it. Thus, you may need to cross-check your orders before placing them.

Naked Armor has special offers you can access to help you to save money. For instance, the brand gives customers a free Savanna Scuttle when they use up to $50. You can also enjoy special offers on special occasions like Father’s Day. The brand offers discounts to new users and old, loyal customers.

The brand does not use animal materials in its design. Unlike other brands, you will not find animal-derived materials like badger brushes in your safety razor. If you love and respect animals, you can use this product without having conflicting convictions.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Fairly affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Many choices
  • Animal-free materials

  • No trial packages are available

4. Rockwell Razors

Score 10 OUT OF 10
Rockwell Razors

This brand stands out for redesigning dual-blade safety razors. The brand always ensures to give its users a better shaving experience. In addition, the brand always ensures to reduce plastic waste by using less plastic in its design. The razors offer a comfortable, close shave at affordable rates.

Due to its precision shaves, the brand has been featured in Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, The Manual, Business Insider, GlobeNewsWire, and Breakfast Television. The brand came into being as a collaboration between Gareth Everard and Morgan Nordstrom. The founders, who were students then, started the brand in 2014.

The duo got inspired to start the brand due to the high cost of razors in drugstores. Hence, the founders decided to give people something to work with. The friends sought funds by kickstarting a Kickstarter campaign, where they raised $80,000 in less than 24 hours. After two weeks, the duo launched their first product called the 6S in Toronto, Canada. Since then, the brand has modeled its other designs and that of 6S after classic safety razors from generations ago. However, the brand adds a modern touch to what would naturally be a traditional safety razor brand.

The brand has several characteristics that help them to stand out. You will find that the products have adjustable settings, easy loading, and balanced weight. What started as a movement to boycott expensive cartridges has become a renowned brand.

The brand has several products you can consider for clean, close, and comfortable shaves. The first product on the brand’s list is the Rockwell 6S safety razor. The 6S razor takes care of bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burns. Rockwell Razors used pure stainless steel when making this product. Hence, the product works well on every part of the body. The razor comes in four colors; Matte, Blue, Red, and Matte Black.

Another superior product on the brand’s list is the Rockwell 6C razor. Rockwell Razors ensures the product has an eco-friendly, affordable nature. Hence, everyone can access this product without hassle. The razor has six shave settings that ensure you get the best shave of your life. You will typically find this product in rose gold, gunmetal chrome, or white chrome.

The Model T razor is another valid option if you love clean, seamless shaves. The razor has a user-friendly design that makes shaving easy and enjoyable. Unlike the 6C model, Model T is a single-blade razor. What’s more interesting is that the razor has accurate blade angles that allow you to shave hard-to-reach areas conveniently.

Other products in the brand’s catalog include aftershave balms and shave creams, which help you enjoy a superior shaving experience. The brand also offers quality double-edged razor blades, which come in a 20-pack.


Unlike other brands with overpriced products, Rockwell offers efficient and reliable safety razors at an affordable price. The brand has several models of safety razors you can consider when looking for a pain-free shave. Hence, you will never run out of options regarding this brand.

Rockwell Razors have adjustable settings you can leverage on sensitive areas of your body. You can also use these settings while shaving coarse hair. In addition, you will find beginner settings helpful when handling this precision shaving instrument for the first time. The beginner settings prevent cuts and bumps experienced by new safety razor users.

The brand eliminates plastic waste by minimizing the amount of plastic in its design. Thus, the brand supports the environment with its eco-friendly design. Although the brand makes most of its products in Canada, you can quickly get them delivered in the United States in no time. The brand offers free shipping to the US and Canada to ensure you get your products without hassle. There’s a catch, though; you must buy products above $45. For international orders, you must purchase products up to $60 to qualify for free shipping anywhere in the world.


  • Close, comfortable shaves
  • No rust
  • Adjustable settings
  • Affordable
  • Works on all parts of the body
  • No plastic wastes
  • Lower chances of razor bumps, burns, and ingrown hairs

  • Some users report struggling to find the right angle for shaves

5. Grooming Lounge

Score 10 OUT OF 10
Grooming Lounge

Grooming Lounge is well known for its throwback razors. The brand has taken traditional safety razors to a new level with its simple yet classic design. The razors continue to trend because of their efficiency and reliability. Grooming Lounge offers razors that give you a gentler and closer shave than most products on the market.

The double-edged safety razors perform much better than their multi-blade competitors. Hence, you’ll see customers patronizing this brand relentlessly. Furthermore, the pricing is another thing that draws customers to the Grooming Lounge brand. The brand offers highly efficient double-edge safety razors for almost a fraction of their cartridge counterparts.

If you need the finest upscale grooming products, you should at least consider Grooming Lounge. The brand offers men premium hair and skin care, including shaving essentials. You can even find beard grooming tools and other things too.

The brand offers several products for its safety razors. One popular product in this brand includes the Grooming Lounge 1745 double-edge safety razor. In addition, the product features a chrome-plated, heavy, and solid-brass design. You will also enjoy the wavy handle, which ensures maximum grip. The three-piece design of this product helps you to swap your blades easily. In addition, the design makes it easier to clean your device.

Another popular choice users loved was the Parker Super Heavyweight safety razor. With a 3oz weight, this razor has a modern flair that mixes with the traditional quality to offer the best shaving experience. The heavyweight ensures you don’t have to push the razor for clean swipes. Like the 1745 safety razor, this product also features a three-piece design.  

Other options you could try out include the Parker Vintage Butterfly Safety Razors. Another option is the Merkur 33C Classic Double-Edge Safety Razor. You can also go for the Parker 92R and 66R razors and all other products in the brand’s catalog. Each product in the Grooming Lounge’s catalog gets you a clean and perfect shave.


Grooming Lounge offers various product choices for different people. Depending on your skin type, skill level, and shaving goals, you will find just the perfect product for you. The brand also ensures you get the best with your safety razors by providing informational content to help you on the brand’s official website.

As efficient and classy as these products may seem, Grooming Lounge offers them at relatively affordable prices. Hence, you do not have to worry about spending a fortune on the best safety razors. You will find a price range to choose from when purchasing from this brand. Depending on your goals and budget, you can choose from the many choices available.

Grooming Lounge combines traditional with modern designs to provide classic safety razor choices for users. Hence, all current and traditional users can use these products because they have a classic and traditional feel.

The brand has customer-centric policies that ensure you can enjoy the products without hassle. You will typically enjoy a 10% discount when buying from this brand. Furthermore, you get free samples for every order you make from the brand.

Grooming Lounge also offers free shipping on orders above $50. In addition, the brand has a 100% money-back guarantee that you can leverage if you do not like the products. However, the brand does not refund the money paid for shipping.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Easy to use
  • Free samples
  • Discounts for new and old customers
  • Classic and traditional design in one

  • No refunds on shipping fees

Things to Consider When Buying Safety Razors

Buying the best safety razors could get frustrating if you don’t make the right decisions. We have compiled a few tips to help you get the best safety razors without hassle. Before making your pick, you need to check certain factors. These factors include;

Brand Reputation

It would be best to always consider reputable brands when looking for the best safety razors. These brands have a track record and have built trust with customers. Hence, it is easier to trust them than other brands. In addition, you stand lesser chances of getting scammed when you use reputable brands known for their quality and efficiency. If you have doubts about any brand, always research before paying for any product. We have included reputable brands with the best safety razors in our roundup. You can use these brands to get the best shaving experience.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews will help you to avoid scams and harmful products. The best products have many positive reviews that show their efficiency and reliability. You can also compare the user satisfaction quotient by checking the overall product ratings. Also, you need to check how these products made their users feel. If you usually get burns or bumps from using safety razors, you may want to pay attention to the product comments section for live experiences from customers.

Pricing vs Durability

It is common knowledge that safety razors cost quite some money. Hence, it would help if you considered the pricing and durability of each product before purchasing. The material used for the blades and their durability will help you make the best purchase decisions. Some products offer 20-pack refills at affordable rates. You can leverage such products to save money. As an alternative, you can go for products with thick blades. Such blades do not get blunt quickly. Thus, you can use them for more extended periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are safety razors?

Safety razors are precision instruments men and women use to obtain the best shaving experience. You can pick single-edged or double-edged safety razors depending on your shaving goals.

2. Are safety razors and cartridges the same?

No, safety razors and cartridge blades are not the same. Hence, you need to make your choice depending on what you want.

3. Which is the best safety razor to purchase?

There are several excellent safety razors out there. However, you could also fall prey to scams. Hence, it is always advisable to go for products from reputable brands. The products on our list come from the best safety razor brands. You can use these products to obtain the best shaving experience.


People who shave know that shaving is serious business. Most people spend time and resources looking for the best shaving instruments. In our roundup, we included brands with reliable and safe products. These products offer safe shaves and promise reliable and enjoyable experiences.

You will find various products in our roundup to meet your demands. Hence, you can always go through each brand’s catalog to make your choice. We advise that you pick a product based on your goals, skin texture, and skills.

Sticking to the manufacturer’s instructions is the best way to enjoy your shaving experience. We have included products that will typically help you enjoy your experience. These products work well for beginners and pros. Thus, you should not shy away from using these products. If you have any issues, always contact customer service before buying any product.

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