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Best Razor Strop

If you want a long-lasting razor strop, you must get the one with the best quality. Stay till the end to find the best razor strop suited for you.  

If you’re tired of changing disposable razors on an everyday basis, it’s time to look for a permanent substitute.

Straight razors are the best replacement for disposable razors. However, even straight razors can get dull over time and lose their sharpness. So, how can you revive the strength of your straight razors? The answer is Razor strops.

From sharpening the edges of your blade to keeping them in crisp condition, razor strops can achieve it all. If you’re looking for the best razor strops to get for your straight razors, look no further. Check out our list of some of the most efficient razor strops that will pair well with your straight razor.

5 Best Razor Strop in 2022

RED DEER Straight Razor Strop

Best Value for Money

This straight razor strop from RED DEER is one of the strongest strops that you'll find on the market. If you're looking for a reliable razor strop to sharpen your straight razors, this is an excellent choice.

Color Black
Material Standard Cowhide Leather
Length 20 inches
Width 2 inches

RED DEER is already a popular brand known for producing high-quality hiking and hunting gear. However, the razor strop from this brand is also quite amazing.

Made of fine quality cowhide leather, this one measures about 20 inches in length. This length is suitable enough for professionals to work with, but beginners might face some difficulties initially in mastering the sharpening process.

This straight razor strop bears a fine side and a suede side. Although the suede side has a rough finish, you can use some buffing compound to make the gliding process smooth and easy. You only need a few strokes to sharpen your razor with this strop.

It can be easily hung on the wall through a looped hook on one of the ends of the razor strop. The hooks also work as anchors when you’re working with them. The color of the strop is pure black, making it look classic and admirable. With proper care, this razor strop will last you for years to come.

Product Pros

  • Compatible with a wide range of straight razors
  • It can be used to sharpen hunting knives
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Hooks for security and mounting

Product Cons

  • The fine side of the strop may wear quickly without adequate care

GBS High-Quality Leather Strop

Best Length

Another remarkable razor strop, this one from GBS, is truly one of the best out there. With fine leather quality and some excellent features, you won't find anything better than this.

Color 23.5 inches
Material Cowhide leather
Length 2.5 inches
Width Brown

GBS (Gents Barbershop & Spa) is one of the most popular brands in the market for coming up with new and innovative barber’s shop equipment. This straight razor strop is no exception to their line of quality products.

Built with two distinct sharpening belts, this strop can be a unique addition to your cabinet. The belts have a rough and fine side united with a swivel clip at the apex. This strop also comes with a clip for mounting on the wall. Although the clip is a bit unsteady, you can easily hang it on the wall under proper care.

The strop also has very soft and comfortable handles that ensure a firm grip during sharpening. The rougher side is used for abrasion and sharpening the dull edges during the sharpening process.

However, the fine side is used for straightening the edges. A good hack is using an ideal paste to minimize any cracking through the process.

From woodworking tools to straight razors, this strop can sharpen almost anything. You can also use this strop for sharpening kitchen knives, blades, canvas, and swivels. So, if you’ve got an aspiring woodworker or DIY enthusiast in your family, this strop can be an ideal gift for them.

Product Pros

  • Top-notch stitching
  • Good quality cowhide leather material
  • Does the job with a handful of strokes
  • Can sharpen woodworking tools and kitchen cutlery

Product Cons

  • Flimsy clip for hanging on the wall
  • Smells a bit funny in the beginning

Parker's Handmade Latigo Leather Straight Razor Strop

Best Material

Next on our list is the leather straight razor strop from Parker's handmade line. This is also a cool razor strop to add to your collection. With a solid material and functional design, this strop is definitely an interesting product.

Color 27 inches
Material 3 inches
Length Latigo leather
Width Red Oak/ Black Resin/Walnut

If you’re looking for a razor strop that will last you for years, this is the perfect one. This one is made with premium grade Latigo leather and high-quality craftsmanship. You can find a twin strop with this one that is perfect for last-minute polishes.

 Made with woven polypropylene, this twin strop is surely great for drying a straight razor after sharpening.

The paddle handles equipped with the strop are very long-lasting and provide the most comfortable touch. The strop is designed in such a way that an adequate amount of tension is created during sharpening, but there are limited chances of cracking.

From carpenter tools, kitchen knives, and hunting tools- you can sharpen almost anything with this strop. The end results of using this strop are brilliant. With this one, sharpening looks skilled and precise, with the edges looking crisp and clean.

Product Pros

  • Thick and strong quality leather
  • Comes in three beautiful finishes
  • Appropriate length and width for precise sharpening
  • It can be used for multiple tools

Product Cons

  • May emit strange noises during sharpening

BARBER STROP Straight Razor Sharpener

Best texture

If you want to invest in an excellent razor strop on a budget, this one from Barber Strop can be an excellent option. From razors to kitchen cutlery, you can sharpen many different tools with this unique strop.

Color 2.5 mm
Material Cowhide leather
Length Grainy
Width 4.97 ounces

This razor strop is the perfect tool for beginners. Most beginners struggle with the whole process of sharpening, and few products come with an appropriate manual to guide them through the process. However, with this one, you can be totally relaxed.

This strop comes with a very detailed instruction manual that can help you figure out the nooks and crannies of sharpening straight razors. Through the instruction manual, you can also learn how to sharpen and hone your regular knives with this strop.

One of the best things about this razor strop is the texture. The texture of this strop comes from the top-notch stitching by the hard brass and premium-grade cowhide leather. It plays a great role in sharpening your worn-out blades and keeping them robust for a long time.

There are two sides to the strop, one of which features cowhide leather while the other one is made of canvas. The strop is enclosed in a plastic sleeve for security. You can achieve a well-defined edge with this strop using only a few strokes.

Product Pros

  • Can sharpen razor and knife blades in a minimum time
  • Only a few strokes are necessary
  • Stitching is brilliant
  • Premium quality texture

Product Cons

  • The packaging quality is poor
  • Product may be prone to imperfections due to faulty shipping

Fromm Illinois Razor Strop

Best for Beginners

Another interesting razor strop that you can try for sharpening your razor blades is this one from Fromm Illinois. Beginners who are just starting out with their sharpening skills can easily use this one for their daily activities. From kitchen cutlery to woodworking tools, this strop can manage to make sharpening look easier.

Color Top Grain
Material Cowhide leather
Length Brown
Width 23 inches in length
2.5 inches

Fromm Illinois has been a renowned brand when it comes to making top-grade woodworking tools and knives. Its razor-sharpening strops have also gained much popularity among customers due to the ease of use and comfortable design.

This sharpener is built with a top grain texture that acts as an abrasive surface for sharpening. The fine quality cowhide leather is the perfect material for withstanding years of wear and tear. This leather is perfectly capable of sharpening dull edges without compromising the quality of the blades.

The opposite side of the strop contains zinc oxide that ensures a smooth and flawless finish for sharpening blades. Both the length and width of the strop are perfect for working comfortably with razors.

Since it is very easy to use and has simple features, it makes the perfect gift option for beginners. So, if you’re looking for a simple yet innovative razor-sharpening strop for upgrading your sharpening skills, this one can be an excellent choice.

Product Pros

  • Perfect strop for beginners
  • Durable and long-lasting craftsmanship
  • Equipped with strong hooks for anchorage
  • Eco-friendly

Product Cons

  • Does not work well with flat surfaces

Choosing The Best Razor Strop

Picking a product requires a lot of work. You have to go through all the specifications properly before choosing your final product.

The same applies to a razor strop. Although there are tons of strops in the market that will do the job for you, here are a few things you should consider before picking a razor strop for sharpening your razor or knife blades-


You cannot choose a product without finding out what material it is made of. The material of any product is the most vital feature. The same goes for a razor strop. Most are made of cowhide leather. This is originally a good material for sharpening blades, but it’s best to pick a strong one for the best results.

Choose a razor strop that has a rough and abrasive surface so that the sharpening becomes clear and precise. You can also choose a material like Latigo leather that is available in Parker’s handmade razor strop. This leather is also quite durable and lasts many years if taken care of properly.


Size is another important feature in a razor strop. Both the length and width of the razor strop are equally important when it comes to selecting a strop for sharpening.

If yours is quite long, you can get your sharpening done with only a few strokes. So, choosing a longer strop is necessary for getting things done correctly.

In case of width, you should pick a razor strop that measures around 2.5 inches. With this kind of width, the strokes become more precise and look professional.

Stropping Compounds And Pastes

This is another crucial thing when it comes to sharpening blades. Many razor strops come with additional compounds and pastes that act as a polishing agent. If you want to achieve the best finish possible for your blades, using these stropping compounds and pastes is pivotal.

These compounds and pastes also play a role in minimizing any dryness or cracks during the process. One of these compounds is gritty sandpaper that acts as an abrasive for sharpening the edges.

So, make sure you get a razor strop that bears stropping compounds and pastes with the packaging. 


Design is also an important thing to consider when you’re choosing a razor strop. Before selecting a razor strop, ensure it has solid anchoring points, comfortable handles, and a decent stropping surface. Without these features, a razor strop cannot be used in a convenient manner.

We recommend choosing a strop that can be mounted on the wall using a solid clip. Besides, you should also choose one depending on the adequacy of its stropping surface. Moreover, select a razor strop with well-built handles, preferably with a paddled design.


Razor strops come in different finishes. From Walnut, Black Resin to Red Oak- there are plenty of finishes that razor strops are equipped with. It all comes down to personal preference and blade design on what finish you should go for.

So, before you choose a razor strop, make sure you have an idea of what kind of tool you’re getting the strop for. You can then select one based on the finish to make your tools look top-notch.

Tips for Buying And Using A Razor Strop

Here are some tips you can consider for buying and using razor strops for sharpening your razor and knife blades-

  • Choose a razor strop from a renowned brand, preferably with lots of positive reviews
  • Pick a razor strop with premium-grade leather material
  • Select a lighter one to work smoothly
  • Choose a strop with maximum adjustable features so that you can work with a lot of different blades
  • Remember to always sharpen your blade at an angle to obtain the best results
  • Pick a razor strop with informative manuals to get started with sharpening as a beginner
  • Flip the razor blade over after each stroke to obtain a smooth finish
  • Use stropping pastes prior to sharpening to gain the finest results
  • Make sure that the texture of your strop is grainy and abrasive enough to sharpen your knife and razor blades properly

Which side of the razor strop should you use first?

A razor strop has two sides- one is the rough or flesh part, while the other is the smooth or grainy part. When you’re starting out with sharpening, the first side you should choose is the smooth or grainy part.

Of course, you can work both ways or start with the rough part first. But if you start with the grainy part first, the results will be fine and precise.

Can you use a leather belt as a strop?

Yes, you can obviously use a leather belt made of natural leather as a strop. The rough side will be used to sharpen the blade edges, while the smooth portion will act as a straightener for the razor.

If you’re choosing leather for a strop, make sure you get one that has maximum durability. A leather with a polished surface and a rawhide surface can act as a brilliant substitute for a strop.

How do barbers sharpen their razors?

Barbers sharpen their razors using only their fingertips. They start by placing the razor between the blade and handle and rolling it back and forth. Usually, the smooth or grainy portion is used to strop the blade first.

Next, they use the opposite surface of a strop to deliver a flawless finish. The process is repeated 10-15 times until a smooth finish is obtained.

Should you oil a leather strop?

A leather strop does not require oiling of any kind. However, you can try using pastes and stropping compounds to prepare the strop for sharpening. If you’re facing an issue with the pull, you can use a scanty amount of Neatsfoot oil to lubricate the leather strop.

What makes a good strop?

There are many things that make a good strop. A strop that has a grainy texture is made of premium leather material, requires few strokes to sharpen edges, and lasts years of use is practically a good strop.

A good one should be lightweight yet strong, and it should have solid handles, preferably with paddled design. It should sharpen blades with a precise and crisp finish and withstand any wear and tear.