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Best Pomades for Men

Finding a good pomade for men is tough, let alone the best one in the market. That’s why we have listed out our top picks of men’s pomades for effortless styling of those locks.

A common issue about short hair is the limited styling possibilities. However, there is not much you can do to change the overall look, especially if you have thinning hair.

Most modern hairstyles include slicked back hair, which gives an overall gentlemanlike and dapper appearance. And to help achieve that effect, men have been using, you’ve guessed it, hair pomade since as early as the 18th century.

So, why should you hold back on neat hairstyles? Worry no further because we’ve listed the top products to help you find the best pomade for men.

All the products here are able to give you the best look and feel.

5 Best Pomades for Men in 2022

Reuzel Fiber Pomade

Best Overall

Reuzel Fiber Pomade

This classic pomade brand is a top favorite among men. The packaging may look simple and vintage on the outside, but the product is top notch and might even be the perfect pomade for you.

Holding strength Firm
Level of shine Low
Ingredients Hydrolyzed quinoa, aloe vera, Vitamin E
Composition Water-soluble
Liquid volume 4 oz

If you are looking to achieve a first-rate pompadour, then you can go ahead and purchase the Reuzel Fiber Pomade without second questioning yourself. This product contains no silicones or parabens, so you don’t have to worry about harmful substances harming your hair.

If you are insecure about your thinning hair, Reuzel is here to the rescue. You can work with it and make it texturized, which will result in your hair getting a fuller look. Its special formulation allows you to rework on your hair even after it has been styled already.

Another great thing about Reuzel Fiber Pomade is that it is suitable for all hair types, but works especially well on thin and dry hair. The hold stays strong throughout the day and can easily be washed off as it is a water based formula. It leaves a low shine, making your hair look naturally silky and smooth.

Product Pros

  • Provides excellent hold by helping achieve the right texture
  • Works on all hair types
  • Has a very unique scent which is a mixture of vanilla and mint
  • Does not make hair stiff which makes it easy to style the way you want
  • Does not leave the hair stringy due to lack of silicones and parabens

Product Cons

  • Consistency is rather sticky
  • The packaging tin is not strong; can be damaged easily
  • Doesn't contain too many natural ingredients

Layrite Superhold Pomade

Best Popular

Layrite Superhold Pomade

Layrite is slightly on the pricier side, but that thought will diminish once you find your unruly hair being managed like a wonder with this product. Not only is it enriched with coconut oil, but also barber approved.

Holding strength Firm
Level of shine Medium
Ingredients Kaolin clay, coconut oil, castor oil, beeswax, Brazilian palm tree leaves, and coal extracts
Composition Water-soluble
Liquid volume 4.25 oz

As said already, all your unruly hair troubles will be gone with this product. Its firm hold formula ensures grooming of curly, coarse, and thick hair with minimal effort.

Do you want to know what else is great about Layrite being a strong hold pomade? It is water soluble and works well on short, long, and medium length hair!

Aside from your locks, you can use Layrite to style your mustache and beard as well. With a unique scent of mild cream soda, you get finish of a low to medium shine which gives a sophisticated look.

Product Pros

  • Premium packaging quality that is well worth the high price
  • Works great on thick and hard to control hair no matter the length
  • Allows to style curly hair very easily
  • Water-soluble composition does not leave a greasy feel
  • Dries down to a flexible firm but flexible hold

Product Cons

  • Scent might be overpowering
  • Expensive

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair Pomade

Best Quality

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair Pomade

The thing about top grade barbers is that they won't ever share their works' secrets. But with the Rocky Mountain hair pomade, you get to have your own barber-grade performance. Firm hold, water based formula, and high shine  — combine them all together, and you get the best quality.

Holding strength Firm
Level of shine High
Ingredients Beeswax, glycerin
Composition Water-soluble
Liquid volume 5 oz

Most pomades have a strong smell, but this product doesn’t. Its light and fresh fragrance will not get in the way of your body wash or cologne.

Compared to traditional pomade packaging, the Rocky Mountain Barber Company brand provides 20% more per container. A larger quantity will help you to experiment with it more, and get to know the right hairstyles for you better.

Unlike oil based pomades, this product washes out easily and does not clog the pores on your skin, and lets your scalp breathe while maintaining a healthy shine. Beeswax in the composition gives your scalp that extra nourishment along with that high shine with a stronghold, regardless of what hairstyle you go for.

An interesting fact about the Rocky Mountain Barber Company pomade is that it is produced in small batches. This way, the formula always stays fresh and leaves minimal wastage. When we listed this as the best quality, we weren’t kidding!

Product Pros

  • Works great for straight hair
  • Washes off easily despite being oil based
  • Has a light and natural scent that does not clash with any other perfumes or scents you apply
  • Does not leave a greasy feel and is light enough to make your scalp breath
  • Gives a firm hold throughout the day so you do not have to fuss over

Product Cons

  • Not suitable for thin or fine hair
  • Issues with shipping

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold

Best Value (for money)

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold

It's hard to come across a versatile pomade, but Suavecito is one where that factor checks out. As you know, most medium hold pomades need to be applied on wet hair. But this one works on dry hair just as good.

Holding strength Medium
Level of shine Moderate
Ingredients Caramel, glycerin, hydrogenated castor oil
Composition Water-soluble
Liquid volume 4 oz

What’s most popular about this product is its creamy consistency which makes it easy to pick up and apply. Such a formulation also provides a firm grip that lasts long and helps you achieve virtually any hairstyle you want. And the fact that you don’t need to even use shampoo to wash it off is a major advantage.

Although it is a clay pomade, the overall texture is incredibly light and sits comfortably on the hair. Considering that it has a medium hold with medium shine, it is a great choice for beginners. It can be rather intimidating to start off with a thick pomade of high hold if you have no experience with hairstyling.

Thus, the Suavecito pomade is the best you can get if you’re a beginner or a seasoned hairstylist who works with medium shine. And to top all that, you get all these great qualities in this styling product for a very affordable price.

Product Pros

  • Works great for short and thin hair
  • Washes off easily without having to shampoo
  • Incredibly light texture that is easy to work with and manage
  • Can be applied to both wet and dry hair
  • Comfortable texture that can be easy to handle even by beginners

Product Cons

  • Not suitable for coarse or curly hair
  • Dries out too quickly

Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade for Men

Best Brand

Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade for Men

Another versatile pomade we bring forth is the hard cream pomade from Baxter of California. Aside from its paraben-free composition, this pomade has a lot more to offer, and there's a reason why the brand name holds its value to this day.

Holding strength Firm
Level of shine Low
Ingredients Glycerin, ethically-sourced beeswax, bamboo extract, hydrogenated castor oil
Composition Water-soluble
Liquid volume 7.58 oz

The packaging is unlike your typical jar of pomade but instead looks like a high end beauty product. But we assure you that the appeal of this Baxter of California product does not just lie in its appearance but in everything else about it too.

Firstly, California’s clay pomade works on both wet and dry hair, making it very quick and convenient to use. It is a strong hold pomade with a light and airy consistency, which is a combination you won’t normally get from other brands.

In most cases, the shine is more prominent when your hair is the thicker type. So using a high shine pomade to medium and thick hair would look a bit unnatural and exaggerated. Hence, this Baxter of California clay pomade was specifically formulated to provide a medium to low shine for thick hair types.

In addition, this clay pomade can be used on loose curls to add hydration and more definition. For best results, blow drying is suggested after applying it to set that firm hold in place for the day.

This styling product also works great for parted and structured hairstyles. In 2014, this California clay pomade won the Details Readers’ Choice Award for Best Hair Paste. Now you know that its position as the best branded pomade is justified.

Product Pros

  • Easy to apply on both wet and dry hair
  • Gives a natural look due to the light and airy consistency
  • Gives a firm hold throughout the day no matter the hairstyle you pick
  • Comfortable consistency that is great for medium and thick hair types

Product Cons

  • Strong, overpowering scent
  • Dries out too quickly; hard to spread

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Pomades for Men

Before we get into the details of our top picks, it is important that you first assess your requirements and hair texture and strength. Even though the pomades we have mentioned below are top rated, they won't suit all hair types.

In order to select the hair pomade that will be best for you, keep in mind the following things

Hair Type

The type of hair you have can be described in many different ways, but generally, you can categorize it in terms of

- Form and texture (straight, wavy, curly)
- Consistency (thin, coarse)
- Strength (weak/strong roots)
- Feeling (greasy, dry)

One of the most important things to keep in mind is how thick or thin a single strand of your hair is. Certain pomades will work differently on thick hair as opposed to thin or fine hair.

Knowing that pomade adds texture, using a thicker formula would make sense if you have coarse hair but can damage your strands if they are thin and weak. Putting on the wrong pomade based on your hair type can cause damage in the long run and affect your scalp as well.

As hair type itself has subcategories, you can understand why you should carefully consider these factors before just buying a pomade you think will be good. For instance, oil based pomades won’t be suitable at all if your hair is greasy.


If you have sensitive skin on your scalp, it is very important that you be aware of what sort of products you use. Overall, it is best to stick with pomades that consist of natural ingredients.

As pomade is known to give a certain hold to hair, the core ingredients in most brands include sulfates, parabens, and silicone. Although these components help with keeping the hair in place, they are not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Styling might become easy, but those ingredients tend to dry up the natural oils in your hair. As time goes by, the natural and healthy shine your hair has will be gone eventually.

Type Of Hold And Shine

Although this goes close with analyzing your hair type, we felt it should be a separate factor to consider. Depending on the type of hairstyle, there are pomades that give different holds.

For example, you will need a strong hold pomade for slicked-back hair. You will also need this if you want spikes or even a Mohawk to last you the entire day. But for a loose and casual look, you can go for a medium-hold pomade, as a strong one will make it unmanageable.

For a slick look, you can consider an oil-based pomade that will give a high shine. To get a natural finish or low shine, matte pomade will work best.

How It Washes Off

As we know pomade is a styling product that keeps your hair locked to your desired manner, it’s definitely something you’ll want to wash off at the end of the day. Normally, water based pomades are easy to wash off if you just rinse your hair with water.

For an oil based pomade, you will need shampoo to clean it; otherwise, the residual grease will attract dirt to your hair. So this factor depends mainly on your personal preference, considering the options you have for washing off the pomade.


Aside from its obvious styling ability, pomade is known for the scent it holds. In the earlier days, pomades would have a strong and overpowering scent, which would double as perfume.

But in the present day, we now have dedicated perfumes for men, which eliminate the need for strongly-scented pomades. However, contemporary pomades in the market do in fact contain subtle fragrances.

Most of these pomades have a mild scent that gives an extra appeal. The ones with all natural ingredients are usually fresh smelling, but there are a lot of other pomades out there with great fragrances that you can choose according to your taste.

Tips for Buying and Using Pomade

You now know what to look out for when choosing the right hair pomade. Here are some additional tips on buying and using it:

Decide on the Look

As far as hair products go, pomades are what allow countless styling possibilities for men, regardless of hair length. And as we you have read above, the type of style(s) you want to go for will depend on the formula of the hair pomade.

Once you have figured out the type of style you want, it will be easier for you to choose the type of pomade to buy. So, for an extremely shiny and sleek look, you’ll definitely want to get an oil based pomade with a high shine.

Consider Your Money’s Worth

Although it is always important to save money and buy affordable products, it is okay to splurge a bit when it comes to hair products. Since only a small amount of pomade is needed for each use, investing in good quality and brand of hair pomade is recommended.

Most of the cheap pomades you’ll find contain harmful chemicals which will do nothing but gradually damage your hair and roots. Buying a relatively costlier hair pomade with all-natural ingredients will be worth what you pay for. Ultimately, not only will your hair look great, but you will feel great too!

Use on Damp Hair

Pomade is naturally a wax-based hair product, which means it is water activated. You can always check the application instructions on the container for proper usage.

But for best results, you should use pomade on slightly wet hair, or towel dried hair. The blended formula of moisture and oils/waxes will provide better structure and hold to your hairstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Pomade In Your Hair Every Day?

It is generally advised to avoid using pomade every day as it can slowly build up grease in your roots and cause hair fall.

Even water based pomades have some amount of oil in their composition, and prolonged accumulation of oils in the hair will clog pores and gather dirt. This may be causing overall damage to the scalp and hair strands.

Is It Okay To Leave Pomade In Overnight?

Even for water based pomades, it is strongly advised to wash them off before going to sleep. This is because pomades are generally sticky and will gather dirt and dead skin cells from your pillow and close the pores in your scalp. As a result, you can get dandruff and scalp acne.

Does Using Pomade Cause Hair Loss?

There has been no evidence linked to hair loss and the usage of pomade. Hair loss generally occurs mainly due to genetics, malnutrition, and continual usage of harmful chemicals on the scalp. But it is still advisable to not use pomade too often.

Can I Use Pomade On Bleached Or Color Treated Hair?

Typically there are no issues with using pomade on dyed hair. But be more careful with bleached hair, as the strands have been stripped of many protective layers, making it crisper. It is best to skip pomade and use products like a leave-in conditioner instead.

What Is The Best Weather For Using Pomade?

Considering humidity makes our hair frizzy, you can try using pomade to keep your hair in place in such climates. Generally, you can use pomade in any weather, but it will wash off if you are directly under the rain for too long.