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Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush

A shaving kit isn’t completed if you haven’t found the best shaving brush for yourself. Click here to find out what are the best options available in the current market!

For a perfect wet shave, you must get the right shaving brush otherwise, you won’t be able to get that thick and rich lather that traditional wet shaving is known for.

When it comes to shaving brushes there are no better options than the badger shaving brushes. But finding a good badger isn’t as easy as it sounds because there are a lot of fake copies out there.

That’s why in this article, we have gone through every type and design of badger shaving brushes out there to find you the best badger shaving brushes that will ensure that you get the perfect smooth shave that you deserve.

We have also added an in-depth buying guide and a few tips from the wet shaving community for a comfortable shaving experience.

5 Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush in 2022

Parker Safety Razor Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

Parker Safety Razor Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

If you are looking for the best shaving brush currently on the market then there will be very few that can live up to the quality that Parker Safety Razor Silvertip Badger shaving brush brings.

Bristle Silvertip Badger
Knot Size 22 mm
Handle Faux Horn Handle
Height 2 Inches
Weight 6 oz

This premium shaving brush comes with the 3 Band the higher grade for any silvertip hair, which already makes this shaving brush one of the best there is.

But not only that but this brush is also capable of perfect blend and will ensure that you have quality, comfort, and performance all at the same time.

It has a good knot size meaning the brush will be stiff but at the same time soft. So, you can be assured of slick & thick lather. And the high reach of the loft also makes the softening process much more accessible when put together against the competition.

The pricing is also quite cheap compared to the other silvertip badger hair out there. And you also get a free resin brush stand.

Product Pros

  • Suitable for use with all skin types
  • Elegant & attractive design
  • Balanced resin shaving brush stand
  • Pricing is budget friendly

Product Cons

  • The size of the handle might be small for big hands

BRV MEN Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Best Value

For value for money, you can’t go wrong with the BRV MEN pure badger shaving brush. This brush speaks of quality and luxury all at the same time while being at a reasonable price.

Bristle Pure Badger
Knot Size 19 mm
Handle Resin Handle
Height 1.97 Inches
Weight 3.17 oz

There are very few pure badger brushes out there that can ensure the quality that the BRV MEN pure badger shaving brush provides. The lathering that you will get from this brush is excellent and very dense.

What’s more the brush offers a high water and heat retention from most other pure badgers on the market. The knot size is also decent so you can have a good soft shave without irritating your skin.

Overall, it is a classic shaving brush for men and one that you should get if you love the barbershop experience and relive them during your shaving sessions.

Product Pros

  • Excellent value for the money
  • Gives good later and is firm
  • Soft on the skin
  • Fits any standard-size stand easily

Product Cons

  • Not ideal for traveling
  • Some people report constant shedding
  • Not for all skins

Simpsons Chubby Super Badger Shaving Brush

Best Design

The simple but elegant design is what will come into your mind when you use the Simpsons Chubby super badger shaving brush for yourself. This brush has everything you look for in a shaving brush and offers more.

Bristle Fine Badger
Knot Size 19 mm
Handle Resin Handle
Height 1.97 Inches
Weight 3.2 oz

There are very few super badger brushes that can live up to the standard that the Simpsons Chubby super badger shaving brush sets for super badger hair.

This brush offers everything that you need in a perfect shaving brush: a good knot that will allow you to have long lofts, a great wooden handle that makes shaving a comfortable and pleasing task, and not to mention the big height with super badger hair that ensures you will have a soft yet thick later every time you shave.

Simpsons are regarded as the world’s finest brush makers for a reason and this shaving proves just that. And this brush is entirely handmade. You will know that you are using something exclusive when you get this shaving brush in your hand.

Product Pros

  • Completely Handmade
  • Comfortable & aesthetically pleasing handle
  • Balanced knot ensures good reach while maintaining high stiffness
  • Gives a luxurious feel while shaving

Product Cons

  • Some people reported the brush to be uncomfortable with their skin
  • A bit costly

Perfecto Original Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Best Usability

For the best shaving experience, you can’t just go wrong with the Perfecto Original pure badger shaving brush. You can use this brush anywhere at any time and you will always get the perfect results.

Bristle Pure Badger
Knot Size 19 mm
Handle Resin Handle
Height 1.97 Inches
Weight 1.76 oz

Perfecto Original pure badger shaving brush is regarded as the best brush to use for beginners and veterans alike. This brush can adapt to any brushing & lathering technique at ease and is very simple to handle.

The wide knot size allows this brush to host more hair and the pure badger hair isn’t as hard as the rest and ensures that you will get a perfect lather no matter what.

It is the best companion for a proper wet shave that will gently but perfectly exfoliates your skin. The pricing is also reasonable and you can fit it with any perfecto brush stands on the market.

Product Pros

  • High water retention
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Easy to handle
  • Feels extremely soft on the skin

Product Cons

  • Some people report shedding due to a defect that slipped from quality control
  • Water retention is bad on the defected products

Parker Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Best Quality

If you are looking for the best shaving brush currently on the market then there will be very few that can live up to the quality that Parker Safety Razor Silvertip Badger shaving brush brings.

Bristle Pure Badger
Knot Size 19 mm
Handle Resin Handle
Height 1.97 Inches
Weight 5 oz

This handmade shaving brush from Parker offers grade 3 pure badger, which is arguably the best pure badger hair that you can get on a shaving brush. The long loft of this brush also allows you to have a soft and comfortable shave with ease.

This is the perfect brush to send in as a gift also. The packaging is done with a gift box and the brush also comes with an included resin brush stand.

So, if you are planning to surprise someone with a luxurious gift or looking for one yourself then this brush is the one for you!

Product Pros

  • Bristles are extremely soft
  • Provides superior quality that only handmade brushes can give
  • Durable resin brush stand
  • Comes packaged in a Gift Box
  • Value for money

Product Cons

  • The stand/brush holder doesn't receive the brush very well.
  • Not for extremely sensitive skin
  • Heat retention isn’t the best

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush

Best Wet Shaver

For a long-lasting wet shave, there aren’t many shaving brushes that are capable of the high quality that you can get with this brush.

Bristle Best Badger
Knot Size 19 mm
Handle Resin Handle
Height 1.97 Inches
Weight 2.08 oz

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush is arguably one of the best-wet shavers that you can have in your arsenal of shaving. This brush excels at wet shaves as the high knot size ensures you get a soft lather where the foams reach under your facial hair.

The handle is also made with consideration for staying connected to water for a good amount of time. The ebony polyester ensures that there is no water damage even if you are going to use cold water for your shaving session.

Pricing for this brush is also decent and it comes with a shaving brush stand, so it’s a great option if you prefer a good amount of wet shaving for yourself.

Product Pros

  • Good reach due to large knot size
  • Perfect for any wet shaver
  • Firm lathering sensation
  • Comes with a stand

Product Cons

  • Weak backbone
  • Needs good maintenance

Anbbas Silvertip Badger Hair Brush

Best Build Quality

If you are searching for the market for the perfect shaving then Anbbas silvertip badger hair brush is the one for you.

Bristle Silvertip Badger
Knot Size 19 mm
Handle Resin Handle
Height 1.97 Inches
Weight 4.8 oz

This brush has it all. It is a well-built silvertip brush with included brush stand and elegant design. The large knot size greatly helps in the cleaning process. The height is also perfect as you can easily use this brush for your travel brush as well.

Apart from the magnificent build of the brush, you will also have a perfect and thick lathering every time you use it.

Product Pros

  • Comes with a stand
  • Offers a rich lather
  • No terrible smell
  • Very easy to handle

Product Cons

  • Packaging isn't the bes
  • Holder doesn't live up to the quality of the brus

What to Consider When Choosing Shaving Brushes for Yourself

There are a lot of things that you need to consider before you can start picking a shaving brush that is perfect for you.

The things that you need to consider before you select the right shaving brush for yourself are the following:

Types of Badger Shaving Brushes

While other brush types have no variety, badger hair brushes are full of them. And if you are looking to find the best badger hair brushes then you will need to understand all of them and take your pick.

There are four types of badger brushes that you can opt for. All of these brushes are divided on the badger hair grades & location of the hair. And these are:

  • Pure Badger Hair Brush
  • Best Badger Hair Brush
  • Fine Badger Hair Brush
  • Silvertip Badger Hair Brush

Pure Badger Brush

This is the most common and one of the cheaper badger brush variants. But don’t let that confuse you as pure badger brushes can easily produce a rich lather.

They offer excellent scrubs and low shedding even if you are working with low-quality shaving soaps.

The hair is picked from the abdomen, buttocks, neck & shoulder, so generally, the hair is taken from roughly around 60 to 65 percent of a badger’s body.

You will also find that the color is somewhere between jet black to dark tan, which you can find in any entry-level barber shop.

Now, the pure badger hair shaving brushes aren’t the best out there, but if you are just starting with wet shaving then it is a great option compared to other brushes on this level.

Best Badger Brush

If you want to put cost and performance against each other then the badger brush that will come out on top is the best badger hair brush.

The hair for this brush is taken from the belly of the badger. This means these hairs are longer & more pliable compared to the pure badger brushes.

Therefore, these are fine brushes compared to pure ones and come with better water retention than almost every other brush on the same level.

The color range for these is grey to light brown and as they come from the belly, they shed less compared to other badger bristles.

Fine Badger Brush

This is a quite rare hair type on a badger; therefore, it is very hard to come by. People also often mistake fine hair with silvertip hair.

Fine brushes are expensive but at the same time provides the user with a soft and natural shaving experience that even some premium high-quality brush can’t provide.

The hair is pulled from the dorsal area, mainly the back of a badger and that is why the hairs are much softer and the only badger brush that can compete with this softness are the silvertip brushes.

As for the color range, you will find it somewhere between a light great base with white tips to mottled white.

If you are looking for an expensive but not over-expensive shaving brush for your shaving arsenal then this badger shaving brush is probably the one you should get!

Silvertip Badger Brush

The silvertip brush is made from the hairs found on a badger’s neck and the cervical area. These hairs are very hard to come by and offer an extreme level of cushioning.

With silvertip badger hair brushes, you are not just getting a rich lather and a good brush; you are getting the best luxurious brush out there.

The silver tips and cream white base of these brushes not only ensure that you will get the best shaving experience possible, but it also confirms that you will be using the best shaving brush there is.

Synthetic Shaving brush

A good alternative for badger brushes can be synthetic shaving brushes if you don’t want to use shaving brushes with animal hair.

As the name suggests, these brushes are made out of synthetic fibers but there can be some natural ingredients mixed in too. Whether it is natural or synthetic materials, a synthetic brush comes out floppy or stiff.

There are a few high-quality synthetic brushes out there that give a good competition against pure or best badger hair.

But silvertip badger hair brushes will still be the victor against any high-end synthetic shaving brush on the market.

Shaving Brush Handle

If you don’t get a good brush handle then you won’t be able to have an optimal shaving session. There are quite a few things that you will have to consider in this case and they are:

Shape & Weight of the Handle

It is best to know the proportions of the handle that you will be using. You should look for a handle that is not too long or too short, just right.

This might require you to go through a few shave brushes but eventually, you will find out the perfect shape for your shaving brush handle.

When checking out the shape, you should also look into the overall weight of the handle as well.

This is because almost 95 percent of the weight of a shaving brush comes from its handle. And you don’t want a shave brush with weight issues, otherwise, you will regret it in the long run.

Handle Material

There are three types of materials that are most common for shaving brush handles: wood, metal & plastic.

Wood is the classic option and many luxurious hair brushes like badger hair brushes come with them. They offer a good grip and high water & shave foam resistance.

You can also opt for metal ones. We recommend you pick a handle that is made of stainless steel if you are going with metal handles.

Plastic handles are generally found on shaving brushes that are budget friendly and cheap. They don’t last long and you might even end up breaking them.

So, we don’t really recommend this option but if you have no other choice then pick one that is sturdy & offers good durability.

Stiffness of the Shaving Brush Knot

This is also referred to as the backbone of a shaving brush. The stiffness will determine how stiff your shaving brush will actually be.

So it will directly impact the scrubbiness, lather creation, and overall movement of the shaving brush. So, make sure you get a shaving brush handle that has the optimal stiffness on the knot.

Bristle Shedding

The bristles are directly connected with the handle and if your bristles are shedding regularly then it is also due to a faulty handle.

While it is true that if you are using a low-quality brush then regular shedding is acceptable. But for high-quality brushes like badger hair brushes, it isn’t.

Overall Feel

You should pick up a handle that feels right in your hand. A shaving brush is nothing without its handle and you can get the best shave brushes in the world but if you don’t feel comfortable with the handle then it is not the best option for you.

Therefore, pick a shave brush that meets all the requirements and ultimately feels right in your hand.

Loft Height

A shaving brush with a bigger loft is always better as you can get extra space and the hair thickness will allow you to have slick lather and good thickness too.

But this also comes down to personal preference, as most people like to have a long loft while some don’t.

Brushes with high lofts also come with a higher price tag. But for a softer shaving experience, the extra cost is worth the money.

Overall Pricing

Last and probably the most important factor that you need to consider before purchasing a badger shave brush for yourself is the overall price.

Badger shave brushes come at different price points. From budget-friendly ones to highly expensive you will find shave brushes for every budget.

So, it is easy to end up making an impulse purchase and buy a badger brush that you really don’t need at this moment.

To avoid this type of scenario you should look into what you need and whether or not you can afford it or if the extra features are worth the money or not.

For example: if you are just getting started with shaving then picking up a badger silvertip brush isn’t the ideal option. You should start with pure badger hair and then move up one hair type at a time.

Tips for Buying and Using Shaving Brushes

Now, once you understand all the factors that you need to look into before you buy a badger shaving brush for yourself, there are a few tricks & tips that you need to know.

These will help you to buy a better brush and will also help you to understand how to use a shaving brush properly. These tips are:

Evaluate the Manufacturer

Purchasing from a well-known brand is better than picking a badger shaving brush from an unreliable source with no reviews. There are a lot of cheap knock-offs of popular shaving brushes out there it is quite easy to get scammed.

But if you purchase your shaving brush from well-known websites or trusted manufacturers you don’t risk that

Now, there might be times when you have to purchase from an unreliable source. If you are doing that then search up the manufacturer first. Check their reviews and whether or not customers actually provided any reviews or not.

There are spam reviews on a lot of websites now but you can identify them easily and after evaluation, if you think that the manufacturer is trustworthy, only then make your purchase.

Look for Combo Deals

Many buyers make this mistake but if there is a combo deal out there with badger shaving brushes then picking it up will save you a lot of money.

Most of the time you will be able to get shaving cream or shaving foam with your badger shaving brush.

But if you are purchasing high-quality shaving brushes then you can also get a shaving soap of equal standards with it.

So, don’t confirm your order without checking whether you can get a good combo deal or not. That being said, if you already have shaving cream or soap in stock then you don’t have to look for them.

But if possible then don’t miss the opportunity to get them at a cheaper price!

Get the Additional Tools

You can’t just go ahead and buy a shaving brush without purchasing the tools to take care of it. And there are quite a few you need to pick up.

A tool that you must have at your disposal is a shaving mug, not only will it work to keep your foams and hair in one place, but it will also keep the shaving brush safe.

To take care of your brush you should also get a shaving brush holder or at least a brush cap that will cover up the hair when you are not using it.

Remember, when you are picking up a brush cap, it shouldn’t be hard on the hair or you will face extra shedding. if this happens then it will do more bad than good to your shaving brush.

But the best option will be to get a shaving brush stand.

Understand Different Shaving Ingredients

You can’t claim you know how to use a shaving brush if you don’t understand the difference between shaving ingredients like shaving soap and shaving cream.

These components, while they serve the same purpose are quite different and you can’t apply shaving cream the way you can apply shaving soaps. And the brush technique for using them is also quite different.

We recommend that you learn how to use a shaving brush with shaving cream first. This is because if you know how to apply shaving cream then you won’t have much trouble with shaving soaps or foams.

Warm Water Over Cold Water

You should never try to shave with cold water. This is bad and can make you feel irritated through the entire shaving process. It also can lead you to get a cut on your face.

On the other hand, warm water will not only soften your hair but will also make it easier for your shaving cream or soap to create lather.

Also, you should steer clear of hot water as it will burn your skin up and will negatively affect your shaving sessions.

Therefore, always go with warm water instead of cold water and avoid hot water at any cost.

Take Care of Your Shaving Kit

Shaving is quite a delicate process and the tools that you use for this process are also quite delicate. That’s why you need to take care of them properly.

Don’t leave your shaving brush out in the open or dipped in water. The same goes for your shaving creams, soaps, towels, and other equipment as well.

You should use your shaving brush stand and keep the brush from touching any surface at all.

How to Clean Your Shaving Brush?

Cleaning your shaving brush should be one of your top priorities and it is quite easy to do so. Once you are done shaving, start by rinsing your shaving brush with warm water. Ensure that it is warm or cold (not recommended).

Afterward, place the brush on a brush stand and make sure it is facing downward. The idea here is to dry out the bristles and draw out the moisture from the brush’s base.

Before placing the brush in the stand do make sure that the stand is clean in the first place. Don’t try to dry off the residual water inside the brush in an alternate way like by using a heater. This will only damage the hairs and nothing more.

If you don’t have a shaving brush stand available, then you can use a microfiber cloth and slowly try to drain away the water from the brush head. This is quite risky and we don’t suggest you try this option.

What is Spring Clean & How Often Should I DO It for my Shaving Brush?

Spring clean is the term that is used to indicate shampoo cleaning on a saving brush. After a few months of usage, the hairs will start to lose their texture and will start to get frizzy. That is when you need to perform a spring clean on your shaving brush.

Just drizzle a bit of shampoo in your brush and slowly clean it. Make sure to go through each and every hair. Once you are done just clean it in warm water and then dry the brush off. You will witness the difference immediately.
There is no given time schedule on when you should do a spring clean on your shaving brush. That being said, we suggest that you perform a spring clean at least once in six to eight months.

My Brush is Losing Its Hair – Is It Normal or Should I be Worried?

Shedding is a common part of a shaving brush, so there is nothing to worry about. While that’s true if your brush is brand new and it is shedding at an alarming rate then there is a problem with your brush or the shaving ingredients that you are using.

To notice if you are suffering from a faulty brush that keeps shedding, first look into the first two-month shedding rate if it’s just a few hairs then no problem. But if it’s chunks of hair then your brush is the one to blame or the product you are using on your brush.

This can also happen if you don’t clean your brush regularly.