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Are Merkur Razors Aggressive?

Are Merkur Razors Aggressive?

It’s not news that most people’s go-to for effective shaving is the Merkur razor. Merkur razors, one of the best razors for men, are less aggressive than some other brands. It gives a close and mild shave, which is what everyone aims for.

Over the years, Merkur safety razors have become loved by many because of how innovative they are. The brand’s razor design, constant firm grip, and smooth shaving process make them unique among others. The easy glide of the razor against the skin protects against skin irritations like blisters, sores, or cuts.

Where Are Merkur Razor Blades Made from?

You may be wondering, where are Merkur razor blades made? Merkur safety razor blades are made in Germany. The company works with expert workers to produce what they are best known for — a smooth shaving stick experience. If you’re wondering if the Merkur blade is a good choice, you’ll get all the needed information here.

How Do You Load a Merkur Safety Razor?

Most newbies who want to use Merkur razors often Google-search, “Are Merkur razor blades aggressive?” Setting up a Merkur Double Edge (DE) safety razor is simple. The longest time to install a blade in a Merkur razor is around one minute. It is essential to be extra careful while loading it because of the double edge blades. Even the slightest mistake could cut you open.

Although there are several types of Merkur razors in the market, the double-edged designs are the most common. Double-edged Merkur razors, popularly called DE razor blades, have a rectangular shape with sharp edges on both sides. A DE blade consists of a head, double edge blades, and handles of various sizes.

Double-edged blades are used by many people, regardless of their ages. The edges are all made in thin forms for proper shaving and quality stainless steel.

Option 1: 3-piece Merkur Blade

There are different types of blade pieces, but the majority of Merkur blades are the 3-piece. To load your 3-piece Merkur blade, follow these easy steps.

  • Hold the edge apart with one hand each.
  • Next, firmly twist off the handle and drop it on a clear surface where it would be easily retrievable.
  • With both of your hands, dismantle the head. However, while doing so, you must be mindful of the blade and sharpened edges.
  • Carefully study how the head fits for a few seconds. The “studying” process is crucial because often, people mistakenly fix their blades haphazardly, causing the razor not to function at its full capability.
  • When you have studied the mechanism adequately, please pick up the blade and slot it into the middle of the razor’s head.
  • Is the blade properly in place? Good job. All that is left for you to do is screw the blade’s handle.

Option 2: Adjustable Safety Razor

Apart from the 3-piece blade types, there is also the adjustable safety razor. This type of Merkur razor is one of the people’s favorites because users can change the blades at will. Adjustable safety razors allow you to choose the level of stiffness for your blade. The angle your blade shows from can also be changed on an adjustable safety razor. In other words, you can customize your shaving. You only have to decide what works best for you.

Loading your Merkur Adjustable Safety Razor is just as simple as the 3-piece process. Follow these steps:

  • Twist out the bottom of the handle from the bottom up in a counterclockwise manner.
  • When the top of the razor fully opens up, insert a new blade between the bottom and cover.
  • Next, close the top by re-twisting the bottom of the handle to tighten it in place. Make sure to twist firmly with a tight grip on the middle of the handle.

If the adjustable safety razor you have isn’t twistable, you can pull the cover up to insert a blade. To do so, hold both sides of the razor and remove the lid. To close it, clasp the lid down in its latch.

When this is done, you successfully set up your Merkur razor.

How Long Do Merkur Razors Last?

The Merkur razors are top products fast selling online and can last for up to 10 years. The Merkur brand has been thriving in the razor industry for over a hundred years.

This hasn’t been just by chance. It means they have been keeping their customers satisfied and happy.

The founders of Merkur razors make their products in Solingen, Germany. People in that part of the world are known to be expert blade makers. The blades can stand the test of time, and various testimonies of Merkur razors support this claim.

While Merkur razors can last long, part of that depends on you. For your razor to last, you will have to put a lot of conscious effort into maintaining it.

Here are some ways to do so:

Please handle with Care:

Merkur razors’ quality is strong, but this doesn’t mean it is immune to damage. Try to treat it with utmost care while using it. It should be kept in a dry, clean place when it is not in use.


Merkur razors are not aggressive. Therefore, trimming an area with a lot of hair is advisable so as not to stress your razor’s capabilities.

In transit, Secure your razor:

Keep it safe in a case or wrapped in a towel when traveling with your razor. Doing so prevents it from clashing with other things in your bag, which might lead to damage or breakage.

Rinse Constantly:

Some products are capable of reducing your razor’s efficiency. They contain chemicals that are harmful to blades and razors. Additionally, neglecting your blade without rinsing after each shave can clog it.

These tips will help you keep your razor in great shape for a long time.

How Sharp Are Merkur Blades?

Merkur Double-edged blades are moderately sharp. For those wondering, “how do you use a Merkur razor?” it is easy because these products have minimal sharpness and give a close shave without being too direct. By their design, Merkur blades precisely shave down the hair to the skin level without much impact. Most brand customers have reported that shaving with the razor is smooth and bump-free. This is one of the features which makes the brand a force to reckon with in the razor industry. It is also why many wet shavers have it as one of their favorites.

New wet shavers still trying to learn the ropes of using safety razors have it easy with Merkur. How come? The razor isn’t as sharp as most brands, but it is good enough to shave off hair properly. It also easily glides through the skin, saving the new wet shaver from any mistake they might make. This also depends on how much carefulness is applied, though.

With the Merkur DE razor, users with sensitive skin have nothing to worry about. even if they experience a lot of hair growth. You can achieve a smooth finish without fearing cuts or any other form of irritation. This also applies to users with standard skin types. The Merkur razor’s moderate make is all-inclusive.

Are Merkur Razors Aggressive?

Merkur razors are less aggressive than many other brands. On a broad scale, you can place them in the middle range. As long as you stick to the basic shaving rules, you can consider them perfect for excellent shaving. You’ll find these rules well-explained here and here. However, that doesn’t mean you will never experience a cut with the blade. But if you are always careful when shaving, Merkur razors are safe to use.


Merkur safety Double-edge razors are undeniably one of the best brands there. If you’re looking for durability, safety, and 100% positive effectiveness in a single brand, you should purchase a Merkur blade to try it out. However, remember to keep to basic shaving rules to avoid unnecessary cuts.